Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Serving in the land of SHAKESPEARE!!!

Hello family and friends! It has been another blessed week here in Warwick branch!

Monday we spent our p-day exploring Stratford Upon Avon and it was AMAZING! We saw where Shakespeare was born, where he went to school, where he lived before he died, toured the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and even saw where Shakespeare himself is buried! Stratford is pretty much the cutest town ever and if I had to live anywhere in England that would definitely my pick! We ate lunch next to a beautiful river and got ice cream from the cutest little canal boat and fed the swans with the Stratford elders. It was pretty much the best p-day ever! Monday night we stayed in Warwick and tried stopping by loads of less active members and did lots of finding of course! #whitewash
That's pretty much how our whole week went, lots and lots of less active attempted stop-bys and lots of finding along the way. Since everyone in the area is so spread apart we always made sure to tract around the houses we stopped by. Because most of them weren't home but you never know whose neighbour is ready! 

Pretty much most of the lessons we set up for this week that we were super excited about all got cancelled. One after another! Which is always a little discouraging but we found some new people along the way. 

Our mission is clarifying which areas are biking and which are allowed to use public transport to help save money in areas which are fine to bike in. We were one of the few areas that got cleared for public transport reimbursements since our area is so massive. So that was pretty lucky for us! We heard from the last sisters here that it'd take at least an hour to bike from our home to the chapel so we're glad to just take 2 buses there instead! 

This week has been super windy and rainy... as always! But one day we did have a huge wind storm and it was crazy! We had warnings from the AP's the night before about 80 mph winds. We were on the top of a double decker bus zooming down the motorway to Coventry for interviews with President and that was a bit terrifying! But interviews with President and Sister Leppard was great! He told me I have a lot of responsibility coming my way soon so I need to learn all I can from Sister Nielsen (she was just an STL for 5 transfers) before she goes home. After district meeting our district had a fiesta for lunch and the senior couple in our district, the Spore's, made some delicious enchiladas! 

We have this amazing recent convert here in the area that got baptised last month. Her name is Maybel and she is from the Philippines. We got to know her and her adorable daughter Maya this week and they're pretty much the best! Maybel has such a fire within her for the gospel. The spirits in the branch are quite low with their rapidly decreasing numbers and she has been such a light to everyone! She bore her testimony yesterday and it was so touching! 

So on Monday when we were waiting to bus to Stratford we stopped this guy named Kabber and he was super interested in meeting again. We talked on the bus for awhile and he just said we were the nicest people he'd ever met. He's recently converted to Christianity but hasn't been baptised a Christian yet. He wanted to come to church Sunday but with the language barrier he got a little bit confused about the times. We told him it started at 10 and also about the 3 separate hours and for some reason he showed up at the church at 3 on Sunday thinking church was just starting. But we were there for coordination and had a restoration lesson with him and he's praying about baptism!

Yeah like I said pretty much everyone flogged us this week so that's pretty much all I can think of! Hope you all have a lovely week!

Lots of love,
Sister Cebollero xx 

1. Visiting where Shakespeare lived on P-day!! Love my mission!!

2.  Shakespeare's birthplace

 3. Just tracting on the chapel where Shakespeare is buried!
4.  Cute canal boats on the river Avon! The one right behind us sells ice cream.. does it get any better?
5. Royal Leamington Spa from the top of the double decker bus

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