Monday, October 31, 2016

A boring sick week in Blackwood

Happy Halloween everyone! Well this week wasn't near as exciting as last week because we have been quite poorly! 

Monday night we went and saw D & M who were quite depressed. Every time we go over they've had another family emergency or one of them is not doing too well. We do our best to listen and to help them rely on the Saviour through these hard times. They aren't progressing but we really love them, and before we left they specifically prayed that we will keep visiting them as we really cheer them up. 

Tuesday morning, we solemnly headed to Blackwood to get our flu jabs and thankfully we survived the ordeal! While we were in town we picked up some bakery goods for a member named Lilian who had an operation last week on her eye and took them to her with a card. Then we had lunch with our friend Lynn and challenged her to start reading her scriptures again. She's quite the character and she had us laughing the whole time, we really love working with her. Our next lesson cancelled so we decided to visit another less active member nearby named Ann. She is trying to give up drinking and smoking so we talked with her about helping her with those goals. After our dinner, we went to see our new friends from last week, Ruhul and Soula. Soula is expecting a baby and she was quite sick again but we had another good chat with Ruhul about the Book of Mormon. 

Wednesday morning, we went to relief society and had a family home evening type of lesson with some different games. Then we went to Julia's and had lunch and cleaned together for our service. We walked back up to the chapel and had a quick dinner before coordination. Then we were expecting to help with youth but only one of the youth showed up and none of the leaders. They had cancelled it at the last minute and forgot to tell us missionaries and one of the youth. So we travelled home and had language study instead. Wednesday night was when I started to feel really poorly. 

Thursday morning we weren't feeling the best but we went out anyway. We had our first district meeting of the transfer and mostly did some get to know you games and had a short training. After a fun lunch, we went and visited a member named Gill who lives near the church. Then the Blackwood missionaries went to visit Sam for her birthday. We took her some chocolates and a nice card. We really weren't feeling well at this point and everyone convinced us that we needed to go home. We crashed asleep when we got back and it was much needed. 

Friday morning, we still weren't feeling good but we had the morning to take it easy while we did our weekly planning for next week. Then we went and taught a lesson to Eric with Sister Manning. We are continuing to teach him the commandments and taught him about following the prophet. Then we caught a bus to Blackwood and visited Marcia. Then it was our week to have dinner with Jenny and Sam joined us for that. We had a delicious roast dinner and then we all went to the ward Halloween carnival. We ended up visiting with some of the older sisters in the designated craft room and sewed some cute little owls. 

Saturday morning, we were both worse so we had to stay in for the morning. We got some rest and I spent a lot of time reading my scriptures and studying. We were feeling a little better in the evening and we didn't want to cancel our appointments so we went out again. We saw D & M and shared the video Finding Faith in Christ with them. “M” said she was so depressed this week she "even considered joining the Mormons" Hahaha okay “M” She asked us what she needed to do and we talked with her about how faith in Jesus Christ leads us to change and how she needs to find that desire within herself. 

Sunday was another interesting sick day. Sister Tartaglia and Elder Dodds both gave some lovely talks in sacrament meeting. Then I taught the lesson in gospel principles on tithing alone since Sister Tartaglia wasn't feeling up to both. Some of the members in our small class could tell she wasn't feeling well and they were quite worried about us. Sister Tartaglia's eye has been really irritated the last few days and it is really really worrying her sick. They wouldn't let us go until we called Sister Leppard for some help and the Elders gave her a blessing. She was quite upset and really not feeling good. The Manning's insisted that we still come over for lunch even though neither of us really felt up to it. Then on order of the ward they brought us right back home with commands to stay and rest. Sometimes as a missionary we have to take time to take care of ourselves before we can go out and use all our time to help others. It can be frustrating since that's what we're here to do, but it is needed sometimes. 

Please keep Sister Tartaglia and her eye in your prayers, that we can figure out what to do and that she can stop worrying so much about it! Thank you all for your love and support!
Have a great week!
Sister Cebollero

1. Visiting with Sam, she came to eat at Jenny's with us this week

2. My cute little owl I made at the ward activity 

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