Monday, May 29, 2017

Boiling in Banbury

Monday for pday we drove up to Coventry to go golfing with the Coventry Elders and Sisters. A.k.a…my last district and some of my best friends. The weather was beautiful and even though we all struggled we got to help Sister Jones live her dream of golfing in England! Monday night we almost had to go retrieve a phone from a train station that some Elders had lost. Someone else ended up getting it for them but we ended up in this adorable little village of our area while we waited and did some finding there. We tracted some cute little cottages in the country and met some nice people.

As you've probably noticed having a car means we get calls to do some pretty random jobs sometimes. I know in the morning when we're planning and our plans just don't feel right that something is going to come up. And that's how Tuesday went! 

Tuesday actually started with washing my hair in a bucket. Who knew the England Birmingham Mission could be a bucket shower mission? Our shower has been stuck on hot and someone came to look at it and made it hotter. Like over 100 degrees hot so it was burning us. I've had a few flats where we had ice cold showers for a little bit but this was the opposite extreme. So it was already an interesting morning when we started to plan and nothing was just feeling right to fill our morning. Then we got a call from the zone leaders asking if we had a busy day and we could do them a favour. We went to Coventry to pick up some luggage to take to the mission office to be fixed. The only problem was the motorway was closed so to get to Coventry we had to take all these little country roads in the middle of nowhere. We finally made it to Coventry and the mission office. Then instead of going back to Banbury we had to go to Stratford for my companion to take her theory test for her license. It was a hot day and it felt so weird to wait alone outside for her! We made it back to Banbury right in time for dinner with Elder and Sister Walk who made some delicious homemade chicken noodle soup. 

Wednesday morning we got a new shower, hooray! Because of the attacks in the U.K. we weren't allowed to go near any city or town centres for safety precautions so we spent the rest of our week doing lots of tracting and finding elsewhere. We had a fun lesson with the Garwood family we are teaching on Wednesday. We are trying to help make the Book of Mormon more fun for the boys so we decided to have them help us act out some of our favourite stories. We looked around the room and improvised and suddenly some jenga blocks, a dinosaur and a Phineas and Ferb toy were all helping us create the story of  Samuel the Lamanite! The youngest son loved it and begged for another story so we shared about the 2,000 stripping warriors. It was a super fun lesson with them. 

Thursday we had interviews with President and Sister Leppard. We are able to have these every transfer now which has been a really nice change in these last few transfers. Then we had our exchange with the Coventry sisters which was just an absolute blast! I got to be with my last comp, Sister Jones and Sister Nelson was with her MTC comp, Sister Olsen. We brought them both to Banbury and we were able to somehow survive the heat and do lots of finding and see some miracles. We started off our morning Friday with some basketball in the park for exercise. Somehow I destroyed, must have been all the practice last transfer with Sister Jones! 

The sisters had to be back for a lunch appointment so we swapped our exchange over to Coventry and spent the last few hours of our exchange there. Sister Jones and I were able to stop by some people we had taught together that I hadn't said goodbye to. It was such a blessing we ended up finishing exchanges in Coventry together. 

Saturday our car needed some light bulbs changed and some other checks so we spent most of the morning waiting for that to be finished and working on our area book. When it was finished we drove down to Bicester and helped the Garwoods with some gardening. They fed us lunch and had some of their friends, who happened to be former investigators there as well. We laughed as we served and they really opened up as we did so. It's amazing what a little service can do. 

Sunday our Chinese friend Bai came to church! It was such a miracle to receive her as a referral a few weeks ago and that she was able to make it to church this week. She is just so adorable and we have high hopes for her. It was a lovely church service this week and one of the recent converts gave a talk which was amazing. 

So I haven't mentioned this yet because nothing is guaranteed but there's a man here named John. He's been taught for over 20 years and comes to church every single week. He's more active than most of the members and has been coming here longer than most of them since they're all military families that cycle in and out. The sisters stopped teaching him due to the many years of lessons and the senior couples here have been working with him for awhile now. He's recently expressed a desire to finally get baptised! So we are going to start working with him again towards that and hopefully see John enter the waters of baptism soon! If it was our choice we'd have him baptised this week, so we will see if he's on the same page! 

The weather this week was extremely warm! I don't know if I'm not used to the sun anymore and I know I'm not used to humidity, but we were just boiling all week! It seems to have mellowed down again now. Hope you all have a lovely Memorial Day and shout-out to my brother Karsten who is graduating this
week! Woot! 

Love you all!
Sister Cebollero xx 
1. Sunday Selfies
2. Yay for sunny Sundays and walks in the park! 

3. Exchanges with my bestie Sister Jones
4. Tracting in the countryside

5. Golfing for Sister Jones!

6/7. Golfing with the Cov Squad

8. When a house elf becomes a door knocker....#HP

9. The great Samuel the Lamanite preaching repentance to the wicked Nephites!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Blessed in Banbury

Monday we had a district pday in Stratford Upon Avon just exploring all the Shakespeare sights once again and then we had a nice picnic lunch. We rode with Elder and Sister Walk who are just adorable. Serving with a senior couple in your ward is basically like serving a mission with your grandparents right down the road. Sister Walk loves to give us life advice haha. After pday we just tracted and tracted allll night and found a cute new family to teach. 

Tuesday we were asked to help with the new arrival of a missionary who had been serving stateside waiting for a visa for a transfer and was finally coming to England. Let me just tell you that on Tuesday the traffic near Birmingham was insane. It was just a huge mess around the mission office trying to get anywhere. They had found a World War Two bomb near Birmingham under a train station that had never gone off so none of the trains were running and people were being evacuated hence extra traffic. Our other Zone Lichfield was trying to have their interviews at the mission office but no one could even get there so we were trying to help with that as well. We helped move around some sister's and I got to see my trainee Sister Knudsen! It was really sweet because I was beginning to think I wouldn't see her again before I went home. Then sweet Sister Baker arrived for Sister Harrigfeld to train and we helped her get all settled and the sweet office senior couples fed us some lunch since we'd been waiting all morning. Then we had to figure out how to get them to Worcester from the mission office without going on the motorway and that was a struggle. Lots of waiting and rerouting but we finally got them there! It ended up taking our entire day when we had planned to be in our area for once. But sacrifice brings blessings and we received a media referral of a Chinese girl who was taught last year in Leicester and had almost got baptised but then moved to Banbury! Luckily we made it home just in time for dinner and coordination at the Walks home with our ward mission leader. 

Wednesday was another equally crazy day! We had workovers planned in Walsall with Sister Funk from my group and her absolutely adorable greenie from India, Sister Chena. It was just pouring down with rain and I figured by the time we drove there it would stop but it sure didn't! I was with Sister Funk for the day and we drove to the top part of their area that they hadn't made it to yet. We did some member Stopbys and some finding and got very wet, but not as wet as Sister Nelson and Chena! It's always fun to work with the sisters in their area for a few hours. 
When we got back to Banbury we had been finding in the rain alll day so we decided before we did some finding for our area we would stop by a less active member. Well she wasn't in but we realised there was a former investigator named Emma right around the corner. She was someone I had heard a lot about when I was staying in Banbury for a bit a few transfers ago as she had been on a baptismal date. We felt really prompted to stop by as the sisters hadn't been in contact for awhile. She swung open the door and just looked stressed and not too happy to see anyone at her door as she expressed she was very busy. Well I had to use the bathroom after the travel back from Walsall so she let us in and when I came back downstairs she invited us to stay for some herbal tea. She had been to a funeral the day before and started asking us a lot of questions about the plan of salvation. She said we were just so happy like the other sisters and asked us what to do to have that in her life. We started teaching her the gospel of Jesus Christ focusing on repentance and baptism. It was honestly a lesson where every question she asked led perfectly to the next thing we wanted to share. When we explained repentance and baptism she just expressed that we had explained it in a different way than the other sisters. In a way that she really connected to and understood on a personal level. We invited her to be baptised and she said "I'm in, where do I sign?!" Haha it was literally just amazing how she really needed this right then and we were just in the right place at the right time to share it with her. It was a huge miracle. 

Thursday we did have a lot of time in our area and we did lots of finding. We followed up with a lot of potentials as well. We had a lesson with a family that's been taught for awhile about the tree of life. The mum is so ready to be baptised, she's like Lehi in the story. She's tasted the fruit, she knows it's true and she wants her family to feel the same way before she is baptised. We related it to them and it was a powerful lesson. It really helped us to understand the mum better and she expressed some of her expectations in waiting for the rest of her family and their concerns. Then we visited the cute family from Portugal and gave the kids the children's Book of Mormon and they just were so happy. They started reading it right away and asking us questions about it. Their mum still isn't too interested but we have a feeling their excitement will help with that. 

Friday we had the Coventry zone conference. We gave our training on being declarative missionaries again because President and Sister Leppard had really liked it and asked us to repeat it. Then our other training we gave was on urgency without anxiety. All the responsibilities we have as a missionary can bring both a feeling of anxiety and urgency and so we talked about how to constructively use those to be better each day. Both trainings went really well and the Leppard's were very complimentary. It was a relief to have them done! I just absolutely love Coventry zone and it was fun to see my last district and especially Sister Jones and Olsen. I may or may not have cried a bit when Sister Jones gave her departing testimony, but it's fine! 

We made it back to Banbury with a little time to tract before our ward game night. No one was interested until the last house we met this amazing woman who not only wanted a Book of Mormon but went on to tell us when she's free next week so we could come back. Amazing! Then no one showed up for games night so the walks asked if they could take us to dinner #definitelyyes. So we went to this Italian restaurant where they'd talked to the owner before and asked us to bring some Books of Mormon! So we had dinner and the whole time Sister Walk was just planning out how we should give one to our waiter. So after dinner we went up and gave our sweet waiter a Book of Mormon and she wants to meet with us soon! Miracles! 

Sunday after church our dinner appointment was literally in America. Okay not literally but it sure felt like it! It was the off base military housing and the whole neighbourhood just reallllyyy felt American and so did the houses. Soooo weird! 
I felt like we spent most of the week on crazy missions driving through rain and dodging traffic but we also saw many miracles along the way! Life is good and there's many more adventures to come! Also this week I hit 16 months... AHHHHHH! 

Love you all!   

Sister Cebollero 
 1. The district in Stratford upon Avon! What's up Shakespeare?
2.  Literally in love with Stratford upon Avon!!

3.  Shakespeare had no idea this would apply to missionaries!

 4. Shakespeare got baptized in this font...or sprinkled on!

5.  Love Shakespeare

6.  Here he lies!

7.  My girl Sister Knudsen who I trained!!

8. Exchanges with Sister Funk...we go home in two months!! Time is flying!

9. Exchanges in Wolverhampton

10/11. Coventry Zone Conference

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The field is YELLOW already to harvest!

First off, Happy Mothers Day to all of you amazing mothers out there! I hope your day was as lovely as you all are! 

This week was another crazy busy week and I was quite thankful for this day of rest to come around!

Tuesday my companion had a doctor appointment in Oxford so we had permission to go there. It's actually only about 15 minutes from one of the areas in our ward called Bicester that we work in a lot. We had a quick doctors visit and then quickly got back into the mission and back to work! We spent most of the day in Bicester finding and little children were just our saving grace this week! Never underestimate the power of a child who wants to know God in convincing their parents to let us come back. We met a cute family from Portugal who actually have cousins serving missions right now! The kids were super interested and we promised we'd bring them a children's Book of Mormon this week! 

Tuesday night we met with the Lichfield Zone leaders and then Wednesday we met with the Coventry zone leaders to be able to plan our trainings for Zone conferences this transfer. It's amazing to see the differences in the zones and how we are led to pick different trainings depending on what the zones need to hear.  

Wednesday night we had a dinner appointment at our bishops house and they offered to have a family we are teaching come along as well which was just so kind. We had a lovely dinner and then a lesson on the Book of Mormon. It was a little crazy with all the kids but the spirit was still there throughout the lesson. 

Thursday we had a really good district Meeting and we were able to take Sister Walk with us as Elder Walk was taking his driving test. It's so fun to have a senior couple in the same ward! We did a lot more finding throughout the day and we met this sweet woman named Elaine. The spirit was so strong as we testified of the plan of salvation to her as she's had a rough 5 years after the death of her mother. We're excited to continue teaching her and for the miracle it was to meet such a humble and thoughtful woman as we've been struggling to find new people to teach. 

Friday we had the Lichfield Zone Conference! The first hour and a half were for us and the zone leaders to give our trainings and they went pretty well. My favourite training we gave was on being declarative missionaries. We're working as a mission on being more firm in our testimonies and more bold. Cutting out words in finding and teaching such as "like, I guess, I think, maybe, umm" and replacing them with more declarative terms such as "I know." It was a fun training to give and something that we've seen a lot of improvement in as we've applied it. 

Then we were able to go straight into exchanges and I brought Sister Smith from Australia back to Banbury with me. We made it back just in time for a quick dinner and hopped over to our ward games night. Well no one showed up at first and then just ward members came so we decided to go follow up with some people. We ended up tracting and were definitely led to the right place at the right time. The first exciting thing was we started tracting and then Sister Smith just looked up and saw a "gum tree" and she was so excited she teared up! 

We found some beautiful new families as we were tracting. At one door we had knocked and continued chatting and then a moment later this woman stepped out the door surprised to see us there as she hadn't heard the knock from upstairs. We all started laughing and from there our conversation was just led by the spirit. She talked about how she's not sure what to believe and she was never baptised but she wants that for her family. She's a single mom with an 8 year old daughter and I can't wait to see them again this week! 

Saturday morning we helped with some home teaching! Haha I've helped with visiting teaching before but never home teaching so it was fun. We visited a sweet woman named Margaret who is just amazing. Sister Smith and I spent the afternoon doing lots of finding and seeing many more miracles. Then I drove her back up to Wolverhampton (the birth place of Liam Payne from One Direction) and swapped back. We made it back to Banbury just in time for a quick dinner and to plan our relief society lesson. 

Sunday I basically just took over all of church unplanned. I was asked to give a talk in sacrament meeting on how the atonement of Jesus Christ has influenced my missionary work. It was a blessing to be able to reflect on that through the work and to realise that really is the biggest motivation to share the gospel. Then our ward mission leader left and we had to teach gospel principles last minute. And then we taught relief society about testimonies and it was a lovely lesson! And thennnn later on Sunday we got to Skype our families which was just the best! We walked out of the house feeling sooo full and uplifted.. and then to our left we saw a beautiful field of yellow rapeseed and so we followed the path and ran through it! We just took a moment to admire the beauty all around us and thank Heavenly Father for all He has blessed us with! 

I always forget how much patience is required whilst whitewashing into a new area. We just have to keep the faith and do all on our part and the miracles will soon come! 

Have a lovely week!

Sister Cebollero xx  

 1. #BFF festival? #YES!

2.  Lichfield Zone Conference!

3. Sister Smith and I with the Australian gum tree!

4. I told you I was obsessed with these fields 

5. The beauty of Banbury!

6. I really just can't handle how beautiful this field is and the fact that I'm in it 😍 

7.  The field is YELLOW already to harvest!

8. Post Mother's Day Skype selfie! Pure joy! 

 9. These plastic green hanging balls are taking over English doorsteps. They're literally everywhere!!

Monday, May 8, 2017

God will provide...I'm licensed to DRIVE!

Monday our district had one last district pday and explored the Coventry transport museum. They say the bicycle was invented in Coventry so there were loads of old fashioned bikes and cars throughout the ages. After preparation day I had the chance to go and say goodbye to our Albanian friend Kristina. She's so amazing and her time is coming sooo soon to be baptised. Then we went to meet Georgie to say goodbye to her and they took us out to dinner. 

Tuesday was our transfers day! My companion was due in Coventry around 11:30 and Sister Jones' companion was due to arrive from Wales at about 1:30. Well we showed up to pick up sister Nelson and her train came and went. And she didn't have a phone and the time just kept passing and we were getting really worried for her. We waited and prayed and waited and prayed and eventually sister Olsen arrived from Wales! And then we got really worried about sister Nelson! Thankfully not too long after that she walked around the corner with her bike, 3 bags and a guitar. Bless her! She'd left her bike on a train in the rush of getting off her first stop and had to leave her bags there and go track it down before continuing her journey. We helped the Coventry sisters get their luggage to the flat and let Sister Nelson practice some driving. And then with the car full of our belongings and a bike dangling off the back we headed off to Banbury! After 5 weeks in the big city it was time to get back to the quaint English country and cute little villages. 

Sister Nelson is just so great and we hit it off from the start, especially when we found out we were both Aggies! It's crazy how we were at the same place at the same time and now here we are as companions!

Wednesday morning we headed straight back to Coventry for a driving lesson I had prescheduled. Then we came back to Banbury and did some finding in a cute new housing estate. Then we had our first dinner appointment here.

So basically I decided a few transfers ago that Banbury is probably the cutest little English town I've ever seen. It's just adorable and I'm already in love with it. So to make things even better, let me tell you about the ward here. There's an airforce base nearby so almost the entire ward is AMERICAN! It's insane and amazing but it's also so weird to be around Americans that aren't missionaries. 

I remember an older member in my first area pointing to the map a few times and saying "Banbury is the place you want to end up! There's an American base and so all the missionaries love it there, Banbury is the dream!" Well according to him I've definitely made it in life because somehow I've ended up here! 

So anyway Wednesday we went to dinner with the most adorable family and it was a slice of American heaven, right down to the jug of kool-aid at the dinner table. I was so happy the whole time I could have cried! I also decided two things during the course of our meal:

  1. American kids are just chatty and adorable and I miss them!
  2. I literally do not know how to eat a meal anymore without a knife. I just can't function properly if I'm only given a fork. #proper... don't make fun of me when I come home and use a fork and a knife for every meal 😂 

The next night we had dinner with another adorable base family and the mom was originally from Mexico and we had some delicious tacos. Mexican food is hard to come by here!

We drove all around and all over the place this week and didn't have a load of time for finding. And it seemed like when we did we were just led to super posh areas. Which is usually pretty rough. Well Thursday night we prayed about a street and when we pulled up the houses were so big. And at first I was a little discouraged and wanted to go somewhere else but I just reminded myself to have the faith that we were led their for a reason. At the very end of the road we met this sweet old man. He asked us some amazing questions about the plan of salvation and had met missionaries in the past. As we were about to leave I asked him for his name, and he said his name was Aubrey! Whoah. And so I was like nooo way, my name is Aubri! And he was like oh no, you must be an Audrey! And I told him I was most definitely an Aubri haha! And it was just a huge tender mercy for me because we'd been having rubbish luck finding and I was starting to get down about it. And then we finally found someone and he had the same name as me! It really made me feel like Heavenly Father was so aware of us! God always provides someone to find as we are diligent and faithful. 

Friday called for more traveling and we were able to attend MLC all day. We counselled as a mission leadership and received some really great trainings. We were informed that zone meetings are no more, so that was kinda a big shock since one of our biggest responsibilities was to plan and train at that. So now we'll be giving our trainings at the zone conferences with the Leppards and the APs... no pressure! 

This week we got this text out of the blue from a potential the sister's hadn't mentiond named Kennie saying that he's sorry he's been so busy but that he'd love to attend church on Sunday with us. We asked if he'd be available to meet before then and so we met him Saturday morning. He is from Zambia and is sooo amazing and we were able to teach him the restoration. He said he has an aunt that's a member and he's been trying to contact her to ask her about it ever since he met the sisters. It was one of the best first lessons I've ever had! Unfortunately we found out he lives in Coventry and just works here so we've passed him to the sisters to work with. We're excited to see how it goes and to hopefully teach him on some exchanges with them! It was such miracle lesson and he's a legend! 

When we walked into church yesterday there was a big box of goldfish with our names on it... I think I'm gonna like it here! 😍 #bestwelcome The Ward here is very very small and we had a very tender fast and testimony meeting. 

Okay, sorry this is long but now for the last bit of news. So I was originally supposed to take my practical driving test on the 16th, but my new companions American license is only valid until the 10th. So we've been checking all week for cancellation slots so that I could take my test sooner! We're busy with meetings and exchanges this coming week and not having the car would be a huge pain and so I had the faith that God would provide with this in mind. And Friday I was able to find one available for Monday morning (today) in Banbury!  Seriously such a blessing because all week I have been SO overwhelmed about what to do with our driving situation. So we went this morning and we were in the waiting room with these 3 other drivers and their instructors waiting. And then the first examiner comes in and is like whoah..there's a lot of you and we only have 2 examiners so 2 of you will be out of luck today. And then they got two other people and I started to panic again. And I just prayed and prayed and they took my license into the office and I just thought for sure I wouldn't end up being able to take it. And then they came back and said that my slot from the cancellation just hadn't come through yet to their office and so they were sending someone right away to come test me. Such a blessing, because the other person waiting was just sent home to reapply. So we went out and there were multiple times where I was sure I had failed. My tire touched the curb when I pulled up on the left and the manoeuvre I had to do was reverse around a corner and it was just rubbish. The miraculous thing was of allllll the places in Banbury to go, we went right to the chapel and around there. Which is literally like the ONLY place I'm familiar with here. And I told the examiner the last time we passed that it was our church and he just said "we all need a little extra luck." By the grace of God I PASSED! I honestly don't know how, but I'm so so thankful I could cry! God truly provided for me sooo many times to be able to take and pass this test today. 

I've seen a lot of changes in my mission lately, lots of new areas and companions and it hasn't been easy. But I'm so thankful for the opportunity it's given me to just trust more in God's plan for me. I'm constantly humbled by His love and know that He is aware of us sister's in little old Banbury! 

He's aware of you and loves you just as much! Love,
Sister Cebollero xx 

1. Goodbyes to the beautiful Kristina

2. Last meal with Georgie!

3.  Sad to be split up and that our companions are probably lost

4. My new comp Sister Nelson and I were welcomed to church with some goldfish

5. It's a PASS! 

 6/7. May MLC- Missionary Leadership Council

Monday, May 1, 2017

Always Expect the Unexpected! Moving AGAIN!

Monday we got to go to the mission home for a pday with our district and the Birmingham zone. We did lots of outdoor sports and games. And then president Leppard taught us some Chinese jujitsu and self defense skills because he's a legend. Definitely not the kind of skills I expected to learn from my mission President! 

This week I was able to go on exchanges in Wolverhampton with sister Bateman. I was there from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon and we had a blast. First of all we were on bikes. I haven't biked for months so after the exchange I was extremely sore. But after a lot of prayers for strength I survived just fine! We did a load of finding and saw some cool miracles. 

On Thursday when we left our flat in the morning we knew we had a crazy busy day ahead of us appointment wise and that we wouldn't have a lot of time for finding. Well god provided because the minute we walked out of our flat complex the cutest African family walked by. So we stopped them and they had literally just moved here from Nigeria and she invited us to come by and teach them next week! They haven't gotten settled into a church here and they're just the cutest family. We ran into them a few times this week and we're so excited about them. 

Friday we got to help one of the members with her visiting teaching. We visited who we had planned to and she asked if we had some extra time to help her visit someone she'd had a prompting to see. They are some of our Spanish members that we love dearly and the sister she wanted to visit is pregnant. We got there and they started talking in Spanish and we played a little bit with her little son and then they both just started sobbing. She told us how she's been feeling so lonely and overwhelmed and that she had prayed the day before to not feel so lonely and then we showed up. It was a really powerful testimony of following promptings and visiting teaching for us. 

Saturday we had the opportunity to do a lot of service. After our ward sports activity we went and helped a family move into the ward. Then one of our other favourite Spanish families, the Parrales's called us and she asked us if we could come help her with a surprise. She wanted to rearrange her entire bedroom so that her husband could sleep better. I love that kinda stuff so we had a lot of fun helping her with that. It took a long time and when we were done we had to be home pretty soon so we went downstairs and the son had gone to the chippy and set up the dinner table and it was adorable. We literally had like no food in our flat for Sunday and we were both worrying about it at the same time and then during dinner we both prayed in our hearts that on Sunday someone would offer to feed us. Then sister parrales asked us right then to come over sunday, such a tender mercy. Plus she makes the best plantains so I was pumped! 

Also this week I had my first driving lesson and it was the most terrifying experience of my life. I thought we'd stay on small roads, but no… straight to the 4-5 lane roundabouts of the city. It literally shook me for the whole day and I need a lot of practice to be able to pass my test in a few weeks.

Well everyone, transfer calls have shocked the nations once again. After an amazing 5 weeks in Coventry I'm moving to BANBURY! I know... we're honestly still in absolute shock that I'm leaving and we're getting separated. 

The STL area is moving since Banbury is quite a big area and can benefit more from the car. So yeah I'm about to whitewash for the 5th time into my 7th area. I promise I'm not a trouble child... I'll be  getting a brand new STL, Sister Nelson! Luckily enough she's whitewashed into Banbury in the past so we'll be fine! 

It's crazy but we know that God has a plan for us to help us to learn and grow as much as possible before we go home. Sister Jones and I just know it would be too easy if we stayed together, it would be too good and we wouldn't have as much opportunity to be stretched just a bit more. I'm a little overwhelmed to already be the senior companion STL and to take over a new area but I know it'll be another great adventure! Especially because I don't think my new comp has her license and just hit a year so we might be walking it out until we get that sorted! The adventure begins...again! 

Love you all, have a great week!

Sister Cebollero xx 
1.  How we feel about being separated!!

2.  District Finding!

3.  This old man in the ward brought us flowers!!

4. We love COV!!