Monday, February 20, 2017

I'm a homeless, whitewashing missionary...AGAIN!

Hello hello from Warwick ENGLAND! It's been one of the craziest and best weeks of my mission thus far and I can't wait to share a bit of it with you!

First of all for my last p-day in Wales we hit up the beach! My companion reaaallly wanted to go since she'd never been to the ocean before and I realised I'd never gone since I'd been in Cardiff zone. I was stressed about packing after staying in Blackwood for so long but it was honestly the best decision ever to go anyway!  I LOVE the ocean and it was a beautiful sight to see in Wales! We took the whole district with us and we all had a blast exploring. We walked along this peninsula and experienced theee strongest winds of my life... it was a freezing beach day but so worth it for our last p-day as a district! Monday night I also got a call from the APs that I was still going to Warwick but that I would be whitewashing with Sister Nielsen... I'll be her last companion as this is her last transfer. I'm so excited because we were both in Nottingham zone as greenies and I've always wanted to serve with her! 

Tuesday I left Blackwood and I left Wales and it was oh so sad... but it was a happy reunion at the mission home with all those I haven't seen the last 6 months I've been wayyy off in Wales! This is when we realised what a crazy adventure we were headed into and my mission life got insane once again! 

Last February I came to England and whitewashed into Nottingham with my trainer and the first few weeks of my mission we were kinda homeless while they sorted out a flat for us. 

This February I returned to England after 6 months in Wales and God has a great sense of humour because somehow I found myself in the same situation! Homeless... not living in our area.. and just trying to figure out the branch. 

This week I was a homeless and extremely lost whitewashing missionary...AGAIN. Haha I honestly never thought I'd be in this boat again, let alone once! The deja-vu has never been more real! Crazily enough this is my 4th time whitewashing into an area and it's also Sister Nielsen's 4th time whitewashing! They either trust us a lot or we're cursed! 

But anyways we were living in Banbury all week while our flat was getting worked on in Warwick. It was a partayyy to sleepover with my African homie Sister Mwoyosvi and the sweet Sister Harrigfeld. We just trained back and forth to our area and bused a lot each day until we couldn't afford that anymore then we just worked in Banbury with them! It was crazy expensive and time consuming but hey when we weren't getting lost we saw many many many miracles along the way! 

Friday night they told us we'd probably not be able to go back for a few more weeks because of all the problems they kept finding in our flat. They said we'd either have to stay in Banbury or the housing authority would put us up in a hotel (hahah being missionaries in a hotel would have been unique!) Saturday the landlord said we were cleared to move back so that's when we finally got to live in our area. We're unpacked but still a little wary of all the problems so we're not sure if we're staying here for real yet. We've got what's supposed to be a brand new bathroom... but we're having issues with the hot water #coldshowers #nottingham4historyreturns 

To spare you the boring details of the crazy life of a whitewashing missionary that can't even live anywhere near their area I thought I'd try something different. 

Fun facts about my new area:

-I'm serving in a branch again! We've got about 20-30 active members which sadly had gone down a lot in the last two years with lots of families moving away. The branch presidency is super super young and the rest of the ward is pretty old. I love old people! 

-We live right outside a posh city called Royal Leamington Spa which has Queen Victoria's royal stamp of approval (look it up for some more fun facts). It's the biggest city I've ever covered on my mission and there are foreign people everywhere. I LOVE IT. It's been so fun to cover a city this big and talk to people from all over the world all the time. Also big cities mean good shopping and you know how I feel about shopping! 

-Warwick branch covers Stratford Upon Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare which is (according to a member) the second most visited city in the U.K. Besides London

-We also have Warwick castle which is one of the most visited castles in England. Needless to say there's soooo much history in this branch and we're so so excited to explore it on days! 

Funny things that happened to us this week #homeless #whitewashprobs:

-Getting on a bus and riding it to town then looking at the map more closely and realising we'd gotten on the bus on the stop we were meant to get off at and having to go back 

-Sunday morning we were trying to throw our lives together and get out of the flat in time to catch our 2 buses all the way to Warwick for branch council. But then we could not get the door to our flat to open and we were locked inside (which actually happens a lot here in England). So we literally climbed out of the windows of our flat to be able to make it to church....Hahaha what even is our life?!

-The elders in Stratford Upon Avon brought us 2 packages of Mars Bars 4 packs to church that were meant for our cancelled coordination meeting. After church we contacted this former investigator and went to teach her. She was kinda crazy but really wants to be baptised! But when we were leaving we asked if there was anything we could do to help her and she totally jokingly said she'd love a 4 pack of mars bars and that it would make us friends forever if we brought her that.... and Sister Nielsen and I just looked at each other and told her that God provides and Sister Nielsen pulled a 4 pack of mars bars out of her bag. And Rachel was soooo shocked she had to leave the room. Funniest moment ever! 

And best for last... the most amazing miracle of my entire mission and probably the entire reason we needed to be homeless and training back and forth to Banbury this week: 

Thursday night we were training back to Banbury to get there for dinner and companion Study. It was later than we had planned to be traveling back because we had been so busy all day. We got to the train station and saw the train direction we usually took and it was leaving in about 20 minutes. Then we saw an earlier one that would also be going through to Banbury and decided to take that instead... but literally as soon as we said we could take that instead it got delayed and then never came! So we waited the 20 minutes and got on a very full train. This guy got on behind us and he started talking to us in the hallway of the train. We just started talking about missionary work and what we do and chatting away. He said something about his belief in family bonds and so Sister Nielsen started talking about the temple and families being sealed for eternity and we started to show him some pictures on the iPad of different temples. Then he was just like do you guys want to meet up sometime and chat more because we were all just getting along swell! And we were like YES! And then he was like well what would we do? Haha awkward. And we explained that when we meet with people we teach lessons about our church. And then he was all quiet and was like uhhh I'm not really sure about that. And we thought we lost him but thennnn....

He was just like well... you see I had this dream two weeks ago.. and I saw this really bright white light. And it LOOKS LIKE THAT TEMPLE thing you just showed me... and there was this guy dressed in all white who told me that TWO PEOPLE WOULD TALK TO ME SOON.. and I'm just really freaked out right now...

And we were like WHAT?!??? And then he asked if the white clothing was significant and we told him we wore white in the temple and he was just sooo freaked out. And told us he wasn't even supposed to be on that train.. and it's crazy because we weren't supposed to be on that train. Crazy how God places people in our paths at just the right time! #prayersforMorgan #heisalegend

I'm soooo excited to be here serving in Warwick branch! I wish I could share all the amazing miracles we've seen in the last few days here. I've really seen this week how God places us in the right places in the right times and even with the right supplies... like mars bars! He cares so much for all of His children and that is the reason for all of these miracles! 

Today we explored Stratford Upon Avon!!!! We are soooo blessed! Pictures to come next week!

Until then,

Sister Cebollero xx 
1. My new companion Sister Nielsen from Orem, Utah!!

2. Mars Bars Miracle!

3. We love England!

4/5. Just a couple of homeless missionaries!

6. My last P-Day in Wales! We went to the beach!!

7. So fun to see the ocean!

8. Windiest times of my life on top of this peninsula!


10. I love Wales! I love my welsh tag. I'm gonna miss this! 

11. Good-bye Beautiful Wales! 'Til we meet again!

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