Monday, July 17, 2017

"We're specialists in the gospel of Jesus Christ"

GUYS I ONLY HAVE 2 MORE OF THESE TO WRITE. okay freak out done. It's fine. *ask my mum if you want info for my homecoming on the 30 of July!* Let me tell you about our week! 

Monday night we finally got to teach Amina again! She was away for 3 weeks visiting some friends in London so we missed out on 3 weeks of lessons. We had to move her baptism date but she's back on track for that! We took a member Margaret with us who is just soo sweet. Then we did some tracting and nobody was interested but then this random Indian takeout driver got out of his car and just asked us what we were giving out and asked us for a leaflet so that was cool! 

Tuesday we drove to Walsall for workovers. I got to be with Sister Chenna and it was a blast! We started out doing some finding in town and met this amazing prepared woman named Sarah and gave her a Book of Mormon. Then we went and taught the first lesson to one of their new investigators. She was definitely more skeptical than sincere but we really felt the spirit as we testified to her. Then we just got soaked in the rain doing more finding. Sister Nelson and I came back to Banbury and taught Amina the law of tithing.

Wednesday morning we went and followed up with this woman from South Africa that we had found. She let us right in and we had the most amazing lesson on the restoration! I could just tell such a difference between her and the lesson I had the day before. She also asked a lot of questions, but she listened sincerely and really wanted to know the truth. It seemed as though the restoration answered every concern she had about Christianity. She said that she hadn't ever met Mormons before us and when she asked around everyone told her to steer clear and stay away from us. So she asked us why! And we were like, "we're just 20 year old girls helping people come closer to Christ. We're harmless!" Haha lol. But the spirit was just so thick when we shared about the first vision and the Book of Mormon. And she just was so focused and into it and just was shocked she had never heard of any of this before. Such a good lesson!

We don't get to do a whole lot of teaching here so it was special to be able to teach the restoration and testify to two different people who had never heard it before two days in a row. And especially on Wednesday just to feel the difference and the sincerity as she listened and honestly wanted to know if it was true. 

Thursday we had a super quick district meeting then we headed to Coventry for an exchange! I got to spend my last exchange in my last area with Sister Romero from Australia! It was so much funn! We started off by getting to teach a lady from Nigeria named Joy. It was so special because I actually found her on one of my last days in Coventry and never got to teach her! We taught a beautiful plan of salvation lesson and she was so thankful to learn about the fullness of God's Plan. Then we did some tracting and had some members bring us some really good homemade Chinese food for dinner. And then we went and visited a member named Carol from china and read the Book of Mormon with her. 

Friday morning we got to see one of my favourites in Cov, Georgie! We did personal progress with her at the park. But then it got a bit cold so we went into subway and tender mercies, another adorable member Athena from Hong Kong was working there! She was so excited to see me and told me she's about to move back for summer. It was really sweet because last I'd seen her she was really worried about what to do and now she has a clear direction and was so happy! We did some finding in Coventry town centre which just brought back loads of grand memories! The Cov love is real! We made it back to Banbury for our monthly games Night which was fun. We had a few families come and played a mega game of UNO that got pretty intense! Then our polish friend Henry showed up right at the end so we gave him a spontaneous chapel tour that was really nice! He told us we had a bright light about us and that we were specialists in the gospel of Jesus Christ and he trusted us with his questions. What a humble seeker of truth! 

Saturday morning we had an amazing visit with a less active member from Zimbabwe. She said she recently set two goals, one to come back to church and the other to go to the gym more. And we showed up at just the right time to help with that. She's going to feed us African food on Tuesday and come to church with us next week when she is off. We've been trying so hard to find a less active member that is ready to return and she is who we've been searching for! Then we had a great lesson with a cute family that used to be taught by missionaries. Sister Nelson and Crandall found them on exchanges this week when they were tracting and they invited us back. They were talking a lot about how much they admire what we are doing and what a sacrifice it must be. But as I look back at this time as a missionary *not only has it gone soooo fast* it hasn't been a sacrifice, but truly a blessing in every way. It was cool to share that with them and talk about why. And then we Weekly planned and planned out my last full week as a missionary *insert panic* SO WEIRD!

Sunday was beautiful! Amina was able to come to church after her long trip away. The Relief society lesson on service somehow got sidetracked to a discussion on time and how fast it flies. *insert everyone staring me down during the lesson as visitors made continual comments about the end of their missions and returning home* awkward. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It's fine. After church we did a load of finding once again! 

It's been another quick week. An also an exhausting week... but that also might just be an accumulation of the last almost 18 months. I'm really feeling the wear and tear! But no worries, we've got a full week ahead of us to work hard and lots more miracles to see for my last week as a missionary! 

Love you all! 
Sister Cebollero xx
 1. Walsall Workover

 2. Exchanges in Coventry with wonderful Sister Romero from Australia

3. Georgie bought us cakes!! 

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