Monday, May 1, 2017

Always Expect the Unexpected! Moving AGAIN!

Monday we got to go to the mission home for a pday with our district and the Birmingham zone. We did lots of outdoor sports and games. And then president Leppard taught us some Chinese jujitsu and self defense skills because he's a legend. Definitely not the kind of skills I expected to learn from my mission President! 

This week I was able to go on exchanges in Wolverhampton with sister Bateman. I was there from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon and we had a blast. First of all we were on bikes. I haven't biked for months so after the exchange I was extremely sore. But after a lot of prayers for strength I survived just fine! We did a load of finding and saw some cool miracles. 

On Thursday when we left our flat in the morning we knew we had a crazy busy day ahead of us appointment wise and that we wouldn't have a lot of time for finding. Well god provided because the minute we walked out of our flat complex the cutest African family walked by. So we stopped them and they had literally just moved here from Nigeria and she invited us to come by and teach them next week! They haven't gotten settled into a church here and they're just the cutest family. We ran into them a few times this week and we're so excited about them. 

Friday we got to help one of the members with her visiting teaching. We visited who we had planned to and she asked if we had some extra time to help her visit someone she'd had a prompting to see. They are some of our Spanish members that we love dearly and the sister she wanted to visit is pregnant. We got there and they started talking in Spanish and we played a little bit with her little son and then they both just started sobbing. She told us how she's been feeling so lonely and overwhelmed and that she had prayed the day before to not feel so lonely and then we showed up. It was a really powerful testimony of following promptings and visiting teaching for us. 

Saturday we had the opportunity to do a lot of service. After our ward sports activity we went and helped a family move into the ward. Then one of our other favourite Spanish families, the Parrales's called us and she asked us if we could come help her with a surprise. She wanted to rearrange her entire bedroom so that her husband could sleep better. I love that kinda stuff so we had a lot of fun helping her with that. It took a long time and when we were done we had to be home pretty soon so we went downstairs and the son had gone to the chippy and set up the dinner table and it was adorable. We literally had like no food in our flat for Sunday and we were both worrying about it at the same time and then during dinner we both prayed in our hearts that on Sunday someone would offer to feed us. Then sister parrales asked us right then to come over sunday, such a tender mercy. Plus she makes the best plantains so I was pumped! 

Also this week I had my first driving lesson and it was the most terrifying experience of my life. I thought we'd stay on small roads, but no… straight to the 4-5 lane roundabouts of the city. It literally shook me for the whole day and I need a lot of practice to be able to pass my test in a few weeks.

Well everyone, transfer calls have shocked the nations once again. After an amazing 5 weeks in Coventry I'm moving to BANBURY! I know... we're honestly still in absolute shock that I'm leaving and we're getting separated. 

The STL area is moving since Banbury is quite a big area and can benefit more from the car. So yeah I'm about to whitewash for the 5th time into my 7th area. I promise I'm not a trouble child... I'll be  getting a brand new STL, Sister Nelson! Luckily enough she's whitewashed into Banbury in the past so we'll be fine! 

It's crazy but we know that God has a plan for us to help us to learn and grow as much as possible before we go home. Sister Jones and I just know it would be too easy if we stayed together, it would be too good and we wouldn't have as much opportunity to be stretched just a bit more. I'm a little overwhelmed to already be the senior companion STL and to take over a new area but I know it'll be another great adventure! Especially because I don't think my new comp has her license and just hit a year so we might be walking it out until we get that sorted! The adventure begins...again! 

Love you all, have a great week!

Sister Cebollero xx 
1.  How we feel about being separated!!

2.  District Finding!

3.  This old man in the ward brought us flowers!!

4. We love COV!!

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