Monday, January 23, 2017

One year that gets more and more crazy!

Well it's been a very bittersweet week here in Blackwood B.

Monday we didn't do much for p-day, just did some errands in our little town, played some board games with the elders and emailed. After that we went and visited Marcia since our lesson cancelled and we had left some things at her house on Sunday.

Tuesday we did service for Iulia and had lunch with her. We were all quite exhausted so we weren't as chatty as usual but it was good service. Then we met with our less active friend Chantal and she showed up at the cafe with her new we were just eating ice cream and I just invited him to meet with the Elders in Cwmbran where he is from and he accepted so we passed them on a sweet referral. Then we had another lesson cancel so we went home for dinner and I studied for my driving theory test.

Wednesday morning we went to relief society and had a lesson about Esther. We stayed at the chapel for lunch and I used the computer to do some more practice for my theory test. It's so different over here because there's this part called hazard perception where it shows 14 videos and you have to click the mouse as hazards progress and get a certain amount of points. You have to notice them way in advance and it's actually really hard! The questions are really hard too so I've been studying the different street signs and laws and such. We did some visits and then came back to the church for coordination.

Thursday was one of the craziest days of my mission thus far and I'm sure I'll never forget it. We started off the day with our district for district meeting. We had some really good trainings and played some card games during lunch. Then we walked down to the bus station to catch a bus to Newbridge. The time for our train to depart was speedily approaching and these buses in Wales are just not reliable! The bus finally came and we were just praying so hard as my watch ticked closer and closer to us missing our train. We got off the bus a minute after it was due to depart but we decided to run like it was still coming and keep praying. Across the road, up the many steps to the bridge over the tracks and we saw it coming! Across the bridge, down the steps and we sprinted to the platform and thankfully the conductor saw us and saved the train for us! We had a nice dinner and lesson with the Davise Family! We used the Book of Mormon picture book to teach the kids about where the Book of Mormon is from and then we introduced the gospel of Jesus Christ. Ian asked when they can be baptised! Amy still isn't too sure about the kids being baptised since she hasn't been baptised herself so they said they would pray about it! Ian also brought up everything we had discussed in ward coordination about their family without us even asking! He wants to progress in the priesthood and really has a desire to go to the temple! We were cutting it close for the train back so we had another sprint down the hills of Llanhilleth and also caught it just in time. Then the STL's came and picked us up and took us on an ice cream date.

Friday we had a dinner appointment with one of our favourite members; Jenny, and she invited our best friend Marcia. I have SO much love for these two women. As I saw around the table with 3 of my best friends I was just overwhelmed with love for them.

Saturday was my one year mark! We got some ice cream sundaes with the elders during lunch and it was really nice. Then we had a lesson with David and Madeleine. After that we had dinner and worked on our area book.

Sunday was commotion at church! We had the Davise Family come again so that was super exciting and also just crazy! Also I haven't mentioned but we are having SO many move-ins in Blackwood. Our ward has almost doubled and we haven't even done it! One thing Amy didn't like about Blackwood was all the old people and she missed their last ward because it was more family oriented. Well we've had 4 young families with kids move into our boundaries in the last month and they keep rolling in! It's so exciting and there's sooo many babies and pregnant ladies in Blackwood at the moment.... it kinda feels like Utah, but not quite. We taught gospel principles and it was on temples and Ian loved it so much he went to bishop after and asked for temple classes and help going to the temple! Then in relief society the lesson was on President Monson's talk on the word of wisdom. This was the perfect lesson for Amy as she just asked us for help to stop smoking! We went to the Spragg's after, another couple that I just love to death. They are so sweet and kind and she even offered to go buy us some thermals since it's been so cold this week! Brother Spragg gave us both a priesthood blessing and I am just SO amazed and so thankful for the power of the priesthood.

I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by! I'm so thankful for all the experiences I've had and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world! See you in just 6 short months!!

Love, Sister Cebollero

1/2. Happy ONE year mark to me!

3. Celebrating my one year mark with ice cream!

4. My companion Sister McAravey is awesome!

5/6 . Our District

7. I love these ladies!! Marcia and Jenny!! Seriously my best friends here!

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