Monday, July 3, 2017

Car Struggles, Exchanges, and Money Spiders?

GUYS ITS JULY. WHHAAATTT?!? Time continues to fly as always, especially after the busy and crazy week we have had! 

Last Monday for pday we had a pretty chill day. We hit up allll the charity shops in Banbury. We were talking with a member this week about how great the charity shops are here. Back home if you get something from a charity shop it's probably pretty tatty. But here it might even still have the original price tag on it. Good stuff to be found! We also went to Primark... ahhh primark... it's similar to forever 21 or H&M just cheaper and more magical. I'll truly miss it! After pday we had another family home evening with the Walks and brother Gooch about prayer. It was a lovely lesson and gave me a new perspective on prayer. 

Tuesday did not go as planned at all. There's just something about having an exchange and having car troubles on the same day! We went in for a standard oil change bright and early and I could just feel something was going to go wrong. So we found out one of our tyres had a slight bulge or bald spot and needed to be fixed. But our car was missing the locking wheel nut key to get the tyres off. This car thing is really helping us grow up. We just played the innocent card most of the day and received lovely customer service and even got a new locking wheel nut key fitted for free haha. The only Toyota dealership with a master key was in oxford so we were given permission to leave the mission and go there to get it all sorted. 

But to brighten our day with all the struggles we got a text from the golden Joe, asking us who wrote Mosiah. Guys he's basically the most amazing person I've ever taught. We answered his question and told him about the institute manual since he uses the gospel library app a lot. And then he was like oh yeah, "I used that manual to study the allegory in Jacob 5". Like those were his exact words....what?!? He's basically loving the Book of Mormon which is so cool to see! 

It was a quick fix and then we headed to Walsall to pick up Sister Funk and Chena for exchanges! They both came down to Banbury and I got to be with Sister Funk from my group! So fun to spend an exchange together our last transfer after starting our journey together so long ago. We did loads of finding and teaching and ended off the night with some games and ice cream of course. 

Wednesday morning Sister Funk and I had to go rescue the Walks from a flat tyre. Ya know what they were missing? A locking wheel nut key for their Hyundai! Who knew that could cause so many problems for the Banbury missionary force in one week?!? Sister Funk and I did some finding while the other sisters taught Joe. Turns out he read about the word of wisdom online and has already been living it for a few weeks, he's just ahead of the game! We took the sister's back and then when we got to Banbury picked up a member to come teaching with us to Henry. He is also just super cool and prepared and we had a great lesson on the plan of salvation. 

Wednesday night was exciting because the Walks son and daughter and law are here visiting for a few weeks and they all took us out to dinner. They got out of the car and their son was wearing a Utah state hat! And they told us they were both Aggies, and we were like we're both Aggies and we all became bffs. It was probably the most American table the restaurant had ever had so we were overjoyed by the end. And then we stopped by a former who hadn't ever been dropped and she literally screamed at the toppp of her lungs (out of excitement.. we think..hah) when she saw us standing there! She was so excited to meet sister's as she was taught by elders and we can't wait to go by again. 

Thursday we spent time in the morning at the auto shop again getting our new tyre fitted. Then our district meeting got cancelled so that was a bummer. We felt like we should stop by some less actives and turns out they'd been in hospital so it was good timing for a visit. We helped them get some new cat food since they can't get out much. Then we went to Coventry for a Workover! I was with our new sister, Sister Crandall from Kaysville and we did a whole lot of finding. And she is just a natural legend, the new missionaries impress me so much! It was fun to be finding in Coventry again, what a blessed place! 

Guys we also got another media referral on Thursday. This has never happened to me so much everrrr. Her name is Gurmit and she was found at the temple visitors centre so cool things ahead!

Friday we got to go to the American base!!!! We went and had lunch with the cutest family and then since the mum is pregnant we did service for her and ran around with the kids for awhile while she supervised. They are a half British half American family and so the kids are just adorable as can be. We even got invited to stay on base for the  big Fourth of July celebrations but we had some lessons to get back to.  Then we went to Bicester and the Garwood family ordered us a Chinese food feast. It was a celebration of Emily's birthday and both of us passing our driving tests. It was so sweet of them and sooo delicious. I love the Chinese food here so much! 

Saturday we drove out to one of our further areas since we had a whole day with nothing planned. We visited an elderly member named Diana Riley. When we got there they was a tiny spider in her hair and she told us it was it was an old English tradition that if there is a spider in your hair money is coming your way. She called them money spiders. Needless to say we found some in each other's hair as we left her flat so good things ahead! We then spent the rest of the day finding and it went pretty well:) 

Sunday was my last fast Sunday in England! Whoahhh. We had a beautiful fast and testimony meeting and a super helpful ward council meeting as well. Our favourite part of church was when our bishop taught sweet old Diana Riley what a high five is. It was hilarious and she was so confused, bless her! Then we spent the rest of the afternoon finding some more! There's always loads of finding to do and it was a beautiful day out. 

Things continue to be hectic, time continues to fly and the Lord continues to bless us here in little old Banbury! 

Until next time, 
Sister Cebollero xx 

1. We fed a member's cat this week while they were in Spain. She didn't want a selfie so she looks angry but we're really best friends!

2.  Ice cream and laughs are a must for exchanges! Sister Funk from Idaho and Sister Chena from India.

3.  Coventry Workover!! Sister Romero from Australia and Sister Crandall from Kaysville, Utah

4.  We hijacked the Garwood's new message board this week!

5.  Sister Funk and Sister Cebollero

6. Sister Crandall and Sister Cebollero

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