Monday, February 6, 2017

Rain, Rain, Rain!

Another week in Blackwood Wales has come and gone! The rainy Wales all the missionaries speak about is definitely catching up with me after all these months because it has rained every single day since Sister Smirnova has joined me here!

Mondayyyy we wanted to go to the ocean because Sister Smirnova has never seen it... but it was quite rainy so we went to Caerphilly castle instead (man I love Wales hehe). Our district joined us and we had quite a fun time exploring the castle grounds, feeding the geese and getting lunch together! After we emailed we headed home, changed and off to a lesson with Jon! We introduced Sister Smirnova and she talked about how she came to know the Book of Mormon is true.

Tuesday our schedule got switched upside down and around so we had to shift all our plans. We tried to teach a lesson in the morning but they flogged us. We stopped by some potentials and then got lunch somewhere. Then we hopped on a bus and a train for district meeting and interviews with the Leppards in Rhiwbina. It's always nice to have time to talk to President and Sister Leppard and I'm glad that we will be having interviews every transfer now. They thanked me for being a steady and loving companion through difficult times lately and talked about what we had learned. We had a nice district meeting as well and played some get to know you games since Sister Smirnova is new to the district. It took us awhile to travel back and then we stopped by some less active members, had dinner and language study.

Wednesday we had morning Relief Society and the activity was all about having a claim to fame. It was fun to listen to everyone's stories. Then we went to Iulia's and had lunch and did service. After that we headed back up to the church for coordination and got absolutely soaked in a downpour! Our ward mission leader forgot about our meeting so he was a bit late since we had to call and see if he was still coming. Then we walked home and as we were changing out of our soaking wet clothes, the extremely loud fire alarms for our flat started going off. Knowing it wasn't the usual time for a test we rushed outside in fear of our apartment burning down but it was just a false alarm. We met some of our new neighbors and we all had to try and figure out how to shut off the loud blaring alarms which took quite awhile. But no worries, we were glad to not have a fire!

Thursdayyyy we went to England!! That's right for the last 6 months I have been only in Wales and twice in the last two weeks I've had day trips back to England hehe. This time we made the 3 hour drive for my "trunky" meeting. No worries, it's actually a self-reliance meeting but it just means I'm going home soonish... ahhh craziness! It was a day full of talking about careers, job interviews, resumes and other stressful things about coming back home to reality that are approaching much too quickly. I was companions with Sister Funk for the day and we were the only sisters from our group at this meeting. The saddest part was that there are so many of us going home in July that they split our group into two and the other half are going next week for their trunky meeting... and that half included everyone I was most excited to see and catch up with.  But it's always nice to meet new people, right? The STL's had to stay the night in Birmingham so we had to train back to Wales on our own. I was a little worried navigating the trains all the way back and when we got into Birmingham new street (the biggest station in our mission) I was praying so hard we could find a train back to Wales. We walked up some stairs from the platform we had just arrived on and as I looked up I immediately saw a train heading to Cardiff central and we rushed down to that platform literally just as it arrived! It has been delayed by 2 minutes otherwise we would have missed one of the last trains back that night! God sure loves us! We missed the last buses of the night and the Manning's came to fetch us and we safely made it home just in time for 9:30! It was an exhausting day!

Friday a lot of things fell through! Also I wasn't feeling very well because I forgot to mention but Wednesday I realised I have a kidney stone... yayyy! So we worked on the area book in the afternoon (because we still have loads of records to upload on our app) so I could drink lots and stay near a bathroom. We went to Jenny's for dinner and then visited some less active members.

Saturday morning we did our weekly planning and then went to the church so I could study for my theory test next week. Then we visited Marcia and some other less active members that live by the church.

Sunday we had a beautiful fast and testimony meeting and the rest of the classes were really lovely as well. The Spraggs were sick so they brought us over our dinner Saturday night and we came home from church and cooked it. Then we tried to visit some people but the rugby was on... the welsh love their rugby so that was pretty pointless! After dinner and call-ins we had language study and Sister Smirnova translated one of her favourite recipes from Russian to English and taught me how to make it!

I'm in a lot of pain with my kidney but just trying to push forward. I'm going to get some stronger pain meds today and Sister Leppard said I can go to the doctor if those aren't doing enough. I have my theory test this Tuesday for my license at 1 pm so prayers would be appreciated Tuesday morning for that! Love you all and thanks for your support! Also we have dodge calls this Sunday so we'll see if I'm staying in Blackwood for another transfer or leaving after 6 months!

LOVE ya!

Sister Cebollero 
1. Our new district at Caerphilly Castle

2. I like Wales and wellies!

3. My favorite castle by far! 

4. On the train from England back to Wales!

5. Our trunky meeting!  We will all go home in July (plus another group this size)!

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