Monday, October 10, 2016

Exciting times in the EBM

Monday for P-day, we spent the day in Cardiff doing some shopping and then we went and sat outside the castle and enjoyed the rare sun with some of the other missionaries in our zone. Monday night we travelled back from Cardiff and had a nice lesson with David and Madalaine.

Tuesday morning, we did some finding in Blackwood centre. That wasn't too interesting, but we did witness a man steal some food when we got lunch so we reported that to the workers. Then we went and did service for Yulia and had a good chat, like always. On the way back we had some extra time before our dinner appointment so we stopped by a less active member. She was so surprised we caught her in (shout-out to the spirit) and we had such a great visit getting to know her! She even invited us back for a dinner appointment so we really hit it off with her. Then we started walking to the flat to be picked up for a dinner appointment we were super excited for. But then because of some complications, it had to be cancelled. We popped over to the shop across from our flat to get some food for dinner and also got some fun Halloween wigs to cheer us up. Then we visited two older less active sisters that live close to us. 

Wednesday morning, we went to the relief society enrichment meeting. They were doing some cross stitching and knitting and there were only a few quarrels this week... old ladies are my favourite. We had a visit with Marcia after the activity. Then we had an appointment with a less active member named Ann and we had bought her a little dessert. We realized we left it at the chapel in the fridge and we didn't have the keys to get them. But we really felt like someone needed that treat we got so we figured out a way to get into the chapel. When we went to see Ann but she wasn't in so we tried some other less active members. We tried a few people but no one was in so we decided to go see Sam, a recent convert of the Elders. When we got there the Elders were there too and she had just asked them for some chocolate when we arrived with the treat for her! Ha ha…we just knew someone needed it! We had our ward coordination and then went to youth. The young women (or young woman since there was only one) had a craft night so we joined them for that. 

Thursday was already our last district meeting of the transfer due to zone conference this week ahead. We had a great discussion on general conference and then a very spiritual training on faith. Then we had a little testimony meeting to end off the transfer together. For lunch we watched some of the Sunday afternoon session of conference since we had missed it. Then we did some more finding in Blackwood centre. We had a good lesson with Gareth; our Methodist minister friend, and followed up more on the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. I always feel the Spirit so strong as we testify to him about the simple truths of the restoration. We had dinner and then had a lesson with Jon to end the night. 

Friday morning, we did our weekly planning, only interrupted once by one of the ward members knocking on our window (scaring the heck out of me) holding two big trifles (a dessert) for us. After planning and lunch we rushed to Newbridge and had a lesson with Eric and Sister Manning from the ward. He behaved himself more this week and didn't hit on her nearly as much. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and he just knows it is true, but he is just too old and poorly to make it out to church, bless him. Then we received a call from Amy cancelling our dinner and lesson and we were only bummed for a few minutes until we received a voicemail from our zone leaders. They told us that next Monday we won't be having P-day... Because ELDER QUENTIN L. COOK of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will be visiting our mission!!  I literally dropped the phone and we listened to the voicemail like 5 times. Oh man, we are just sooo pumped! Elder Holland and Elder Ballard both came to the mission last year before Sister Tartaglia and I got here, and we've been hoping and talking about how cool it would be to see an apostle all transfer. Then we visited the Mannings and did a lot of tracting in Newbridge. After about two hours of some lovely tracting, then we headed home for dinner and had language study. 

Saturday we went back to Newbridge to follow up with some potentials that told us to come back the next day. They were busy again so we set up times for next week to go by. We had lunch and then took a train to Cross Keys. We visited some former investigators and tried to visit some members but none were in. So we did a few hours of tracting there and then travelled back. Then we came back towards our flat and followed up with some potentials there. We had a call to visit Madalaine so we went and saw her and David again for another lesson. 

Sunday we had a beautiful fast and testimony meeting. The Welsh have this beautiful tradition in the church where when a missionary leaves the area they go to the stand and they all sing to them in Welsh and thank them for their service. Because of the Elder Cook conference we will be having transfers on this Friday, instead of next week, and Elder Wallace will probably leave since he will be done training so they sang to him and it was beautiful and very touching! Sister Tartaglia and I taught the lesson in gospel principles on the word of wisdom, they're such a hard bunch to keep on topic! Somehow they got from the word of wisdom, to kids now days ring antisocial to the commercialization of Christmas.  Never a dull moment! Then we joined young womens for a beautiful lesson on Christ-like attributes. We had a nice lamb dinner with Brother and Sister Manning, Brother Manning came to church today so that was a miracle! We felt that we needed to visit Marcia so they dropped us off there and we had a lovely visit. Someone had tried to break into her house the night before so she was a bit shaken up and she said we really cheered her up!

We've got an exciting and busy week ahead! We have zone conference with President and Sister Leppard and the Royal British Legion, transfers and a visit from an Apostle of the Lord to look forward to! This transfer here in Blackwood has flown by! I swear every transfer in the mission just goes quicker and quicker. We are thinking we will stay together one more transfer here, but you never know! 

Thanks for all your love and support, it means the world to me! 
Lots of love,
Sister Cebollero

1. When your dinner appointment cancels, you go get dinner and Halloween wigs!

2. I love my companion! We have so much fun!

3. Sis. Tartaglia is the selfie Queen! 

4. Lunch break selfie while waiting for the train

5. I told you she loves selfies! 

6/7. Love our district!

8. Visiting Sam!

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