Monday, March 27, 2017

A White-wash in and a White-wash out!?!

Last preparation Day was super rainy but we decided to go look around Stratford Upon Avon more and explore all the cute little gift shops. After preparation day we went and had a family home evening and dinner with a less active couple from Jamaica. She was rushing to feed us and said she didn't want us to have to run for the bus again and they just started laughing. The last week we'd shared a message, realised the bus was about to come and said goodbye. Then when we went to leave we saw it pull up to this stop down the road. Haha they said they'd never seen anyone run as fast as we did to catch that bus and that we were just in perfect sync sprinting for the bus. Haha so we shared a nice Jamaican meal and had time for a good lesson as well before we had to catch the bus home. 

Tuesday was absolutely freezing! We taught Juli English and about prayer in the morning. Then the rest of the day we spent finding and stopping by some less active members. We were waiting at the top of the only hill in our area and it was freeezing and so windy and we reaaalllyy needed to use the bathroom and we were waiting for a bus to take us home for dinner and companion Study. Well two buses didn't show up and we were just waiting and talking to people as they went by. Then this guy came around the corner and we talked to him and gave him a Book of Mormon and then right as he walked away the bus finally pulled up! Pretty much Heavenly Father knew he really needed the Book of Mormon and so he held the buses back a bit! 

Wednesday we had district meeting and it was swell. Then we went tracting for a few hours in the rain and found some new investigators. Our bus home broke down so we visited some less active members while we waited for the next one. 

Thursday my companion had her departing interview so we went with our STL's Sister Jones and Sister Romo to the mission office. While sister romo and sister Nielsen had their interviews we just chatted with Sister Leppard which was the best ever and played fetch with their cute dog Amber. And pretty much the whole day sister jones and I were just hoping and praying we could be companions next transfer. Then the STL's came to do some work with us and we ended up helping this older lady in the ward with her groceries. She's super posh and sent us on a wild goose chase. Sister jones and I went to get her list and the grocery money and she just talked forever and then we shopped and sister Nielsen and I brought it back for her. We helped her a bit around the mansion and she gave us a tour and told us about all the history. She lives in the most beautiful and historical mansion! We were just in awe! Then she said she would pay for our dinner for helping so we got Chinese takeout on the way home. Guys, Chinese takeout in England is the best thing ever! 

Friday the weather turned amazing and it was Red Nose Day! We went to follow up with this amazing potential from Ghana named Janet (shoutout to grandma, what a cool name!) and taught her all about the Book of Mormon. She's one of our new investigators we had this week. Then we went to Warwick and just talked to people in parks since the weather was so great and everyone was so happy! We had a dinner appointment with Mandy so we put on our red noses before we knocked and they thought it was so funny. We had the best roast dinner with pork, parsnips, peas, carrots, cheesy broccoli and cauliflower, and Yorkshire puddings of course! (Red Nose Day… It's a charity day and mostly just the kids schools celebrate it. And then on TV they had celebrities doing comedy to raise money… I think!) 

Saturday we taught some English lessons in the morning and then did a lot more finding in the park. Then we had a games activity at the church and played some board games. 

Sunday was Mothering Sunday in the UK! Shoutout to my mom and all of you that have been like mothers to me for getting me here! We taught the lesson in relief society on a talk from last general Conference and it got me so pumped for conference next week! 

Then after church we were just in the hallway talking to some less active members and then the phone rang.. and it was President Leppard! 

And he said "Sister Cebollero the Lord has called you as a sister training leader in the England Birmingham Mission." What what what?!? 

And Sister Nielsen and I were just freaking out all day because she's going home and we just got here so we were so worried about all of our friends here. 

Transfers are changing up so instead of getting phone calls with all the transfer dodge the zone leaders showed up with our train tickets! And I opened up the little envelope and I'm going to COVENTRY WITH SISTER JONES! God is so so good, we've been dreaming of this allllll transfer! I'm so so pumped for this transfer! My train ride is literally just 10 minutes away since I'm only moving one area up so I should be alright alone with all my bags. Yikes! 

The zone leaders are moving to Warwick branch and another set of elders is taking our area. So we're pretty bummed there won't be any sister here anymore! I have absolutely LOVED Warwick branch. I've loved the people and the history and the beauty and I'm really gonna miss it here. 

But I'm excited for all that lies ahead! The sister leaving Coventry is from Mexico and almost all of their investigators speak only Spanish. They've also started a Spanish sacrament meeting in Coventry. So pray for my Spanish A LOT! 

Hope you all have a fantastic week and enjoy general Conference this weekend! It's gonna be AMAZING! 

Adios from Warwick for the last time! 

Sister Cebollero

1.  We will miss teaching our friends in Warwick!

 2. Such a beautiful house!!
3. Love these friends so much!!

4. Happy Red-Nose Day!

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