Monday, April 24, 2017

EBM Challenge week WINNERS!

Coming to you live from BIRMINGHAM! Birmingham? Yes, Birmingham! BECAUSE MY DISTRICT WON THE EBM CHALLENGE WEEK so we got to join the winning zone for their zone p-day. We aren't normally allowed zone p-days so this is a pretty big deal. 

Here's how it happened. 

So Monday we had a really chill p-day to relax from the crazy challenge week. We had family home evening with one of the Spanish families that we just adore. We gave them a gratitude poster to hang up and fill out this week. 

Then we were planning for some zone meetings when the AP's called us to tell us our district would be in the tie breaker to win challenge week the next day. The prize for the winning district was a mission hoodie and to go to the zone p-day so we were very determined to win!

We were told what the challenges were; to give away a Book of Mormon, give away 3 different leaflets, and invite 50 people to learn, and were told they would call anytime from 1-3 and that's when we could start. The idea was that whichever district completed it the fastest would win. So Tuesday afternoon we met in town with our district for a pep talk and some strategy talk and did some finding in town to see where it was the most busy and just pumped each other up. Then the call came and we caught fire! Because it was Easter holiday there were a lot of families in town so we went for them. It was insane and Sister Jones and I finished all 3 challenges in TWO MINUTES. We invited 50 people to learn about Jesus, gave out a Book of Mormon and 3 different leaflets on two minutes. Like this shouldn't be possible but we were just so excited to talk to everyone and it just happened. Anything is possible. I honestly don't know how that happened but it honestly did and our district finished within 3-4 minutes. Shout-out to our district for crushing it and working hard for the win! 

Tuesday night we got to have dinner with another cute Spanish family and we just love the Spanish members here so so much. They're amazing! 

Wednesday we had the Lichfield zone meeting in the morning. We were able to give trainings in the meetings on looking for what's next for our investigators and then a longer training on Becoming a Zion Mission. We talked about building unity and how everyone plays a piece in the puzzle to create Zion. We had taken down a scripture poster about baptism in our flat and cut it into puzzle pieces and taped them to people's chairs for an activity about working together to achieve our baptismal goal for the year. Watching the activity play out was really interesting. Even though we told them they all played a piece some still walked away from their chairs without bringing their piece. They wanted to help but didn't do all they could to help. Others sat right back down after doing their small piece to let everyone else do the hard work. It taught us a lot about unity as we watched the activity. It was a really good zone meeting and I enjoyed the opportunity to be more involved in it. 

We got back, helped a recent convert dye her hair and then went to a dinner appointment. Then we started planning our trainings for the other zone meeting. 

Thursday we had the Coventry zone meeting. It was also a really powerful meeting. For our training we talked about the challenge week and how to reach our full potential. We talked about the difference in our motivation and diligence during challenge week and how we can always work that hard without the focus being on a competition, zone p-day, a hoodie, etc. We talked about setting better goals, having more faith to achieve them and going out and working as hard as possible. The zone leaders trained on "shall I falter or shall I finish" a training that really stood out to us from MLC. It was just a good meeting on diligence and enduring to the end. 

From there we had exchanges with the Banbury sisters! I got to spend most of the time with Sister Mwoyosvi from Zimbabwe which was really fun. But Thursday night we traded and I got to go with Sister Gjika from Albania to have dinner with and teach our Albanian friend Kristina. And oh my days, what an amazing lesson! It was so good for them to be able to connect and talk Albanian to each other. Sister Gjika was able to bear powerful testimony of her conversion coming from a similar culture and we were just all filled with the spirit.... and also with way too much Albanian food.. Kristina cooked us a lot of food this week! 

Friday morning I did lots of finding with sister Mwoyosvi which was great because Coventry has a ton of people from Zimbabwe. We took the long beautiful drive back to Banbury to take them home and once again decided that the yellow fields of rapeseed/canola are most definitely the 8th wonder of the world. Then we had dinner with Sister Beazer and her family (She finished her mission and is back visiting the mission) at the chippy!

Saturday the weather was amazing so after playing basketball with the ward we went finding in the park. We stopped this lady from Kenya and pretty much without even asking she said we could have her number and come over sometime. And then she was just like no actually just come over now, I don't live too far away! So we left our car at the park and walked with her 40 minutes later we got to her house haha which ended up being right by our flat. We taught Carol the restoration and she loved it and before we even finished she asked when we were coming back to share more. It was a miracle but definitely one we had to work for because after we had to walk all the way back to our car at the park. 

This weekend we were able to have Stake Conference with Elder Herland, a general authority from Norway. The adult session on Saturday night was amazing. He said that "we all come to church because there is something wrong with us and we want to change. And we know this is the only place we can come on a regular basis that will help us to become better." Sunday our stake had booked a conference centre and when we showed up we felt like we were either at a concert or prom. The room was filled with twinkling lights. We got there early, the same time as Elder Herland, and he just looked at us and said "welcome to the celestial kingdom!" We thought the twinkly lights would turn off but they left them on for all of stake Conference.. it was out of this world as our dinner appointment later explained! It was great to be able to hear from two powerful general authorities in just two weeks. 

As we left the conference centre to our surprise we also found some dinosaurs, making this the most interesting Stake Conference of our lives. 

It's already the last week of the transfer and time is counting down for the both of us so we have to make every minute matter!

Love you all!

Sister Cebollero x

 1. Our winning hoodies!!

 2. Coloring hair for our friend Georgie!

 3. Coventry Zone Conference

4. Lichfield Zone meeting

5/6 .  Love teaching in Spanish!

7. Lichfield Zone meeting

8. Missionary Leadership Conference!

 9. So fun to have lunch with former Sister Beazer!

10.  We did it!! 50 finds!

11.  Dinosaur spotting after conference!

12.  Our twinkling stake conference!

13.  Exchanges with Banbury sisters

14. Feed the missionaries instead!

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