Monday, November 28, 2016

The Lazy Wind of Wales

We had another cold week here in Wales! The wind here is absolutely chilling and we learned that it's called a lazy wind! The wind is too lazy to go around you so it just goes right through you!

Monday night after P-day we went and taught Becky. Her mum Jayne was there (who is a member) so we got to know her a little bit too. Then we stopped by and visited with our ward mission leader Des and his wife and they were able to give us a lift home. 

Tuesday didn't go as planned but it turned out to be a great day! In the morning, we went out to follow up with our potential Carys. She was super busy so we just talked with her a bit on her doorstep and set up another time to go by. Then we had lunch and Jon called to cancel our appointment after lunch. We decided to go to Penllwyn and find some formers and tracted around them! It was really successful. None of the formers we tried were interested but we tracted into some other formers we didn't know of who were interested!  Then we went up to the church and had some dinner and then visited Marcia. She is hilarious! We had a correlation meeting with Des and then we walked home. 

Wednesday morning, we joined our favourite relief society sisters to make some adorable Christmas penguins. They are so funny! Then we visited a less active sister named Ann and had a lovely video with her. It really touched her and she started to cry and then when we left she cried more because she knew one of us might leave. Then we headed to Iulia's to do service. We started out with some jacket potatoes for lunch and then we cleaned with her. We headed back up to Blackwood but we were still full so we decided to skip dinner and visit Sam instead since it had been awhile. After that we went to the church for a ward council meeting. It was mostly about Christmas activities and such so it was good! Then we came home and I felt really ambitious so I made a key lime pie and some homemade rolls for my district. 

Thursday we had a thanksgiving district meeting! The elders had bought a turkey... but they forgot to defrost we had chicken instead! The sisters brought potatoes and my rolls and pie were an absolute hit! Then when the meeting was over we were supposed to have a nice lunch with our less active friend Lynn but she had to cancel. We travelled to Crosskeys to do some finding and to try and see Luvenia and Rita. They were both busy again unfortunately. So we tried some formers we'd lost contact with when I got here in September! They let us in and had some questions which led to a great lesson! We invited them to learn again and pray about the Book of Mormon and James accepted! His mom Cheryl is very very skeptical but James is solid and referred himself a few months ago. They've also been to church before so we were definitely in the right place in the right time to be able to contact them again! It was a good and bold lesson and I've really seen such a growth in my teaching skills since I've been here. Then we went to see David and Madalaine and had a lesson with them about remembering Christ this Christmas season. It was an absolute freezing day but I had a full heart, there's so much to be thankful for! 

Friday we spent the coldest few hours of my life standing in the Blackwood market with a stand...painfully similar like the Jehovah's Witnesses to do some ward finding. The missionaries have done it in the market in past years and it has gone really well. Let's just say with the cold and everyone Christmas shopping we parted the seas of people trying to avoid us…ha ha. We had to go to the only indoor food place nearby, KFC to get a little bit warm during lunch. Then we went and taught Kelly and Gareth. He wasn't home at first so we just had a lesson with his wife using the new Christmas initiative #LIGHTTHEWORLD (look it up, its great!) then Gareth got home and we had another lesson with him. After that Jenny and Clive picked us up and they had cooked turkey for us! We had a nice roast dinner and it was our closest thing to a thanksgiving meal! Then we visited Hayley and her son Ryan, some other less actives we've started working with. They are so sweet and gave us a lift home. 

Saturday morning, we had to do our weekly planning and right in the middle of our prayer I got a call from the mission office that they want me to start on getting my UK license next week, so wish me luck. It's a lot harder over here and my license will expire here right after this next transfer when I hit my year mark. After our planning session, we went to Newbridge and did some tracting and former stop-bys. We had an appointment with the Davise Family so we trained to Llanhilleth but then they weren't home. So sad because it's been awhile but oh well! It was really dark so we trained back to Newbridge and visited with Hannah and Jim which is always hilarious. 

Sunday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting on the importance of the Holy Ghost in our church meetings. Whoever thought it was a good idea to have me talk the same day they were making transfer calls was trying to push me over the edge! I don't mind talking in church but there was already way too much nervous energy going around! After church we went to the Manning's for our dinner. Then we visited Marcia since she hadn't come to church and had a lovely visit with her. We walked down to Pontllanfraith and saw Chowa and Rahul again. We taught them about the gospel of Jesus Christ and shared #lighttheworld with them. They shared some yummy snacks from Bangladesh and they are just so kind. We love them! Then we taught David and Madalaine and shared #lighttheworld with them too! After that we came home for our weekly call-ins, had dinner and the waiting continued! So here's what up in Blackwood! The Elders are BOTH leaving! They are whitewashing the Elders area for the 2nd time this year and our new district leader here will be training a new Elder. Sister Tartaglia is going to Worcester to follow up train a newer sister. And I'm getting Sister McAravey from South Africa! She's been on her mission for about 4 months and just got follow up trained so it'll be fun! I'll be the only missionary here that knows Blackwood so should be exciting! We'll have moves this Tuesday so wish us luck moving out 3 from Blackwood and then getting 3 back here! Should be an exciting week!

Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving and have a wonderful week! Don't forget to look for ways to #lighttheworld starting Thursday! 
Sister Aubri Cebollero xx

1-3. Making Penguins with the Relief Society Sisters!

4. Love our ward members!

5. Our attempt at Thanksgiving Dinner!

Monday, November 21, 2016

"All the rain finally broke my brolly!"

Monday was probably one of my favourite P-days on the mission so far! Our district went to Caerphilly Castle and it was so beautiful! It's the biggest castle in Wales and the 2nd biggest in the U.K.  I'm just really mesmerised by castles and their history and beauty! I'd go to a castle every p-day if I could convince everyone.  The weather was so so nice, unfortunately it was also probably the last nice day weather wise we will see for the next loooong while! After p-day was over all our lessons flogged... so we ended up visiting Marcia. She taught Sister Tartaglia the phrase "good grief" and she has laughed about it all week!

Tuesday a woman we tracted into asked us how we measure our success when people reject us all day...we explained to her that we are happy at the end of the day when we know we did ALL we could to invite and bring others unto Christ. Well, that's definitely the lesson Heavenly Father was trying to teach us Tuesday and pretty much all week because almost EVERYTHING fell through this week no matter how hard we tried. 

In the morning, we went to Julia's and did some super cleaning and organizing service. Then we went to Crosskeys. Our biggest problem this week was our zone meeting was moved from Tuesday morning to Friday afternoon…which is when ALL our appointments with our new investigators in Crosskeys were. So Tuesday was our only free day to try and teach them or see if we could rearrange. Well, Luvenia had guests over and Rita's kids were sick so that didn't work out! We did some finding in Crosskeys and met a lot of people who weren't interested if you know what I mean. We bused to the next village and tried to visited some members, Brother and Sister Lewis. They were so nice but they were just on their way out so they gave us a lift to Newbridge. We tried some less actives and potentials but none were in. So we thought with our bus pass we'd go teach David and Madalaine and called them and they were free! But then NO buses came and it was too far and too late to walk there so we had to call and rearrange to make it in on time. So obviously as soon as we cancelled and started the long trek home not just 1 but 4 buses passed us on our journey!

Wednesday morning, we went to a relief society lesson which was on managing stress…all good things for a missionary to be reminded! We had a quick lunch and even received a media referral! We tried to visit some less active members but they were all busy. Then we went to Gareth's house and it's seriously all decked out for Christmas... seriously, every single room! His wife loves Christmas and gave us a house tour of all her decorations. This may or may not have prompted us to put our little Christmas tree up in our flat! Well we talked with Gareth and followed up on the gospel of Jesus Christ and talked more about how to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Coordination got cancelled so we had a dinner at the chapel. Then we saw Becky but she was completely knackered from college so we didn't really get to teach her much. We finished the night off making some Christmas ornaments with the young women! Our bishop's nonmember granddaughter has started coming each Wednesday so that has been great! 

Thursday, we travelled to the stake centre for our district meeting and interviews with President & Sister Leppard. Elder Cook taught us about how apostles frequently assign missionaries to the mission president they need and it is so true, I just love them! We had a little freak out moment together when we realised it's been 10 months since I arrived we reminisced about that one time when we went and taught a Baptist church in Nottingham in my third week. It was a VERY cold day Thursday and we experienced the wrath of Welsh weather as the winds and rain finally broke my brolly (but I guess it was due because I have no idea how my Walmart umbrella lasted me 10 months in Britain!) and then also my winter coat broke...but no worries, All is Wales.... haha get it?  We travelled back on the trains and buses and then walked to Newbridge. We had dinner with Hannah and had eggs and chips, a British classic. 

Friday was a long cold travel day again! We had our zone meeting in the afternoon so after studies we had to go straight to catch the bus and trains to get to the stake centre again. We had an amazing zone meeting! They introduced the Christmas initiative #LIGHTTHEWORLD!! Guys, the video this year is amazing. Look for it this Friday on and light the world this Christmas season! We had some great trainings and some amazing departing testimonies! It's always so emotional and powerful to hear those you've come to love in the zone sharing their last testimony with us! Then we had lunch and the rain and sleet turned to snow and we may or may not have had a zone snowball fight!  It took us an extra-long time to travel back because right when we ran up to the platform to catch our second train connection it pulled away.  We just had time for a quick dinner and put some more formers in the area book app by the time we walked home from the bus. 

Saturday morning, we did our weekly planning. Then we met an older sister, Joyce at a pub for a lunch out. She hasn't been well enough to take us lately so it was our first time eating with her and it was such a treat! She is so sweet and shared with us some really cool church history stories about areas in our mission! It was pouring down with rain and we went to Newbridge again to try and contact our media referral. It said to call first but the number didn't exist and we'd been trying all week. We thought we'd just try stopping by but the address didn't exist either, bummer! We did some tracting and then we were about to bus to David & Madalaine when they cancelled due to flu. So we decided to train to Crosskeys and try to see Luvenia again! She ended up being quite busy again so that didn't work out. Our train back was late and full of rugby fans but we met the nicest woman while waiting for the train! Too bad she lives out of our area haha! 

Sunday I experienced my first primary presentation in Britain. It was absolutely adorable and just a much smaller scale of ours back home due to their tiny group. We had Brother & sister Spragg for lunch. They live far up in the valleys and they had lots of snow outside their home! Then we taught Chowa and Rahul more about faith in Jesus Christ and they asked lots of questions. With all their questions our lesson on Christ led to sharing about Christmas, the first vision, fasting, tithing and Adam & Eve. David & Madalaine were still sick so we visited some less active members on our way back towards our flat. Then we had our weekly call-ins and imported more formers into the area book. 

It's definitely gotten quite colder and a lot wetter this week here in Wales! We're expecting a very snowy winter here in the valleys and it's already begun! Today we've just got LOADS of rain. It hasn't rained much since I've arrived to Wales but the wind and rain I've always heard of has definitely arrived!

To all my friend in America and around the world, wishing you a happy thanksgiving! I'm so thankful for all your love and support that keeps me going!

Sister Cebollero 

1. Saying Good-bye to Sister Spangler! We were companions for 2 weeks back in Stamford.  She's done with her mission this week!

2.  Cardiff Zone: Sister Tartaglia (Italy), Me, Sister Timu (Austrailia), Sister Jampapan (Thailand)
3. It snowed in Wales!!

4. Cardiff zone

5/6. I'm so HAPPY for Adam! We started teaching him in Stourbridge and Sisters Jones and Pugmire got to finish teaching him.  He got baptized last Saturday.  I didn't get to go but my mom was able to get pictures from Sister Pugmire's mom!  Happiness!!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Faith Precedes the Miracle

Sister Tartaglia and I have learned a lot this week, but if we've learned one thing we've learned that faith precedes the miracle! This week we continued to put our patience and faith to the test in our area and we were blessed with so many miracles! Blame the multitude of miracles for my long email.  Also I just got back from a castle…I LOVE CASTLES. Wow, Wales is beautiful!

Monday we had a pretty relaxing P-day. There really isn't much to do in Blackwood so we just looked in some charity shops and made homemade pizza with the elders. After emailing we had a dinner appointment with the Gilmour family. They usually have the elders over since they live by them, so it was nice to get to know them better. They shared lots of stories from their missions and it was a really fun night! 

Tuesday was the first rainy day we've had in ages! My miracle streak of living in Wales without the rain and cold is slowly coming to an end! We went to Julia's to do service in the morning. We did some cleaning and had jacket potatoes (baked potatoes) for lunch with her. We went to contact two less active/ part member family referrals but neither of them were in, so we did some tracting. We met the nicest mum ever and her adorable chatty son Charley who told us he knew how to have a happy family and proceeded to tell us about the importance of hot cocoa by the fireplace with your family after a cold day. Cutest kid ever! They've just moved to the area and Carys said she'd love to have us come share more with them! Yay for new cute families! We did some more tracting and at this point we were cold and very hungry. It was one of those busy days where we just hadn't been able to fit dinner in to be able to go finding before dark so we planned to have it late. We went to teach David & Madalaine and another miracle, they insisted we eat with them and ordered Chinese food! 

THEN I got a call from the lovely sisters now in Stourbridge that my friend Adam had just passed his baptismal interview and was SO excited and ready for baptism. Like he even asked the sisters when he can start home teaching after the interview was finished...yeah he's just amazing!! It brought me back to those 3 long months in Stourbridge and helped me see that we did do some good there! I was there to invite Adam to learn and to put him on this baptism date and even though it was so far away in the moment, I felt so strongly it was the right date and as we were able to promise he is truly soo ready now! Unfortunately, I'm more than an hour away so I can't go, but I'm thrilled for Adam and his fiancée Linda as he makes this big step! 

Wednesday we received a zone voicemail from some elders sharing a miracle they'd had Tuesday and starting up a zone miracle hotline. A miracle hotline is where a team of missionaries gets picked to share a miracle at the end of the day in a voicemail to the whole zone and then they pass it onto another team for the next day. Well needless to say, the elders that started it tagged us first and helped us keep the miracles rolling! 

We went to relief society in the morning and had a lesson on the pioneers. We had these 3 part member family referrals we'd been trying over and over again to contact. And we just knew that Wednesday was the day and we were able to contact allllll of them! The last one was our favourite miracle of the day. We have our coordination meetings on Wednesday night and then usually stay to help with youth. But we felt like we needed to skip youth and contact Becky. She's a daughter of a less active member and she's youth aged. The elders passed her to us but we haven't been able to contact her and Wednesday night we had a beautiful restoration lesson with her! We almost went back to the chapel to get a ride from the youth leaders but didn't want to burden anyone and just decided to walk home. It was cold and dark but we were cheerful after such a good day and as we walked down the hills our stake president and his wife pulled over to give us a lift home!

Thursday the miracles continued to roll forth! We had a nice district meeting in the morning and we played some card games during lunch, not to brag but I won!  Then Sister Tartaglia and I traveled far to the corner of our area called Crosskeys! We had some potentials from ages ago to visit and wanted to do some finding. Being a missionary is just full of awkward experiences and tracting can be especially awkward. Like when you are knocking and they pull up into the driveway or walk up. Well anyway, we went to visit a potential named Luvenia but right as we went to go to her path a man walked into her home. Well that was awkward so we just felt like we needed to do some finding first and had some fun in the rain finding. Then we felt like the time was right to visit Luvenia and it definitely was! Her guest wasn't there anymore, but it turned out that he is a less active member of our church! We had an amazing restoration lesson with her. I've never met anyone here that understood so strongly the need for prophets in these latter days, it was such a solid lesson. Then we went to contact another potential named Rita who also let us in. We had a good lesson with her about Jesus Christ. I think this is the first time I've had two new investigators in one day that weren't taught together! We took the train back to Newbridge and ended the night with a dinner appointment at Hannah's new house that was fab, we love Hannah!

Friday morning we had flat inspections which is always a fun time, no worries we passed;) then we went to contact some potentials and did a bit of finding. We did our good old weekly planning, spiced up a bit with the fact we finally have some new people to plan for. Then Jenny picked us up for our dinner and we had a delicious roast dinner with her and Clive. They dropped us off for a return appointment with a part- member and less active family we started working with this week. They're going through a rough time and we had a powerful visit with them. They even gave us a lift home so we didn't have to walk home in the dark!

Saturday we adventured to a cute village we'd never visited called Six Bells. We were right in the thick of the welsh valleys and with the fall colours it was a beautiful sight! We did some tracting and found some super nice people and even got some return appointments with them! We contacted a referral from our bishop and then started to tackle a less active member list in that area he'd given us. Because of how far away we were and the bus schedule we just had time to visit one and a sister really stood out to me on the list so we visited her. That's when we met the sweetest sister, Glenys who is 80! She isn't able to come to church because she lives so far up the valleys and because of her health. She was absolutely thrilled to see us. It had obviously been a long time since anyone from the church had visited her. She shared with us some remarkable stories from her life and the miracles she's seen since she joined the church. It was one of those visits where you just know you're right where you need to be. She was so sad when we had to go and she just really loooooved and appreciated our visit so much. We caught the bus back to Newbridge and walked to teach Chowa from Bangladesh. We taught her the plan of salvation and it was a beautiful lesson! She really understood and accepted it all. 

Sunday was Remembrance Sunday here in the U.K. so all the members wore their poppies to church and we had a touching 2 minute silence after sacrament meeting for those who have fought for our freedom. After church we had lunch with the Manning family. They dropped us off in Oakdale to do some tracting and visit some investigators we've had some trouble contacting recently. Then we came home for dinner and imported more teaching records into our area book app. It still seems like a never ending binder of information but we've made a lot of progress on the project so far! 

All I can say is that MIRACLES HAPPEN, (even and especially in the Blackwoods of the world)- if you believe they can happen! 
With love,
Sister Cebollero xx

1. Sister Cebollero and Sister Tartaglia at the Caerphilly Castle!

2. P-day Castle Visit!
3. The moat around the castle

4/5. "I'm Sister Cebollero and I love castles!"

6. Sometimes you wait all transfer for a district photo and finally get one in the castle Great Hall

7. Caerphilly Castle is the biggest castle in Wales and the 2nd biggest in Britain!

8. Love all the windows here! 

9. We made the elders take lots of pictures of us!

10/11. Like I REALLY love castles!

12. Faded telephone booths
13. I love telephone booths and fall colors!

14. Coordination meeting selfie. The Blackwood Missionary Force!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Poppy Appeal, and making pizza with my Italian Comp!

Monday was Halloween so we had to be in our flat by 6. Halloween really isn't too big over here but some people celebrate it so it was just to be safe. Monday we received the area book and planner app so we played around with that a bit to get used to it and then we watched some church movies we had in the flat. It was a nice and relaxing evening to start out our week.

Tuesday morning we went to Julia's house to do some service and we had some lunch with her as well. We always have a really fun time helping her clean and chatting with her. Then we walked back just in time for exchanges to start with our sister training leaders. Right when I arrived in the mission they changed our exchanges in that we would both always go to the STL's area and stay there with them. But now it's been changed back to the way most of the missions do it and one of us can stay and one of us will go to their area. I stayed here in Blackwood with Sister Vousden from Essex (England). I made some dinner for us and then we went and taught David and Madalaine. We ended up doing some hand sewing to help Madalaine and taught her more about faith and prayers. It was very dark when we finished so we tried to visit some less active members near to our flat. As we went to knock on the door of the last people, a light came on illuminating theeee biggest spider we'd ever seen. It was huge and very round and orange and we got out of there very quickly!! We could even see it from across the road... you shouldn't be able to see a spider that far away! Also we saw a few windows that already had nativities out. There's no Thanksgiving over here so Christmas prep is full blown after Halloween!

Wednesday morning Sister Vousden and I made the trek to the chapel for Relief Society, always a good laugh with the sisters there. We made some beautiful 3-D Christmas card shadow box thingies. We had a quick lunch at the chapel and went to visit some less active members. Most of them weren't in so we visited Gill and she showed us volume 68 (yeah.. and there's even more!) of her Osmond scrapbooks from concerts and meet and greets and her scripture set that's been signed by all the Osmonds. Then we went and taught our Methodist minister friend Gareth about the gospel of Jesus Christ. He could really see the similarities with our church and other Christian religions as we taught about faith and repentance and so on. Their house is already all decorated for Christmas and it's fab. Then we exchanged back and Sister Tartaglia and I went to coordination at the chapel. For youth, we had a big gender reveal party for one of the young women leaders; Hannah, who had just found out what her baby will be. We played lots of baby shower games and a lot of the less active youth and recent converts came out to see if she was having a boy or a girl. There was a piñata at the end with shredded paper and the gender was written on one of the slips. It's a boy!

Thursday morning we had a lovely district meeting joined by our zone leaders. We had a fun lunch together and had lots of laughs over some of the new features on photos for our iPads. We planned to see Eric after and Sister Manning came with us, but when we got there he had family and cleaners over so we couldn't go in. So we did some tracting in Newbridge and met some nice people! Then we hopped on a train to Llanhilleth to see the Davise Family. Amy had forgotten about our lesson but she still let us in (which is much better than calling before and having them cancel like the last few weeks) and we had a good chat catching up with them after so long. They're having some family struggles so we just helped Amy make their school lunches for the next day and talked about faith. It was really great to finally get back in contact with them and we had a lovely visit. Then we trained back and headed to the flat for dinner and began the long and painful process of transferring the area book into a digital format on our new app. Picture binders full of years and years of teaching records; people found, lessons taught and so forth that all has to be transferred. One day this app will be a beautiful sight, but for now we need a lot of time in the flat or at the chapel transferring it all over for future missionaries to have. 

Friday we had a pretty good day planned, but God had a much better day in store for us. We did our weekly planning and had lunch in the morning. Then we headed to Newbridge to catch a bus to an area of our area we'd never been to before. We planned to visit a list of less active members we'd been given (we found out later that most of them aren't even alive anymore). As we walked through Newbridge we ran into Hannah and she commanded us to come be the first visitors in their new home. We've been asking and asking when we could help her pack and also move in but she kept saying no. Hannah is pregnant and it was just her and her husband there and it became very apparent upon arrival that they needed some extra hands. Next thing we knew we were unpacking and assembling and trying to get everything done before the kids came to their new house. They were very thankful for our help and it was exactly where we were needed Friday. Then we went to contact a referral from the elders named Becky. She's youth age and lives with her mum who is a member so the elders had never been able to go inside and decided it was best for us to teach her. Well as we walked up the hill to their home, lo and behold Becky and Jane were headed down the hill to a bonfire and firework display... we chatted for a bit before they had to go and then we felt we should stop by Marcia with our empty time. We had a lovely visit and really cheered her up and knew that too was where we were needed. 

Saturday we got up bright and early and then had to run 15 minutes to the bus stop to catch a train to Cardiff. Our zone met together in the city to volunteer together for the British legion selling poppies. It was their big Poppy Appeal day and they gave us a big sector of the city to cover all day. Saturday was the big Cardiff vs. Australia rugby match so city centre was bustling and we had special poppy badges to sell with rugby balls on them. It was absolutely freeeeezing all day and we stood in the city for over 6 hours collecting. And no worries, only one drunk man threatened to blow us up. We had a lot of fun with our zone during our short lunch break. Then it was back to work, and after 6 hours in the cold we met a cool saxophone player and some of the elders starting dancing to try and sell more poppies. They looked like idiots but it was pretty entertaining for us!  I really just love being in the city and I especially love Cardiff city so it was a great day! Then we travelled back and visited Lilian. We went up to visit Becky again and as we walked up another hill to get there she was coming down again! But we tried and we will just keep trying! We visited some other members and walked back to the loud bursts of the fireworks. Saturday was bonfire night where they celebrate the fact that Guy Fawkes did not blow up parliament by blowing up a bunch of fireworks and having lots of bonfires in the U.K.  It was like a freezing cold version of the Fourth of July fireworks. As we walked down the hills back to our flat we could see all the beautiful fireworks over the Blackwood area and I just felt so thankful to be here right now as a missionary. I truly love the people here so much and there's no place I'd rather be. 

Sunday we had a relaxed church meeting seeing as neither of us had to talk or teach Sunday school. Then we had a delicious roast dinner with brother and Sister Spragg. Roast dinners are our favourite thing ever and last night I seriously had a nightmare that I came back to America and no one knew how to make gravy. And in my dream I was just like "how am I supposed to eat a proper meal without gravy" as I started to cry... this is what over 9 months in the U.K. does to your dreams!  We visited some less active members and then had call-ins and entered more teaching records into our area book app to finish off the night. 

We may not have taught a lot of people this week with the two holidays but we served everyone that gave us the chance and that truly brought the Spirit. Thankful for fun exchanges, big cities, warm hats, service projects and my Italian companion for teaching me how to make authentic homemade pizza today! We heard we may even get some snow this week so exciting things are ahead!
Love you all,
Sister Cebollero

1. It was so fun selling Poppies for the Poppy Appeal!

2. Poppies are sold to help the Veterans

3. We had fun with the missionaries in our zone on Poppy Appeal Day in Cardiff town centre

4. Selfie before district meeting

5. Playing games while we unpack boxes at Hannah's house