Monday, January 9, 2017

Be Excellent to each other!

The weeks in Blackwood just seem to get crazier and crazier my friends. Honestly, I can't even put it into words, you have no idea... so here's an update from this week! 

Monday was a glorious first p-day of the year! Our stake patriarch and his wife; Brother & Sister Elliot, took us to where he was born in New Tredegar for a scenic hike! It was a beautiful (windy) day. Brother Elliot is someone I really look up to and it was so powerful to hear his stories and memories and he was just so passionate about his home village. We hiked and hiked all the way up to the valley peak and the view all around us was remarkable. Thank goodness we get practice hiking the hills everyday here or it would have been a bit rough! We had made some homemade rolls and the elders cooked the turkey we were supposed to have for thanksgiving and we had a nice picnic at the peak! After we emailed and finished p-day we rushed back towards Pentwynmawr to teach our friend Jon. We lost contact for a long while and we've just started to teach him again. We invited him to just step away from his concerns and questions and to try reading the Book of Mormon with a clean slate again from the beginning. 

Tuesday we luckily dodged the traveling of transfer day so we decided to push forward with our new transfer goal and venture out to different parts of our area. We have a major transportation issue in this area and we want to try and figure out how to get more places more effectively. We started off our morning with a failed attempt to heart attack.. meaning the door swung open as we were placing hearts and we ran away giggling!  We caught a train to Llanhilleth and then walked about a half hour to Aberbeeg to visit a less active member we'd never met named Debbie. We had a great visit with her and she told us about a shortcut to see another member named Glenys. We walked through a pretty Forrest and over a river to Six Bells and had a nice visit with her. Then it was an hour walk back to Llanhilleth and some tracting before our train came. We got home and had a much needed dinner and then went and visited some young recent converts who have gone inactive recently. 

Wednesday morning we went and did service for Iulia and did some therapeutic cleaning! We had a nice lunch and a much needed chat and headed to the church. We had coordination and then stayed for young women's since we had a nonmember young women there. It was a fun evening, we made homemade juggling balls and Jim Smith tried to teach us how to juggle!  Who knew juggling was so hard? Also the homemade juggling balls turned into good stress balls for the rest of our week!

Thursday morning we had a nice district meeting at the chapel. We all treated ourselves to some much needed Chinese food during lunch. Then we visited Marcia for some more love and another therapeutic visit. Then we caught a bus and then the train to Llanhilleth to see the Davise Family! It had been sooo long and she called us Tuesday (we had actually planned to see her Tuesday so that was cool!) and invited us over Thursday for a visit! It was as mad as ever in their home with the kids showing us all their new Christmas toys. Amy asked us to help her stop smoking and it was good to continue teaching them after such a long break. 

Friday I got to spend the day in Caerphilly with the sisters there! We had a nice little surprise exchange and it was fun to spend the day with them. We taught a recent convert in the morning. And then trained right back to Blackwood for lunch with the elders and some district tracting. It wasn't planned around the best time to tract and it wasn't super effective. We travelled back and visited a less active member and then when my companion got back we trained back home. It made for an interesting day of travel. 

Saturday we just did our weekly planning and pretty much everything else fell through. We ended up spending a lot of time working on the area book more, we're still working on putting it into our new app. 

Sunday we somehow managed to help the Davise Family of 6 make it to church! After some arranging for rides, lots of snacks for sacrament and lending my iPad for colouring it wasn't as hectic as the last few times! The older two really love church and the younger two really struggle with their disabilities so we're just working with the primary president  a lot to help them. After church we went to eat with Brother and Sister Spragg. She just kept hugging me and she said she was sooo happy to see that I hadn't been transferred, bless her! Then we went with them to visit a sister named Janet in the hospital who has cancer. 

After much prayer we were able to make it through a long and stressful week. We're hoping everything worrying us can start to be worked out this week so that we can move forward with the work here in Blackwood! 
Thanks for your prayers in our behalf!
Sister Aubri Cebollero 

1. Sister Cebollero in Caerphilly Wales for the day! 
This saying is from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure!

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