Monday, May 29, 2017

Boiling in Banbury

Monday for pday we drove up to Coventry to go golfing with the Coventry Elders and Sisters. A.k.a…my last district and some of my best friends. The weather was beautiful and even though we all struggled we got to help Sister Jones live her dream of golfing in England! Monday night we almost had to go retrieve a phone from a train station that some Elders had lost. Someone else ended up getting it for them but we ended up in this adorable little village of our area while we waited and did some finding there. We tracted some cute little cottages in the country and met some nice people.

As you've probably noticed having a car means we get calls to do some pretty random jobs sometimes. I know in the morning when we're planning and our plans just don't feel right that something is going to come up. And that's how Tuesday went! 

Tuesday actually started with washing my hair in a bucket. Who knew the England Birmingham Mission could be a bucket shower mission? Our shower has been stuck on hot and someone came to look at it and made it hotter. Like over 100 degrees hot so it was burning us. I've had a few flats where we had ice cold showers for a little bit but this was the opposite extreme. So it was already an interesting morning when we started to plan and nothing was just feeling right to fill our morning. Then we got a call from the zone leaders asking if we had a busy day and we could do them a favour. We went to Coventry to pick up some luggage to take to the mission office to be fixed. The only problem was the motorway was closed so to get to Coventry we had to take all these little country roads in the middle of nowhere. We finally made it to Coventry and the mission office. Then instead of going back to Banbury we had to go to Stratford for my companion to take her theory test for her license. It was a hot day and it felt so weird to wait alone outside for her! We made it back to Banbury right in time for dinner with Elder and Sister Walk who made some delicious homemade chicken noodle soup. 

Wednesday morning we got a new shower, hooray! Because of the attacks in the U.K. we weren't allowed to go near any city or town centres for safety precautions so we spent the rest of our week doing lots of tracting and finding elsewhere. We had a fun lesson with the Garwood family we are teaching on Wednesday. We are trying to help make the Book of Mormon more fun for the boys so we decided to have them help us act out some of our favourite stories. We looked around the room and improvised and suddenly some jenga blocks, a dinosaur and a Phineas and Ferb toy were all helping us create the story of  Samuel the Lamanite! The youngest son loved it and begged for another story so we shared about the 2,000 stripping warriors. It was a super fun lesson with them. 

Thursday we had interviews with President and Sister Leppard. We are able to have these every transfer now which has been a really nice change in these last few transfers. Then we had our exchange with the Coventry sisters which was just an absolute blast! I got to be with my last comp, Sister Jones and Sister Nelson was with her MTC comp, Sister Olsen. We brought them both to Banbury and we were able to somehow survive the heat and do lots of finding and see some miracles. We started off our morning Friday with some basketball in the park for exercise. Somehow I destroyed, must have been all the practice last transfer with Sister Jones! 

The sisters had to be back for a lunch appointment so we swapped our exchange over to Coventry and spent the last few hours of our exchange there. Sister Jones and I were able to stop by some people we had taught together that I hadn't said goodbye to. It was such a blessing we ended up finishing exchanges in Coventry together. 

Saturday our car needed some light bulbs changed and some other checks so we spent most of the morning waiting for that to be finished and working on our area book. When it was finished we drove down to Bicester and helped the Garwoods with some gardening. They fed us lunch and had some of their friends, who happened to be former investigators there as well. We laughed as we served and they really opened up as we did so. It's amazing what a little service can do. 

Sunday our Chinese friend Bai came to church! It was such a miracle to receive her as a referral a few weeks ago and that she was able to make it to church this week. She is just so adorable and we have high hopes for her. It was a lovely church service this week and one of the recent converts gave a talk which was amazing. 

So I haven't mentioned this yet because nothing is guaranteed but there's a man here named John. He's been taught for over 20 years and comes to church every single week. He's more active than most of the members and has been coming here longer than most of them since they're all military families that cycle in and out. The sisters stopped teaching him due to the many years of lessons and the senior couples here have been working with him for awhile now. He's recently expressed a desire to finally get baptised! So we are going to start working with him again towards that and hopefully see John enter the waters of baptism soon! If it was our choice we'd have him baptised this week, so we will see if he's on the same page! 

The weather this week was extremely warm! I don't know if I'm not used to the sun anymore and I know I'm not used to humidity, but we were just boiling all week! It seems to have mellowed down again now. Hope you all have a lovely Memorial Day and shout-out to my brother Karsten who is graduating this
week! Woot! 

Love you all!
Sister Cebollero xx 
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