Monday, January 16, 2017

A One Day Welsh Winter Wonderland

Monday we had a very rainy p-day and with limited options here in Blackwood we decided to take a historic tour of our little village, Pontllanfraith. We went to a little candle shop in a cottage that has made candles for Harry Potter, pride and prejudice and loads of other films and TV shows. Next door is a little mill that received one of the first SOS signals from the sinking Titanic. All in a quaint little corner of our village, who knew?! By the time we made it to the church we needed that email time to dry out because we were soaked through and through. After p-day we went and visited some less active members by the church. Then we stopped by our ward mission leader for a visit. We had a good talk about the area and then they bought us fish n chips on the way home!

Tuesday we spent lots of time in Oakdale. We did a lot of tracting and no one was really too interested.

Wednesday morning relief society has started up again and it was a lovely morning with our favourite older sisters. We had a lesson on goal setting and planned some of the activities for the year. Sister McAravey and I are in charge of it in a fortnight (two weeks) so send us some ideas for a lesson/activity we can do with the sisters! Then we went and cleaned for Iulia and had some lunch together. We came back to the church for coordination and the oldest two Davise kids came to the Faith in God activity for primary so that was great!

Thursday we travelled to the valleys in a downpour of rain! We trained to Llanhilleth and then walked a few miles to Six Bells to visit our friend Glenys. We had a lovely visit with her and then we started down the forest path to get to Aberbeeg to do some more less active visits. Well much to our surprise the rain softened and then we noticed big white flakes coming down and before we knew it we were surrounded by a beautiful snow fall! I haven't seen proper snow like that for over a year! We were just walking through the welsh valleys admiring the river below us and the hills above us with this beautiful and peaceful snow and I felt right at home. Then we had dinner and a lesson with the Davise Family. We had some minted lamb and veg and their daughter also treated us to a makeover and did our nails for us. We had a beautiful family prayer before we left and helped the kids to pray. They all wanted a turn of course, and it was the first time praying for the youngest two! We trained back and headed to Pentwynmawr to stop by Jon’s to continue our lesson on the Book of Mormon.

Friday we woke up and it was snowing again, with an ever so slight blanket of snow on the pavement. We travelled to zone meeting and much to the zone's disappointment we were one of the only areas that got snow! We had a really nice zone meeting and lunch. Then it was straight to exchanges with our new STL's. They moved the Wales STL are from Merthyr to Pontypridd so we were the first sisters to go on exchange in Pontypridd! I was with Sister Jones and the other sisters had the car so we did a lot of walking! Since they are whitewashing we did a lot of less active stop-bys and then it took us a long time to find our dinner appointment. Then we went and taught a part member family that has a daughter preparing for baptism.

Saturday we switched and Sister Jones and I got to use the car. We drove up to their furthest away valley to do some work. We found more snow and met some very interesting less active members. Then we did some tracting and met some nice people. After that we picked up the other sisters and had lunch together. They dropped us off in the Penllwyn to visit some less active member referrals. None of them were home so we stopped by some potentials and did some more tracting. After a quick dinner we went to see David and Madalaine. They have almost been taught for a year now and before I came into the area the relationship had turned into mostly social with no big commitments. They're so old and want company but it was something we have been brainstorming and working hard to change so that we can still fulfill our purpose when we visit them. We felt like we should start over and teach them about God as our loving Heavenly Father. We had a beautiful and bold lesson and as we were talking I had the strongest impression to bring up baptism and we were able to put them on a baptismal date. They have a lot to work on, but we feel strongly that they can reach this goal and we're excited to help them along the way!

Sunday the Davise Family couldn't come to church because they caught the flu so that was a bummer. But we had a really nice ward conference and the theme of the whole block was ministering. After church we went to the Manning's and I'll never need to eat trifle for the rest of my life once I leave Blackwood. Then we went and visited our dear friend Marcia since she didn't make it out to church. A member made us an apple pie so we stopped and picked that up and got our bikes that the Elders have been fixing. We're going to try some biking in the areas that aren't too hilly so pray for our safety!

It's been a great week and things are really looking up for Blackwood B!

Love you all, hope you have a fab week!

Sister Cebollero xx
1. P-Day visit to the Candle shop that made candles for Harry Potter movies
2. Sister Ceb loves Harry Potter! All these movies feature candles made in this tiny little shop!
3. This Mill got one of the first SOS signals from the sinking Titanic
4. The Mill
5. Love our Blackwood little friends
6. Exchanges with Sister Jones
7. Blackwood got snow! Yay!
8. Sis Ceb, Sis McAravey, Sis Jones, Sis Funl

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