Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The dream mini missionary trio in Coventry

Hello again from Coventry! 

Last Monday we explored the Coventry Cathedral Ruins with our district. The cathedral was bombed during one of the wars and the outer shell is all that is remaining. It felt like walking into Italy, probably because the weather was so nice haha. Then we tried to have a pajama party to watch the last session of conference but sadly we couldn't get it to work. 

Monday and Tuesday really taught me a lot about the power of the Book of Mormon and the priesthood. We had some very very interesting experiences but thanks to the power of the priesthood we've been healed in the form of uncontrollable laughter. Yes,  Sister Jones and I just can't stop laughing. Lessons, ward coordination, you name it.. it's literally uncontrollable. It's bad...but so good! And the Book of Mormon just never ceases to bring me peace no matter what is going on around us. I LOVE IT. 

This week we went on two workovers. A workover is when we go to another sister's area for a few hours and just help them with finding and build them up. On Wednesday we went to Wolverhampton and I spent the day with Sister Bateman from Mapleton! She's a very new missionary and we just went out to do some Stopbys and finding and just talked to everyone that we passed and had some really cool miracles. Then on Thursday we went to Banbury and I was with Sister Mwoyosvi from Zimbabwe. We just had a short amount of time to spend with them so we went tracting. We prayed about where to go and found this little Close of houses and literally every single person that opened their door was interested and we were amazed. We met this cute mom who said her daughter has been asking her about heaven and other gospel questions and it was adorable. We shared the #PrinceofPeace video with most of them and set up some return appointments for the Banbury sisters. I love getting to spend time helping the sister's in their areas, it's been a blast! 

Friday I went to my first MLC (Mission Leadership Council). It was a big one because they invited all the district leaders to attend as well. We had some really good trainings and counselling sessions where we discussed how to improve as missionaries. President Leppard gave a really good training on enduring to the end and we talked about having the faith to finish and to not falter as we go throughout our missions. He talked about how the Saviour is the upper light; the lighthouse. And how we are like the lower lights that direct the ships into the harbour. He talked about how we need to be in line with His harbour and the final destination He wants for those that we teach so that we can do our part to lead them back to Him. It was especially fun because all the sisters in my MTC group are currently STL's so it was a glorious reunion for all of us! 

Saturday our life got extra exciting and we got blessed with a mini missionary named Annie, (Sister Cupain) She is Ghanaian but grew up in Holland and now she lives in Rugby which is near to Coventry. Her mission papers will be submitted in May so we're helping her get ready! Basically for a mini mission she got to choose how long she wanted to spend with us, she got set apart as a missionary by our stake president and just gets to stay with us and see the ins and outs of missionary work to be more prepared for a mission! WE GET HER FOR 6 DAYS AND IT HAS BEEN A BLAST. I think we're just constantly laughing, she's hilarious! She's been with us since Saturday and we have her until Thursday so bring on the mini mission miracles! 

Saturday we had a pretty busy day with Sister Caupain! We had a big ward service project in the morning painting fences and a shed. Then we had our ward sports activity and the weather was AMAZING and we all got really sunburnt but it's fine. Honestly the weather this week has been remarkable. Honestly it felt like summer and we all got some mighty fine tan lines. We taught the members how to play kickball and we had some random people walking by that all joined in and so it helped out with finding as well! Then we went to Toby Carvery for a roast dinner which was the greatest idea ever. And then we headed out tracting and Sister Jones and I took a few houses for Sister Caupain to get used to it and then let her have a go. And it all started off good, a young adult came out and he was actually really interested in seeing the Easter video. Then the door opened and the dad walked out, whom we had coincidentally just given a passalong card to on the street.. And then the window opened and we thought maybe the mom was also interested. She wasn't. She just started swearing and screaming and it was pretty intense and terrified poor Sister Caupain, bless her. So that was her first door experience! No worries though because we helped her to keep going and met some great people! 

Because of conference last week this was my first Sunday in Coventry ward and man it is a big ward compared to my other areas. To give you an idea of how much bigger it is, out of all 6 areas I have had this is the first chapel to have pews! We had a really nice time at church and then we had a stake fireside on the Book of Mormon. All the missionaries in our zone sang The Iron Rod and it was a very powerful fireside. 

And now for the most exciting news of all..


We're gonna win. Wish us luck, it's about to get real intense! Last year Sister Butler and I just barely lost the tie breaker and we're not about to let that happen again! We're PUMPED! 

Love you all, have a fab week!

Sister Cebollero xx 

1. Introducing our mini missionary...Sister Caupain!

 2. After church with our mini missionary!

 3. Cathedral Ruins
4. Statue in the cathedral 

5/6. Like walking into ROME

7. The district

 8. The Lady Godiva statue in Coventry...famous for riding naked on a horse to protest taxes!

9. Tiki Jesus

10.  Toby Carvery, this is how you do a roast dinner!

11.  STL group photo

12. My MTC group takes on MLC!

13. Comp reunion with Sister Sharp!! I swear we just left the MTC!

14. Banbury workover

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