Monday, May 8, 2017

God will provide...I'm licensed to DRIVE!

Monday our district had one last district pday and explored the Coventry transport museum. They say the bicycle was invented in Coventry so there were loads of old fashioned bikes and cars throughout the ages. After preparation day I had the chance to go and say goodbye to our Albanian friend Kristina. She's so amazing and her time is coming sooo soon to be baptised. Then we went to meet Georgie to say goodbye to her and they took us out to dinner. 

Tuesday was our transfers day! My companion was due in Coventry around 11:30 and Sister Jones' companion was due to arrive from Wales at about 1:30. Well we showed up to pick up sister Nelson and her train came and went. And she didn't have a phone and the time just kept passing and we were getting really worried for her. We waited and prayed and waited and prayed and eventually sister Olsen arrived from Wales! And then we got really worried about sister Nelson! Thankfully not too long after that she walked around the corner with her bike, 3 bags and a guitar. Bless her! She'd left her bike on a train in the rush of getting off her first stop and had to leave her bags there and go track it down before continuing her journey. We helped the Coventry sisters get their luggage to the flat and let Sister Nelson practice some driving. And then with the car full of our belongings and a bike dangling off the back we headed off to Banbury! After 5 weeks in the big city it was time to get back to the quaint English country and cute little villages. 

Sister Nelson is just so great and we hit it off from the start, especially when we found out we were both Aggies! It's crazy how we were at the same place at the same time and now here we are as companions!

Wednesday morning we headed straight back to Coventry for a driving lesson I had prescheduled. Then we came back to Banbury and did some finding in a cute new housing estate. Then we had our first dinner appointment here.

So basically I decided a few transfers ago that Banbury is probably the cutest little English town I've ever seen. It's just adorable and I'm already in love with it. So to make things even better, let me tell you about the ward here. There's an airforce base nearby so almost the entire ward is AMERICAN! It's insane and amazing but it's also so weird to be around Americans that aren't missionaries. 

I remember an older member in my first area pointing to the map a few times and saying "Banbury is the place you want to end up! There's an American base and so all the missionaries love it there, Banbury is the dream!" Well according to him I've definitely made it in life because somehow I've ended up here! 

So anyway Wednesday we went to dinner with the most adorable family and it was a slice of American heaven, right down to the jug of kool-aid at the dinner table. I was so happy the whole time I could have cried! I also decided two things during the course of our meal:

  1. American kids are just chatty and adorable and I miss them!
  2. I literally do not know how to eat a meal anymore without a knife. I just can't function properly if I'm only given a fork. #proper... don't make fun of me when I come home and use a fork and a knife for every meal 😂 

The next night we had dinner with another adorable base family and the mom was originally from Mexico and we had some delicious tacos. Mexican food is hard to come by here!

We drove all around and all over the place this week and didn't have a load of time for finding. And it seemed like when we did we were just led to super posh areas. Which is usually pretty rough. Well Thursday night we prayed about a street and when we pulled up the houses were so big. And at first I was a little discouraged and wanted to go somewhere else but I just reminded myself to have the faith that we were led their for a reason. At the very end of the road we met this sweet old man. He asked us some amazing questions about the plan of salvation and had met missionaries in the past. As we were about to leave I asked him for his name, and he said his name was Aubrey! Whoah. And so I was like nooo way, my name is Aubri! And he was like oh no, you must be an Audrey! And I told him I was most definitely an Aubri haha! And it was just a huge tender mercy for me because we'd been having rubbish luck finding and I was starting to get down about it. And then we finally found someone and he had the same name as me! It really made me feel like Heavenly Father was so aware of us! God always provides someone to find as we are diligent and faithful. 

Friday called for more traveling and we were able to attend MLC all day. We counselled as a mission leadership and received some really great trainings. We were informed that zone meetings are no more, so that was kinda a big shock since one of our biggest responsibilities was to plan and train at that. So now we'll be giving our trainings at the zone conferences with the Leppards and the APs... no pressure! 

This week we got this text out of the blue from a potential the sister's hadn't mentiond named Kennie saying that he's sorry he's been so busy but that he'd love to attend church on Sunday with us. We asked if he'd be available to meet before then and so we met him Saturday morning. He is from Zambia and is sooo amazing and we were able to teach him the restoration. He said he has an aunt that's a member and he's been trying to contact her to ask her about it ever since he met the sisters. It was one of the best first lessons I've ever had! Unfortunately we found out he lives in Coventry and just works here so we've passed him to the sisters to work with. We're excited to see how it goes and to hopefully teach him on some exchanges with them! It was such miracle lesson and he's a legend! 

When we walked into church yesterday there was a big box of goldfish with our names on it... I think I'm gonna like it here! 😍 #bestwelcome The Ward here is very very small and we had a very tender fast and testimony meeting. 

Okay, sorry this is long but now for the last bit of news. So I was originally supposed to take my practical driving test on the 16th, but my new companions American license is only valid until the 10th. So we've been checking all week for cancellation slots so that I could take my test sooner! We're busy with meetings and exchanges this coming week and not having the car would be a huge pain and so I had the faith that God would provide with this in mind. And Friday I was able to find one available for Monday morning (today) in Banbury!  Seriously such a blessing because all week I have been SO overwhelmed about what to do with our driving situation. So we went this morning and we were in the waiting room with these 3 other drivers and their instructors waiting. And then the first examiner comes in and is like whoah..there's a lot of you and we only have 2 examiners so 2 of you will be out of luck today. And then they got two other people and I started to panic again. And I just prayed and prayed and they took my license into the office and I just thought for sure I wouldn't end up being able to take it. And then they came back and said that my slot from the cancellation just hadn't come through yet to their office and so they were sending someone right away to come test me. Such a blessing, because the other person waiting was just sent home to reapply. So we went out and there were multiple times where I was sure I had failed. My tire touched the curb when I pulled up on the left and the manoeuvre I had to do was reverse around a corner and it was just rubbish. The miraculous thing was of allllll the places in Banbury to go, we went right to the chapel and around there. Which is literally like the ONLY place I'm familiar with here. And I told the examiner the last time we passed that it was our church and he just said "we all need a little extra luck." By the grace of God I PASSED! I honestly don't know how, but I'm so so thankful I could cry! God truly provided for me sooo many times to be able to take and pass this test today. 

I've seen a lot of changes in my mission lately, lots of new areas and companions and it hasn't been easy. But I'm so thankful for the opportunity it's given me to just trust more in God's plan for me. I'm constantly humbled by His love and know that He is aware of us sister's in little old Banbury! 

He's aware of you and loves you just as much! Love,
Sister Cebollero xx 

1. Goodbyes to the beautiful Kristina

2. Last meal with Georgie!

3.  Sad to be split up and that our companions are probably lost

4. My new comp Sister Nelson and I were welcomed to church with some goldfish

5. It's a PASS! 

 6/7. May MLC- Missionary Leadership Council

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