Monday, April 17, 2017

A mission is like walking on water

Guys guys guys. Shoutout to Karsten because I've been waiting allll week to find out that my brother is GOING ON A MISSION TO MEXICOOOOO!  

So now let me tell you about my week! .... CHALLENNGGEEEE WEEEKKKK! 

I remember writing last year that the England Birmingham Mission challenge week should be called miracle week. And that's true, but it should really be called FAITH week. If I've learned anything this week it has been that when we have righteous goals and do EVERYTHING on our part to reach them, God will always provide the way to achieve them. We were extra blessed to have our mini missionary Annie with us for most of the week... until we found out that the church has stopped mini missions. So here's to one of the last mini missionaries in the world!  

Tuesday we were able to have interviews with President and Sister Leppard. We talked about personal testimony- where it is and where it still needs to grow before I go home. The challenges for Tuesday were to ask for 5 referrals, have a member pray about a street and knock 20 doors on that street and find two new investigators. Tuesday we did a lot of tracting and it took a lot of faith to find those two new people to teach. Towards the end of the day we had been tracting for hours and still needed to find one more person. Our time was ticking down as we had to leave shortly to a dinner appointment. After knocking almost an entire street this woman came out and as she did so the door shut behind her and she was locked out... God literally locked her out of her house so she would give us a chance. She knocked and we talked as she waited for someone to come and she was interested in having us come back another time as she was quite busy. Then when the door opened she suddenly changed her mind and invited us in! We shared the #princeofpeace video and she said "I've never really had peace in my life" and started asking us about the plan of salvation. God truly provided in the last moments after a day of working as hard as we could, this was such a tender mercy to us we almost started to cry! 

Tuesday night we had a combined lesson with our investigators Sandra and Kristina at Sarah's house. We had dinner and watched the women's conference together and they both absolutely loved it. Sandra said it was everything she's ever known all her life- summed up! Sarah gave her mom a set of scriptures and Sandra had made a scripture case for Kristina's set and it was all so tender and sweet! 

The challenges were rough for us Wednesday but with God's help we made it through! We were asked to contact 2-part member families we haven't worked with, find a new family to teach and all write our testimony in a Book of Mormon and give it away. We had a lot of lessons in the morning which kept us pretty busy. In the afternoon we tracted for 2 straight hours trying to find a family. We were able to give out our 3 Books of Mormon but we just weren't finding that family we were meant to find. We had to go to our dinner appointment and our mini missionary was like oh I had a feeling we should go visit my brother and his family, they live around here. And so we did and they're a beautiful family and they want to learn more and it was a huge mini missionary miracle. Never miss a prompting from the Lord! Then we had a full English breakfast for dinner at Georgies!

Thursday the challenges were intensified. We had to invite 100 people to learn about Jesus Christ, give out 10 Books of Mormon and one of them had to have a Members testimony in it. I was so pumped for this one because Sister Nielsen and I tried inviting that many people to learn a few times last transfer but we'd never quite made it to 100. We were very prayerful with this one and as we prayed we promised God that we would talk to everyone in our path and just asked that he would place those in our path that were prepared. And we just went and started talking to everyone and the Lord provided a way! In our first hour in town we invited 50 people to learn and handed out 5 Books of Mormon. And we seriously had so many miracles! Like a woman from Finland who used to meet with missionaries, she misses coming to our church and said she would LOVE to meet with us again. This was another moment where Sister Jones and I just had to hold back tears, tender mercies are so real! We had so many miracles Thursday as we spent most of our day talking to people in town. Then we reached our goal of 100 invitations to learn and 10 Books of Mormon!

Then we had a sad moment where we had to take Annie to the train station and send her back to Rugby! We dropped her off and a few minutes later the Derby sister's arrived to spend the night with us before our big conference the next day. Sister Swasey and Koivisto hadn't talked to 100 people yet so we helped them finish it off. We ended our day having 144 invitations to learn about Jesus Christ. And I loved every minute.

Friday we were blessed to have a quad zone conference with Elder Phillips from the area seventy. Funnily enough he's the uncle of my district leader so that was pretty special! The conference was AMAZING. Elder Phillips focused on Jesus Christ the whole day and it was so powerful. The AP's gave a training on using the atonement as our motivation using the donut/push up object lesson and that was also very moving. One of my favourite quotes from Elder Phillips was:

"Sometimes serving a mission feels like what it must have felt like for Peter to walk on water- the miracles are beyond us. We don't understand them, we can't comprehend them - We must just keep our focus on the Saviour to keep moving forward."

After we dropped off the Derby sister's we realised it had been a week since we'd just been together as companions, which usually doesn't happen! So we took a selfie to celebrate!

Saturday we had to invite 2 people to be baptised on a specific date, give out 25 gospel of Jesus Christ leaflets with a member and invite 30 people to church! We had a ward sports activity in the morning and then did some district finding in town. We brought Georgie with us and just talked to everyone, inviting them to church and giving out the leaflets. We had a crazy day and couldn't meet with any of our friends so we literally just invited people in town to be baptised. Sometimes you've just gotta be bold! Then we went to the mission office and met the Lichfield zone leaders to plan the Lichfield zone meeting. The drive was beautiful and we're obsessed with these fields!

Sunday was a beautiful Easter Sabbath! It's definitely a special time of the year to be a missionary. We had some 4 miracles come to church and sister jones and I sang in the relief society lesson. The challenges were to have 3 investigators at church, invite 5 members to feed you and have 2 friends on a baptismal date. We were 100% all week but we didn't want to force anyone on a date that wasn't ready so we prayerfully missed that one. We had a nice Easter dinner and then met with the Stratford zone leaders to plan the Coventry zone meeting. I'm so excited for our zone meeting this week, they're gonna be good!

All in all it's been a great week. We've worked extremely hard, exercised a lot of faith and we've seen a plethora of miracles! 

Shoutout to my brother again, I'm just SO EXCITED!

Love you all!

Sister Cebollero Xx 
 1. Sister Jones and Sister Cebollero

 2/3. Watching the video of my brother opening his mission call to Saltillo, Mexico!!! 

4/5.  Beautiful England!!

 6. Tracting all over!

 7/8. We love our Mini missionary! Sad to say goodbye to her!

 9. Talking to everyone!! 

10. 144 invitations to people to learn about Jesus Christ in a few hours! 

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