Monday, March 13, 2017

Spring is in the air in Warwick!

Last Monday we went and explored the grounds of Kenilworth castle in our area. It's England's largest ruined castle and it was so beautiful! It is closed for the season so we just walked outside the walls and admired the beautiful countryside surrounding it!

Monday night the miracles started rolling in! So last week I shared that story of seeing our friend Kabber on the bus and he was talking to a former investigator. Well the story continued! So Sunday night we had put a load of formers into our map to stop by throughout the week. Monday night we visited this guy named Danny and we started talking to him. He was talking about how close he had been to baptism and the problems that had held him back when all of a sudden he was like hey how is Kabber doing? And we recognised him then as the guy on the bus that Kabber was telling about the Book of Mormon! He said since then he'd been thinking a lot about church and still has that desire to be baptised and asked us to meet him the next day! Well a few minutes after we left he called and said... "hey sisters, when we meet tomorrow can you bring President Bain (the branch president)? And can he baptise me TOMORROW?" And I think at that point we went into shock and said we could definitely talk about it tomorrow but probably couldn't make it happen that soon!

And that's when we checked our map to make sure we were still in England and hadn't transported to South America. The rest of the week was full of miracles as well!

Danny really wanted us to bring one of the brethren teaching so he could connect and make friends his own age. But small branch probs we couldn't get ahold of anyone so we brought this older sister named Enid. Well he walks in and he's like no way, are you Bajun? And we're like... what the heck is that? And it turns out they're both from Barbados so they really hit it off! We had a great lesson with Danny Tuesday and more throughout the week and we're so excited to see where things go! He thinks we're the nicest people ever and is thoroughly convinced all Sister missionaries should become nurses here in England for more positive and more uplifting service! 

We were able to do lots of service this week which we were thankful for. Wednesday we helped some members to strip their wallpaper and that was super fun! Then on Saturday we helped our ward mission leader build a new fence! It was pretty intense because we had to build it and then lift it wayyy up over the posts to slide it in and it was so heavy! 

We decided the road that our new investigator Molamma lives on is the Promised Land! We were tracting there Thursday night and we tracted into a former investigator who asked us to come back in 10 minutes. So we went to the next door all excited and that family just let us in as well! Two houses in a row! It was a single mum and her daughter and we talked about the Book of Mormon and then helped them with some wallpaper as well and set a return appointment. Then we went back and taught the other mum and set a return appointment with her! What what?!?  *checks map again to double check we're still in England* 

We got to have dinner with our friend Mandy twice this week! On Wednesday she invited us over for her son Jamie's 30th birthday dinner. We got to meet all her kids and her cute grandkids and it felt just like being at grandma's house with all the cousins! Her son Jamie was thinking and realised he's her only child that hasn't been baptised so he started asking us why baptism is important! Then on Friday we went and Mandy cooked a delicious roast dinner and we taught the plan of salvation to her and two of her adorable grandkids. 

The weather this week has literally been a dream! It has been warmer and warmer and so sunny! And we took our coats off for the first time since like September and walked around and it was sooo happy! 

This week we had a really great zone conference combined with the Leicester zone. We had great trainings by President, Sister Leppard and the APs. Sister Nielsen and I got picked by the APs to do a role play in front of everyone. We invited President and Sister Leppard to be baptised and put them on a date! Woohooo haha!

We had to pick one day this week to stay in until 6 and deep clean our flat. We chose Friday and it was the only day it rained so that was lucky! We scrubbed and cleaned all day and killed lots of spiders and our flat is looking great! 

Kabber is still doing great! He's telling his friends about his baptism date and even showed up to our lesson with a friend this week to see if we could teach him too!

The biggest miracle of the week is our friend Cheng! He is Chinese and almost got baptised a few weeks ago... he is sooo close! But since we came here he's been busy job searching and has been in London most of the time for that. We have been texting him scriptures everyday and we've just been dying to meet him! Well he showed up at church yesterday and he is the happiest Chinese man ever and loves happy people! He was like ohhhh if I knew you were both American and so happy I would have came and met you three weeks ago!  He was just nervous to meet two new sisters but our excitement to meet him made a good impression. He said he feels so much happier when he comes to church. He's basically got one foot in the font and we're excited to meet with him this week! 

Today we're going to explore Warwick castle with the district... life is SO GOOD! 

Love you lots! 

Sister Cebollero xx 
 1. We built this fence!!

2. Strong enough to build a fence!

3.  Danny, Sister Nielsen, Me, Sister Enid Edgehill # Legends!

4.  Twinning is Winning!

 5. Kenilworth Castle

6. Such lovely view of the castle!

7. One day I'll go in! 

8.  We LOVE England!

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