Monday, November 28, 2016

The Lazy Wind of Wales

We had another cold week here in Wales! The wind here is absolutely chilling and we learned that it's called a lazy wind! The wind is too lazy to go around you so it just goes right through you!

Monday night after P-day we went and taught Becky. Her mum Jayne was there (who is a member) so we got to know her a little bit too. Then we stopped by and visited with our ward mission leader Des and his wife and they were able to give us a lift home. 

Tuesday didn't go as planned but it turned out to be a great day! In the morning, we went out to follow up with our potential Carys. She was super busy so we just talked with her a bit on her doorstep and set up another time to go by. Then we had lunch and Jon called to cancel our appointment after lunch. We decided to go to Penllwyn and find some formers and tracted around them! It was really successful. None of the formers we tried were interested but we tracted into some other formers we didn't know of who were interested!  Then we went up to the church and had some dinner and then visited Marcia. She is hilarious! We had a correlation meeting with Des and then we walked home. 

Wednesday morning, we joined our favourite relief society sisters to make some adorable Christmas penguins. They are so funny! Then we visited a less active sister named Ann and had a lovely video with her. It really touched her and she started to cry and then when we left she cried more because she knew one of us might leave. Then we headed to Iulia's to do service. We started out with some jacket potatoes for lunch and then we cleaned with her. We headed back up to Blackwood but we were still full so we decided to skip dinner and visit Sam instead since it had been awhile. After that we went to the church for a ward council meeting. It was mostly about Christmas activities and such so it was good! Then we came home and I felt really ambitious so I made a key lime pie and some homemade rolls for my district. 

Thursday we had a thanksgiving district meeting! The elders had bought a turkey... but they forgot to defrost we had chicken instead! The sisters brought potatoes and my rolls and pie were an absolute hit! Then when the meeting was over we were supposed to have a nice lunch with our less active friend Lynn but she had to cancel. We travelled to Crosskeys to do some finding and to try and see Luvenia and Rita. They were both busy again unfortunately. So we tried some formers we'd lost contact with when I got here in September! They let us in and had some questions which led to a great lesson! We invited them to learn again and pray about the Book of Mormon and James accepted! His mom Cheryl is very very skeptical but James is solid and referred himself a few months ago. They've also been to church before so we were definitely in the right place in the right time to be able to contact them again! It was a good and bold lesson and I've really seen such a growth in my teaching skills since I've been here. Then we went to see David and Madalaine and had a lesson with them about remembering Christ this Christmas season. It was an absolute freezing day but I had a full heart, there's so much to be thankful for! 

Friday we spent the coldest few hours of my life standing in the Blackwood market with a stand...painfully similar like the Jehovah's Witnesses to do some ward finding. The missionaries have done it in the market in past years and it has gone really well. Let's just say with the cold and everyone Christmas shopping we parted the seas of people trying to avoid us…ha ha. We had to go to the only indoor food place nearby, KFC to get a little bit warm during lunch. Then we went and taught Kelly and Gareth. He wasn't home at first so we just had a lesson with his wife using the new Christmas initiative #LIGHTTHEWORLD (look it up, its great!) then Gareth got home and we had another lesson with him. After that Jenny and Clive picked us up and they had cooked turkey for us! We had a nice roast dinner and it was our closest thing to a thanksgiving meal! Then we visited Hayley and her son Ryan, some other less actives we've started working with. They are so sweet and gave us a lift home. 

Saturday morning, we had to do our weekly planning and right in the middle of our prayer I got a call from the mission office that they want me to start on getting my UK license next week, so wish me luck. It's a lot harder over here and my license will expire here right after this next transfer when I hit my year mark. After our planning session, we went to Newbridge and did some tracting and former stop-bys. We had an appointment with the Davise Family so we trained to Llanhilleth but then they weren't home. So sad because it's been awhile but oh well! It was really dark so we trained back to Newbridge and visited with Hannah and Jim which is always hilarious. 

Sunday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting on the importance of the Holy Ghost in our church meetings. Whoever thought it was a good idea to have me talk the same day they were making transfer calls was trying to push me over the edge! I don't mind talking in church but there was already way too much nervous energy going around! After church we went to the Manning's for our dinner. Then we visited Marcia since she hadn't come to church and had a lovely visit with her. We walked down to Pontllanfraith and saw Chowa and Rahul again. We taught them about the gospel of Jesus Christ and shared #lighttheworld with them. They shared some yummy snacks from Bangladesh and they are just so kind. We love them! Then we taught David and Madalaine and shared #lighttheworld with them too! After that we came home for our weekly call-ins, had dinner and the waiting continued! So here's what up in Blackwood! The Elders are BOTH leaving! They are whitewashing the Elders area for the 2nd time this year and our new district leader here will be training a new Elder. Sister Tartaglia is going to Worcester to follow up train a newer sister. And I'm getting Sister McAravey from South Africa! She's been on her mission for about 4 months and just got follow up trained so it'll be fun! I'll be the only missionary here that knows Blackwood so should be exciting! We'll have moves this Tuesday so wish us luck moving out 3 from Blackwood and then getting 3 back here! Should be an exciting week!

Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving and have a wonderful week! Don't forget to look for ways to #lighttheworld starting Thursday! 
Sister Aubri Cebollero xx

1-3. Making Penguins with the Relief Society Sisters!

4. Love our ward members!

5. Our attempt at Thanksgiving Dinner!

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