Monday, December 12, 2016

Sick, Sick, Sick...but not of Tracting!

Monday night after P-day we went and visited people. And then we made a whole load of homemade cookies to give out to members, missionaries and our friends (shout-out to my grandma for the best cookie recipe). 

Tuesday we woke up with some quite sore throats and a determination to not get sick as we had a great week planned! We went and did service for Iulia and had lunch with her and then we went to see Marcia. We were meant to have a lesson with David & Madalaine and they were gonna order us Chinese food but then they cancelled right when we had walked almost all the way to their home. We had been looking forward to it all day so that was a bummer! It was already dark and we were quite hungry and feeling sick but decided to take the opportunity to do some finding and take a late dinner. I'd like to say it went well but let's just say the first door included being yelled at by a lady holding a pan.  Ha-ha...we laugh about it now, but it was not a pleasant experience as we were just sick and trying to keep working hard. 

Wednesday we woke up and we were just way too sick. I think I may have had strep again, my throat just killed and I didn't even have a voice. We had to stay in and just work on the area book and get some rest so that we could go out the rest of the week. 

Thursday we were still sick but had to venture out to our zone meeting in Rhiwbina. Our first train was cancelled and when we got to the second train station to change over we waited for a train that ended up just driving right past us without stopping. Haha this week kinda just hated us! But we waited longer and we made it just on time to our meeting. We had some nice trainings and I ended off the meeting with a spiritual thought on Christ. We had a nice lunch and then started the trek back to Blackwood. We have to get a bus from the station in Ystrad Mynach back to Blackwood but it only comes every hour and we just missed it so we had to wait there for a while to get back. Then we only had time for a quick dinner at the chapel before coordination meeting. Then I took sister McAravey and the elders to meet our member friend Sam! 

Friday morning we did our weekly planning! Then we went out finding for a few straight hours. The weather was lovely and we had so much fun. We're having all sorts of hilarious tracting experiences together and we've been making it lots of fun. We met Peter (who compared himself to St. Peter), who loved the #lighttheworld video within seconds and then told us he writes gospel music and burst into song. We also met a lady named Jean who quite intensely told us over and over and over (for like 20 minutes no matter how much we testified to her about missionary work) that we MUST go home for Christmas to be with our families. #lighttheworld is great and even though it's quite short it really brings the spirit, we made a lady cry without even saying a word! Then we had a fabulous DA with Jenny and Clive and it was a lot of fun. They dropped us off to visit with Hayley and her son Ryan which went really well. 

Saturday was full of more and more and more tracting. We set off in the morning for two and a half hours of tracting and with the multitude of doors we must have knocked we had 2 whole potentials. Wales is just rough some times as my new companion is finding out! She's just come from her first area where they could tract for a half hour and get 20 potentials and even with the same diligence and faith it just doesn't always work out like that here in Blackwood! But we keep going because those 2 1/2 hours in the wind and rain are worth it for those 2 precious new friends. We had a quick lunch and then headed to Blackwood for some district finding. We were in the wrong spot waiting for our district, and thank goodness because we ran into Sam! And before we knew it we lured Sam into coming tracting with the rain!!!  Bless her! We'd already tracted for so long and she really gave us a boost to keep going! We had some more #lighttheworld finding miracles with her help! We were thoroughly soaked by the end and bought Sam some chocolate for helping us find. Then we went to see David and Madalaine and when we got there they were eating some Chinese food and we were like dang we barely missed out on them feeding us! Then David asked if we had eaten yet and ordered some more just for us. Man, they are so kind to us! We had told Madalaine we would help her with her feet more, so we scraped the dead skin off and put some creme on them and painted her toenails. We gave them a scripture to ponderise and they loved the idea of memorising it before we come again. 

Sunday we had fast and testimony meeting due to Stake conference last week. Sam came with us to church and it was such a powerful meeting and I was just filled with love for our ward here in Blackwood. I'm so thankful to be serving around such wonderful people who I've truly come to know and love. We taught the lesson in gospel principles. And then we got asked to teach young women's with like 5 minutes notice. We only had Faith there but we had a good lesson with her about having a Christ centred home. We had our lunch with brother and sister Spragg, which was Heavenly as always! Then we stopped by Marcia and persuaded her to come to the broadcast of the First Presidency Christmas devotional at the church with us. We walked there with her and thank goodness we decided to go with her because we were the only ones there. The Spirit was strong as we listened to the hymns and words of peace and joy about our Saviour and this Christmas season. 

This week was turned a little upside down with the sickness but we made a killer comeback! I'm thankful for a great companion who works hard with me and that will laugh with me even when we've been tracting and facing rejection for hours in the rain!  Wales is a great place to be my friends, there is so much to learn here in the refiners fire of a mission life!  
Love you all,
Sister Cebollero xx  
1.  Sister Jampapan in my zone from Thailand
2. Tracting in the RAIN!

3. Zone Meeting!

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