Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I got sunburnt in March...in ENGLAND!

Monday was a rainy p-day and the rain kept coming all week long! It's been super back and forth from sunny springtime to windy and rainy. One day was super sunny and when we came in for dinner we realised both our faces were sunburnt! It was the strangest thing ever! A sunburn in March... in England nonetheless! I hardly ever get sunburned and that is what living here has done to my skin. 

This week I got to go on exchanges with Sister Romo from Mexico. She will be going home at the end of this transfer with Sister Nielsen and she came and stayed in Warwick with me from Tuesday to Wednesday. Tuesday night we got some calls from our housing agency that some people were coming on Wednesday to work on the water pipes and that we would need to stay in the flat from 8 am to 1 pm on Wednesday. We were bummed because we had a lot of lessons and things planned for Wednesday and we ended up having to cancel all of them. Thankfully the workers got finished a lot earlier and we were able to go out and find and visit some people. 

We had a funny miracle with the Book of Mormon as we went to visit a less active member. We had to create all new plans when we were able to go out and after stopping by some investigators that weren't in we felt we should try a less active member nearby. She let us in and told us this funny story! She had just quit smoking three days before and was feeling a lot of boredom and the urge to smoke again. So she started to clean her closet out when all of a sudden a Book of Mormon fell off the top shelf onto her head. And as she sat there confused the buzzer for her flat literally rang right then and we were on the other end! 

Thursday was probably the best day we had this week! We started off with a really good district meeting, the last one for our senior couple in our district. Then after lunch we met Kabber in town and taught him the first part of the plan of salvation and invited him to be baptised! So he's working towards a date now and he's really excited. Then we went and stopped by some potentials but had some extra time so we started tracking. 

Our mission has dubbed march the "power of the word" month and we are focusing a lot on the Book of Mormon in our finding and teaching. We've been asked to carry a Book of Mormon in our hands whenever we're finding....which is pretty much all the time! So we started knocking on doors and this lady Molamma answered the door and invited us right in! She is from India and at first I just assumed she would be Sikh. (There's a beautiful Sikh temple by our flat and so there's a large Sikh population here). But it turns out she is Christian and we taught her the whole restoration and she loved it and really wants us to come back! 

Then we went and had dinner with our investigator Mandy which was delicious! She used to be a member so she pretty much knows everything and we just shared about the first vision and all the blessings that has come from it. She found her written testimony from when she was baptised before and let us take it home to read and man it's powerful! Also when they found out Sister Nielsen was headed home soon they booked us for a dinner and lesson every Friday in march! Best family ever!

Another funny story was on Saturday we were on a bus headed to teach Kabber again when he got on the bus with a friend. We waved as he got on but he didn't see us and it was quite a full bus so he didn't notice us and they sat in the back. He started saying he was going to meet some sisters and that we'd given him a Book about Jesus that was another witness of Him. And how he's preparing to be baptised and wants to change his life. And then it turns out the guy he was talking to was a former! So he was like oh yeah, Mormons! And then he told Kabber that he's in good hands. Haha and we were just dying trying not to laugh and listening to them talk about us. Saturday night we received a text message from him asking what the word "wroth" means and asking us to please get back to him about the "manner of this word." Haha and then we reminded him to pray and he texted us his prayer word for word.

Sunday we had an amazing conference for the Northern Europe are. I think it included the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. It was broadcast from Salt Lake City and we got to hear from Elder Ballard and some general authorities. Elder Ballard gave an apostolic epistle just for the saints in Northern Europe. It was so powerful to hear his specific counsel, warnings and blessings for this area of the world. 

Cadbury Dairy milk Oreo now has a mint and peanut butter edition so that made up for all the rain this week! We got to sleepover with the STL's in Coventry for the conference Sunday since Sunday bus schedules start super late. And needless to say we bought a whole collection to try all the new flavours hehe!

ALSO! We found out this week that the guy who played Mr. Filch from Harry Potter lives in our branch boundaries... one of the members sees him at Tesco sometimes... So basically our new transfer goal is to find him and baptise him! Wish us luck 😂🙈 

Love you all! Sister Cebollero xx 

2. District selfie with the zone leaders

3. Our district

 4. So many rainbows this week!

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