Monday, June 12, 2017

The Twinkle in our Eyes

Monday we had a truly beautiful preparation day! We went adventuring with Elder and Sister Walk to Ann Hathaway's cottage. It's the family home of Ann and is supposedly where William Shakespeare courted her and where they fell in love. Awwhhhh. The kitchen floor was the original cottage floor...aka we walked where Shakespeare walked… the tour guide said if we wanted to feel closer to him we could kiss the floor or dance barefoot on it... Sister Nelson just couldn't resist and off came the shoes! Anyways it was a fun tour and the grounds were just beautiful! The Walks even took us out to lunch afterwards #blessed #spoiledbytheseniors Then Sister Nelson practiced some driving in the church parking lot for her driving test and we did lots of tracting! 

Tuesday morning started off with Sister Nelson's driving test here in Banbury. Our car was just unlucky this week because she didn't pass :/ Wednesday morning another Sister borrowed our car to take hers and she didn't pass either. It's pretty common to have to take it a few times because it's so much harder to drive here. It left me feeling extra thankful once again that I was miraculously able to pass right when we needed it! The best part about the Sister using our car Wednesday was that her test was early in the morning in Coventry so we got to sleep over with Sister Jones and Sister Olsen one last time! Such a blessing, I love them both so much! With Sister Jones heading home Wednesday it means I'm next and that is just unreal! 

So on Sunday when we talked to John Gooch we had set a really soon baptisimal date since he's been investigating for 20 years now. We had a lesson with him Wednesday and reviewed some of the interview questions. We were trying to figure out if he was ready because we wanted him to get baptised this Saturday, the 17th. We just had the strongest prompting to move forward and schedule the interview. So we did and HE PASSED! Honestly such a miracle. He's been close many times before but never really on his own desire. There has been such a change in him. He absolutely loved going to the temple trip Saturday with the ward members. Unfortunately we thought all was set for the 17th and that we'd have a miracle baptism this week.. but he would really like for his sister to attend and she isn't available probs until July. Huge bummer since we already got him interviewed and all but we are trying to make it happen as soon as possible! 

We had exchanges with the beautiful Walsall Sisters this week! I got to be with Sister Chena our beautiful greenie from India! Ah man, she is just the most adorable little sister ever! Our exchange was kinda crazy and consisted of lots of motorway traffic (driving is so exhausting in this country... maybe just being stuck in traffic for hours due to exchanges but it's annoying), John passing his interview, a flat inspection, getting absolutely drenched in the rain and lots of finding of course. We had a blast and when we walked into the flat at night and she saw our guitars she just squealed and begged me to play for her and teach her a song. So we had a fun night together. 

We got back from exchanges after more traffic and picked up a sweet member Margaret to go teach our friend Nicholas from Zimbabwe. He is super cool and we had a great lesson on the plan of salvation. He's definitely a talker and of course right when we tried to wrap things out his daughter brought us out a whole watermelon so of course we had to stay even longer but it was a good lesson. #cheers

Saturday was a special day! We got to teach our adorable Amina the restoration in the morning. Then we went to a Workover in Coventry and went district finding with my last district. Then Sister Jones and I stopped by our sweet Sandra that we had taught. We hadn't seen her since she dropped us but we both really wanted to just go say goodbye and see how she was doing. When her doorknob started to wiggle our hearts just soared! She is so sweet but we also forgot what a talker she is. As they say here, she could talk for all England. When we were leaving she just said "ya know, you both look like real actual sisters. You both just have this special light, a twinkle in your eyes." Well Sandra, we'll take the being sisters compliment but that light belongs to Christ :) it was a tender experience to both be able to see her one last time and we hope she finds her way back soon. The Sister Jones enjoyed her last fish n' chips in England! It'll be a weird next 6 weeks without being able to call her every night. Ahhhh! Then we left the Sisters and had to go to the mission office to start planning our zone conference for Lichfield zone. Our first conference trainings for the new transfer will be this Friday right at the start! 

We had a beautiful Sabbath Day as well. Honestly despite the miracles I've shared it was one of those reaalllyyy rough weeks. We've been sick and finding has been rough. But I really just felt that someone new was going to show up at church for some reason. And in walked Henry, a polish potential the last Sisters found that we have been in somewhat of contact with over text since we got here. Such a tender mercy after a rubbish week. God truly loves us and has a mighty plan! After church an 8 year old girl in the ward had her baptism and it was such a special occasion. John was able to stay and surprisingly after 20 years of lessons it was only his second baptism and the last he'd seen was in 1997! So he was very moved by all of it. We had a lot of visitors and the Spirit was so strong, the church is so true my friends! 

Anndd last bit of news.... I received my LAST transfer call that will actually affect me and I'll be staying in Banbury with Sister Nelson for my last 6 weeks! How it came to this point I have NO IDEA! We're excited to stay together because we literally feel like we both just got here... because we did!  I just know if this transfer goes as fast as the last few did I'll be seeing you all in no time. CRAZY!  

Take some time this week to just be still and see the hand of God in your daily lives. I promise you He is there and that He loves you! (And I do too, thanks for all you do to support me!)

Love you,
Sister Cebollero xx 
1.Ann Hathaway's Cottage with the lovely Elder and Sister Walk
2.  Loved the cottage

3. What an adventure! 

4. I'm just over here IN England lol

5. Loving the shakespeare sights! 

6. Love teaching beautiful Amina

7. District finding with the homies in Cov!

8. The last chippie for Sister Jones

9. Soaked through with Sister Chena #findingallthetime #eveninrain

10. June MLC meeting

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