Monday, June 26, 2017

When England gets hotter than Spain...wait that's possible??

Last Monday for our pday we took a stroll in Leamington Spa which is near where I lived in Warwick. We did some shopping and all the shops I wanted to visit for the last time since we don't have them in Banbury were having huge sales so that was a tender mercy #blessed. We ate a delicious lunch at Nando's and then burned to death in the heat wave outdoors but it was a great time! After pday we had a family home evening lesson with John and the Walks and did some finding to end off a great day. 

Tuesday morning we went and taught Amina the word of wisdom and she already lives it all to that was a breeze. Honestly, she's just amazing! We also got to teach Henry for the first time this week as well. He's the polish guy that came to church a few weeks ago and he is so humble and definitely an honest truth seeker so it went great. Then we went tracting for a few hours and we were just melting. Everyone kept telling us it was hotter than spain here this week with the humidity and sun. We were just going along and this lady opened who we could tell was also American. She wasn't keen on listening AT ALL but then she took pity on us and let us in for some ice water *a rare find here I must mention* We had a lovely chat and she said a prayer at the end and teared up. Even though she wasn't interested we know she felt something and she'll remember that in the future. Then we went to Coventry to help with some new arrivals from the MTC coming into the zone! Our new sister is actually from kaysville so that was so fun as we had some mutual friends. Then we have new elders from Canada, Switzerland, Utah and Mexico in the zone. Ahh so fun to help them move their luggage and welcome them in. Compared to the amount of time they've been out they all think I'm ancient haha so that was a weird feeling! 

Wednesday our car was getting some work done to fix some old scratches and dents from the past. A company came and fixed them all in the car park of the chapel so we just worked around there for the day. We tracted loads and stopped by the auntie of an elder that we have both served around so that was fun. Then we drove to Bicester and had a lesson with the Garwood family. We had an outside lesson and with the heat that was rough! The husband is the key to this family and he invited us to come around for some Chinese food next week so that was a huge blessing for him to invite us as he usually isn't there when we teach. Then we had a nice dinner with our bishop and his cute family so that was fun. 

Thursday we had the Coventry zone conference. With the 5 new greenies there was a special spirit there and all our trainings went well. We gave a training on how to overcome adversity and another on following up with commitments. Then I gave another departing testimony which was still just as strange as last week! I mentioned how the time goes so fast that one of the only ways I know time has gone by is noticing how long my hair has grown. President made a joke later about how elders need to measure time by how much hair they lose as they need frequent hair cuts haha. We came back and did some tracting and literally met sooo many prepared people that we're excited to follow up with this next week. The miracles just kept rolling in! 

Friday morning Sister Nelson had another driving test and she passed! So that was super exciting and now we can switch off driving which will be nice. Then we went and taught our referral Joe that we got from the oxford missionaries. And oh my days. Joe is theeeee most prepared human I've ever met in my life. He met with the elders and senior couple in oxford a few times and just loved everything. He even read some anti stuff online and he said it just made him want to join more so he knew that was a good sign. Guys. Honestly such a miracle. But as timing goes, he's leaving this week to travel Europe for over a month. So I'll never get to teach him again, but he will be baptised in September and we're stoked!  

Sunday we had a huge miracle at church! Amina was in London for the weekend, and none of our other friends were able to make it to church either which is always kinda a bummer. Then in the middle of the next talk this Indian guy just walks right into sacrament meeting and sits down. And a bishopric member in the corridor just signals to us that he just walked in and did a thumbs up sign haha. So during the intermediate hymn we asked him to come sit with us and he was like when this is over I'll tell you how I got here. So after the meeting he explains how he recently moved from one part of Banbury to a new development by the chapel. And he's been pretty down so his friend gave him a Christian prayer to say a few times a day about asking to be saved and such. So he was walking to town and he saw our church and just felt like he should come see what was inside! We sent him off with a Book of Mormon and a return appointment #MIRACLES 

Thankful that it's finally cooled down and for all the many blessings we have seen once again here in Banbury! 

Love you all,
Sister Cebollero xx 

Sorry we were rubbish at photos this week, we had some with the new arrivals but I didn't get them from anyone... sorry!

1. Sister Nelson and Sister Cebollero

2/3.Zone Conference

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