Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Welcome to Cov Love!

Last Monday for pday we just did some shopping in town... mostly for English chocolate for Sister Nielsen to take home hehe.  After we emailed we went and visited some of our favourite people in Warwick to say goodbye. Everyone was really shocked we were both leaving after only 6 weeks... us too! We visited Mandy and she was so upset because she won't be able to feed the elders. Then we went to say bye to the recent convert Maybel and her daughter Maya. We spent the rest of the evening packing and making notes for the Elders taking over our area. Warwick was so so good to us and I'll miss it loads! 

Tuesday morning we got all our luggage gathered and made our way on the bus to the train station. Transfers have changed so instead of meeting as a zone and getting a coach to the mission office and then a coach to your new zone like we used to we just received train tickets and had to get to our new area on our own! Luckily our trains were leaving from the same platform. Sister Nielsen's train left first so I helped her on and said goodbye and she was off. 

And I swear my mission is zooming by as fast as that train she was on to the mission office to go home. 

That's when for the first time in 15 months I was all ALL ALONE with no companion. AHHHHHH. GUYS IT WAS WEIRD. I don't know how I'm going to be a normal human again in 3 months. This last transfer was gone in the blink of an eye and this transfer is only 5 weeks so it'll be even quicker! 

Luckily enough some people helped me get all my bags on the train and it was only a 10 minute train ride to my new area hehe. Sister Jones and I rejoiced to have a companion again and we were off in our car to work by 11 am! Guys the last few transfer days have taken me until 9-9:30 pm to get to my new area or new companion so it was nice to be able to get straight to work! 

Coventry is the biggest city I've served in by far. I need to sign up for my driving test and driving in this city looks terrifying. Have you ever seen a 5- lane roundabout?!? They're insane. Because I'm used to whitewashing this is also the most established area I've served in. We have loads of people to teach from all over the world and this ward is by far the biggest I've served in. 

After we dropped off my luggage we went and taught our Hungarian friend Barbara using an app which translates the discussions into different languages so they can hear it in their own language and understand. We taught the plan of salvation and when we asked her what she thought she said "I don't believe- I know." 

Then we had dinner with our friend Sandra, her daughter Sarah is a member and we had a lesson with them after the meal. We shared the gospel of Jesus Christ and she told us she's been thinking a lot about the atonement lately. And then she started talking all about how she believes Jesus Christ was chosen to do all of this for us before we came here and that we all chose to come here.. she even used the word "preordained"... guys she's never even learned the plan of salvation, we were blown away! She said she feels like she's getting closer and closer to the reason she was meant to come here, something is close she just doesn't know what it is. But we all know what it is.. BAPTISM! 

We invited two of our friends to be baptised on Tuesday and they are praying about it so we will see how it goes! 

Wednesday we met some of the Spanish members, met with a recent convert, and did some finding. We had dinner and a lesson with our friend Kristina from Albania and her food was really good. She is Sarah's best friend so Sarah was also at this lesson as well. We showed her the talk "We Never Walk Alone" by President Monson and at the end she was just like "there's just something about this man, I just don't know what." We knew what! 

It's was really amazing having these lessons with Sandra and Kristina and seeing the spirit work in them. They're so very close and they're both amazing! 

Thursday we had district meeting and we have the best district leader I've ever had. It was a really great meeting. Then we all did some district finding and the zone leaders brought us some supplies and they pulled up right when this lady rejected us. Well after talking we went back to knocking.. and accidentally knocked her door again. Oooppss. Just giving her a second chance! 

Friday we had some multicultural food! The member that fed us lunch was from Zimbabwe. Then I got to practice my Spanish when we had dinner with a family from Venezuela. President gave us permission to have language study so we can practice our Spanish for our Spanish investigators. It's going well and kinda coming back! 

This weekend was General Conference and it was the best thing ever! We got to watch the women's session recorded and the Saturday morning session live on Saturday night. On Sunday morning we didn't have to go to the church until 1 so we did our weekly planning and pulled our desk next to the balcony and it was sunny and beautiful and we got sunburnt. Then we went and watched the Saturday afternoon session which was by far my favourite session, soooo good! Then we got to see the Sunday morning session live and hear our dear prophet Thomas S. Monson! 

Go check out the #PRINCEOFPEACE Easter initiative! I know I felt a lot of peace listening to general Conference and its peace only the Saviour can bring! 

Love from Coventry! 
Sister Cebollero 

1. Spring is in the AIR! My new companion Sister Jones is awesome!!

 2. You know you're meant to be companions when you have had the same bedspread your entire mission and the same Christmas jumpers (sweaters)....the pre-mortal comp unity!

 3. Saying good bye to friends, my companion and Warwick!
4/5.  The new pound coins!!


 8. Weekly planning in the SUN!

 9. The car life is a good life!

10. The District!

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