Monday, October 31, 2016

A boring sick week in Blackwood

Happy Halloween everyone! Well this week wasn't near as exciting as last week because we have been quite poorly! 

Monday night we went and saw D & M who were quite depressed. Every time we go over they've had another family emergency or one of them is not doing too well. We do our best to listen and to help them rely on the Saviour through these hard times. They aren't progressing but we really love them, and before we left they specifically prayed that we will keep visiting them as we really cheer them up. 

Tuesday morning, we solemnly headed to Blackwood to get our flu jabs and thankfully we survived the ordeal! While we were in town we picked up some bakery goods for a member named Lilian who had an operation last week on her eye and took them to her with a card. Then we had lunch with our friend Lynn and challenged her to start reading her scriptures again. She's quite the character and she had us laughing the whole time, we really love working with her. Our next lesson cancelled so we decided to visit another less active member nearby named Ann. She is trying to give up drinking and smoking so we talked with her about helping her with those goals. After our dinner, we went to see our new friends from last week, Ruhul and Soula. Soula is expecting a baby and she was quite sick again but we had another good chat with Ruhul about the Book of Mormon. 

Wednesday morning, we went to relief society and had a family home evening type of lesson with some different games. Then we went to Julia's and had lunch and cleaned together for our service. We walked back up to the chapel and had a quick dinner before coordination. Then we were expecting to help with youth but only one of the youth showed up and none of the leaders. They had cancelled it at the last minute and forgot to tell us missionaries and one of the youth. So we travelled home and had language study instead. Wednesday night was when I started to feel really poorly. 

Thursday morning we weren't feeling the best but we went out anyway. We had our first district meeting of the transfer and mostly did some get to know you games and had a short training. After a fun lunch, we went and visited a member named Gill who lives near the church. Then the Blackwood missionaries went to visit Sam for her birthday. We took her some chocolates and a nice card. We really weren't feeling well at this point and everyone convinced us that we needed to go home. We crashed asleep when we got back and it was much needed. 

Friday morning, we still weren't feeling good but we had the morning to take it easy while we did our weekly planning for next week. Then we went and taught a lesson to Eric with Sister Manning. We are continuing to teach him the commandments and taught him about following the prophet. Then we caught a bus to Blackwood and visited Marcia. Then it was our week to have dinner with Jenny and Sam joined us for that. We had a delicious roast dinner and then we all went to the ward Halloween carnival. We ended up visiting with some of the older sisters in the designated craft room and sewed some cute little owls. 

Saturday morning, we were both worse so we had to stay in for the morning. We got some rest and I spent a lot of time reading my scriptures and studying. We were feeling a little better in the evening and we didn't want to cancel our appointments so we went out again. We saw D & M and shared the video Finding Faith in Christ with them. “M” said she was so depressed this week she "even considered joining the Mormons" Hahaha okay “M” She asked us what she needed to do and we talked with her about how faith in Jesus Christ leads us to change and how she needs to find that desire within herself. 

Sunday was another interesting sick day. Sister Tartaglia and Elder Dodds both gave some lovely talks in sacrament meeting. Then I taught the lesson in gospel principles on tithing alone since Sister Tartaglia wasn't feeling up to both. Some of the members in our small class could tell she wasn't feeling well and they were quite worried about us. Sister Tartaglia's eye has been really irritated the last few days and it is really really worrying her sick. They wouldn't let us go until we called Sister Leppard for some help and the Elders gave her a blessing. She was quite upset and really not feeling good. The Manning's insisted that we still come over for lunch even though neither of us really felt up to it. Then on order of the ward they brought us right back home with commands to stay and rest. Sometimes as a missionary we have to take time to take care of ourselves before we can go out and use all our time to help others. It can be frustrating since that's what we're here to do, but it is needed sometimes. 

Please keep Sister Tartaglia and her eye in your prayers, that we can figure out what to do and that she can stop worrying so much about it! Thank you all for your love and support!
Have a great week!
Sister Cebollero

1. Visiting with Sam, she came to eat at Jenny's with us this week

2. My cute little owl I made at the ward activity 

Monday, October 24, 2016

"The hearts strangely warmed"

Hello loves! It's a pretty long email this week, but I did meet an Apostle so I think you'll understand that there's a lot to write about! 

Last Sunday we left Blackwood right after church to travel to the Forrest of Dean! All of you Harry Potter fans out there know it was quite the magical place to spend the night . We took a few buses and trains to get there and then my baby Sister Knudsen and her new companion Sister Rydalch picked us up at the station. The Forest of Dean was Sister Tartaglia's greenie area so we spent the night visiting some of her favourite members. They were all so sweet and it was such a fun night. It was so nice to catch up with Sister Knudsen and talk about how Stourbridge and how the members there are doing. Sister Knudsen just hit 4 months, which is how old I was in the mission when I trained her and so that's weird to think about...time flies! We had a super fun night with the Forrest sisters and then tried to get a good night of sleep on the floor because they didn't have any extra mattresses. 

Monday was seriously like Christmas Day. Honestly, I don't even know how else to describe the happiness and excitement! We got up early to get ready and then we drove in the Forrest sister's posh brand new car to Solihull for the mission conference! This was the first time in my mission that our whole mission has been together so you can imagine my excitement to see all my friends in the mission! We all gathered in the chapel and awaited Elder and Sister Cook's arrival. 

This week our minister friend Gareth explained to us that the phrase that Methodists use when they feel the spirit is "the heart strangely warmed." Well, I can tell you there was nothing strange about the way my heart was warmed when Elder Cook entered the room and throughout our time with him (it was most definitely the SPIRIT!) And what a powerful feeling of the Spirit we had from the moment Elder and Sister Cook arrived. After a hymn and a prayer Elder Cook invited us all to come forward and to shake their hands and meet them before they gave their talks. They were so so nice! The sisters got to sit in the first few rows so Sister Tartaglia and I were front and centre on the second row. It was surreal to sit so close and to make eye contact with someone I usually only see on the television for general conference.

President and Sister Leppard both spoke first and they each spoke about their conversion stories. Then Elder Cook began his talk by telling us some stories that had come to his mind from his mission, that took place in areas in our mission! He was the first missionary to serve in some of the areas in the EBM so it was really exciting to hear his memories and the experiences he had here. Then he turned the time over to his wife and she had us sing Hark All Ye Nations and taught us a different version of it to sing all together. She was so bubbly and loving and just so adorable! One thing she said that I loved was that "none of us are perfect, but we can do perfect things everyday." Then Elder Cook spoke again, and opened it up for any questions. He taught us the 4 things we need to have love for as a missionary and taught us about the importance of getting commitments from the very first lesson. He closed by bearing a bold and beautiful apostolic witness of our Saviour, Jesus Christ that is beyond description. Then he left us the most beautiful apostolic promise on our personal lives for serving a mission. Our hearts were filled, tears flowed and the Spirit was thick! 

We were able to have lunch together as a mission when it ended, which made the amazing conference even better! It was so fun to catch up with old companions, district members and MTC friends! What a way to celebrate 9 months in the mission! Then we boarded the coach with the other zone in Wales and took a very long windy drive back to beautiful Wales! I only got a little carsick but a coach full of missionaries makes for a fun adventure! We got back to Cardiff around 5 and we were starved so our zone got dinner together in the city. Then we traveled back to Blackwood and visited Marcia to wrap up a day I will never forget!

Moving on to the rest of the week which was nowhere near as exciting...

Tuesday morning, we got a call from the zone leaders asking us to give training at zone meeting the next day. Usually just the district leaders or sister training leaders do that, besides them, so we were pretty surprised. We planned for that a little bit and then we went to do service for Julia. We talked to everyone we passed on the way there and met some interesting people! We had lunch with Julia and then did some cleaning. Then we went and had a lesson with David and Madalaine. We decided to stop by a potential from last week named Sola and when we knocked, her husband let us right in... This never happens so we were in shock! Then we had a beautiful lesson with the most lovely little family and taught them the restoration! They are from Bangladesh so there is a big difference in our cultural backgrounds but they are the nicest couple I've met here! They have the cutest daughter and another child on the way and they were all quite mesmerised as we shared the first vision with them, they were literally on the edge of their seats. Her husband asked for a Book of Mormon before we could even explain what is was! We've been struggling since I came here to find new investigators so this was a big miracle for us this week! 

Wednesday, we travelled to Cardiff again for our zone meeting. We gave training to the zone on Becoming Master Teachers and why it is so important to ask questions when we teach. It went smashingly and it was a great zone meeting, I love Cardiff zone! When we got back to Blackwood, we went and taught Gareth our minister friend. We taught him the plan of salvation and showed him a lot of scriptures in the Bible and Book of Mormon. We visited a teenager named Sam and then we attended ward council. 

We were really looking forward to a lunch lesson on Thursday with our friend Lynn, but she called in the morning and had to cancel. We rearranged our plans and got to work trying to visit and contact as many less active members as we could! Most of them either weren't home or were just about to go out so we only had a few visits. We visited some active members and they showed us their £300 baby dolls that look so real, seriously it's crazy how real they look! Then we visited our ward mission leader Des and his wife and they introduced us to a less active member and gave us a referral to start teaching her daughter! It was one of those days where we went though plan A..B...C.. And on and on to Z (have I ever mentioned they call the letter Z "Zed" here in the U.K.?) …out in the Welsh cold to stay busy despite changes to our plans. 

Friday, we did our weekly planning in the morning and then went to the chapel to help the Elders make a quiz on family history for an activity that night. After a quick lunch at the chapel we visited Marcia and watched a conference talk with her. Friday night we had a ward family history fireside! None of our friends ended up coming, but we had a great turnout from the ward! We were all split up into groups and as we went around to different stations, we were getting points and competing against the other groups. 

Saturday morning, we went to find some less active members again and it was a very cold morning! We were expecting the bishop and his wife to pick us up for a lunch date, but by the time they came it was dinner time. We had a lovely stew dinner with them and Bishop gave us a really good list of less active members in our area that we can work with and even gave us a nonmember referral! Then we took a train to Crosskeys and visited a super sweet potential from the Philippines who was let us right in! We had a short “how to begin teaching lesson” with her but didn't have much time before we had to catch a train back. 

Sunday at church I gave a talk. I was given a three word topic; "eternal future assured" and I wasn't really sure where to go with so I just talked about the talk President Uchtdorf gave about the plan of salvation in conference and it turned out okay! We got a gospel principles teacher so now we won't have to teach that class as often. We helped in the nursery as well which was really fun! After church we had a lovely Sunday roast dinner with Brother and Sister Spragg! We even had parsnips! Guys, America is seriously missing out on roast parsnips. I haven't had proper roast parsnips since I left Nottingham and I've never been so happy to see a vegetable on my plate!  Brother Spragg loudly pointed to me during dinner and exclaimed that he finally knew who I reminded him of.....The Mona Lisa!  Then we visited the twins, Megan and Emily and had a fun visit with them before our call-ins.

And finally that's a wrap on this most wonderful week! I'm officially at that point where I have as much time left to serve as I have already served! It's pretty surreal how fast the last 9 months have gone and I know the next 9 will go even faster so I'll see you all soon… in other news, keep us in your prayers, the mission said we have to get our flu jabs (shots) this week and we both hate getting injections!

Sending a "cwtch" your way!  (Welsh for hug and just a certain way they give hugs here in Wales)
Lots of love,
Sister Cebollero xx 
1. My new dress from my mom and sis in my 1/2 way package!

 2. MTC group Reunion!
3. Notts 4 Family Reunion

5. Before Conference Selfies

6/7. Meeting Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Twelve Apostles!!
It was so awesome!!!

8. The coach back to Wales! Cute Sister Jampapan from Thailand is in my zone now

9. Sleepover with Sister Knudsen and her comp

10. Visiting Sam this week

11. Zone Meeting (fun to see my old comp Sister Spangler)

Saturday, October 15, 2016

It's a Double P-day Week!

Happy Saturday everyone! In order to prepare to hear Elder Quentin L. Cook on Monday we are having our P-day today, so you get to hear from me twice this week!

Monday for our last district P-day (before transfers), we went to a place called Big Pit! South Wales has a rich history of mining communities and it is a museum all about it. We travelled 300 feet underground to tour one of the mines and learned all about what the miners went through years ago. It was cold and very dark but it was an interesting tour and our tour guide asked us a lot of questions about what we do as missionaries and about the church. It took us an hour and a half to get there so we couldn't stay long because we had to travel back. Then when we got back, we spent the evening doing an online training. Our mission will soon be receiving an area book and planner app so we had a few hours-worth of videos and training to prepare and learn about it. We've been hearing about moving onto this next phase of iPad usage for months and we will finally be getting the app at the end of this month. 

Tuesday morning, we had our flat inspection and Elder and Sister Walk helped us fix a lot of things in the flat. Then they gave us a lift up the hills to Blackwood so we just had to go downhill to get to Julia's house. We followed up with a potential there and did some tracting. Then we had lunch with Julia and did some cleaning with her. We walked to see David and Madeleine and no sooner had we arrived when we got a text from our landlord who wanted to check our fridge in 10 minutes. Well we'd been without a working fridge for 3 weeks and getting quite desperate, but we were 20 minutes away so we literally ran up and down the hills of Wales to make it there. Because walking them isn't hard enough!! We made it and he said he would get us a new fridge and freezer, thank goodness! Then we had some dinner and did language study to end the night. 

Wednesday morning, we had relief society and the lesson was on journaling. Then all the elderly sister pulled out their knitting and before I knew it I had two knitting needles in my hands and they were teaching me how to knit #officiallyanoldlady!  Then we had a short visit with Marcia. We had a beautiful roast dinner with Lynn, a less active member we are working with. We've only seen her twice but we have come to love her SO much. We really feel something special when we're with her and we have such a desire to help her! Then we had our ward coordination meeting and went to youth for a YW birthday pizza party!  Then we eagerly awaited our transfer calls. Sister Tartaglia and I get to stay together one more transfer here in Blackwood and we are so excited! Elder Wallace is going to be a zone leader (Lichfield zone) and Sister Sharp is finally going to England and gets to serve with a sister we shared a room with in the MTC. We don't really know the new missionaries in our district yet but we are excited to get to know them!

Thursday we traveled to Rhiwbina for a zone conference with the Cardiff and Merthyr zones and the Royal British Legion. They have asked our mission to help serve as volunteers for the poppy appeal that is coming up. The patron of the RBL is the Queen of England so it's a really big deal for our mission to be associated as volunteers. The poppy appeal is a major thing here in the UK and raises money for veterans. Their biggest events are coming up soon so we will be volunteering and selling poppies and pins and whatever else they need us to do. President Leppard talked about family history and how his ancestors have been affected by the wars and what this means to Britain and it was very touching. We had a nice lunch all together after and it was so fun to be combined with another zone and to see other missionaries. We took one last district photo…Photobombed by none other than President Leppard!!  When we travelled back our landlord delivered our new fridge and freezer and we were so happy! Then we had dinner and went to Blackwood to visit a member named Lilian.

Friday we did our weekly planning in the morning because we didn't have to deal with transfers day. Brother Tamlin brought us some apples and some trifles again. Then we went to contact a referral some missionaries in Spain sent us! We walked for about an hour up a beautiful tiny country road to get to a cute little village called Croespenmaen to contact him. He was absolutely shocked to see us and he told us he had just barely returned from Spain in the week and there we were to follow up! He also told us he was pretty drunk when he met the missionaries which explains the shock…ha ha and confusion about how we had his house address. We shared a quick restoration lesson but he wasn't very interested so we just left a leaflet and our number. We did some tracting on that road for some hours then travelled back. The member that usually feeds us every other Friday couldn't, so her husband just brought us our roast dinner to our flat. Then we taught David and Madalaine more about faith and the word of wisdom. 

Today is P-day, tomorrow after church we have our favourite DA with the Spragg's, then we will travel to the Forest of Dean and have a sleep over with my baby Sister Knudsen (who I trained) in her new area and then Monday we will meet an Apostle....What a way to celebrate 9 months as a missionary in the UK! Yep that's right, next week I will officially be halfway through the mission and I can't believe it! I'm so thankful to be serving the Lord here in beautiful Wales, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! 
Love you all!
Sister Cebollero

 1. Touring the Big Pit on P-day and learning all about the mines
2. Such a fun district p-day!

3. Last District activity- The Big Pit

4. Beautiful, Wonderful Wales!!

5/6. The view on our long walk through the country!

7.  Zone Conference
8/9. When your mission president photo bombs your district photo...

Monday, October 10, 2016

Exciting times in the EBM

Monday for P-day, we spent the day in Cardiff doing some shopping and then we went and sat outside the castle and enjoyed the rare sun with some of the other missionaries in our zone. Monday night we travelled back from Cardiff and had a nice lesson with David and Madalaine.

Tuesday morning, we did some finding in Blackwood centre. That wasn't too interesting, but we did witness a man steal some food when we got lunch so we reported that to the workers. Then we went and did service for Yulia and had a good chat, like always. On the way back we had some extra time before our dinner appointment so we stopped by a less active member. She was so surprised we caught her in (shout-out to the spirit) and we had such a great visit getting to know her! She even invited us back for a dinner appointment so we really hit it off with her. Then we started walking to the flat to be picked up for a dinner appointment we were super excited for. But then because of some complications, it had to be cancelled. We popped over to the shop across from our flat to get some food for dinner and also got some fun Halloween wigs to cheer us up. Then we visited two older less active sisters that live close to us. 

Wednesday morning, we went to the relief society enrichment meeting. They were doing some cross stitching and knitting and there were only a few quarrels this week... old ladies are my favourite. We had a visit with Marcia after the activity. Then we had an appointment with a less active member named Ann and we had bought her a little dessert. We realized we left it at the chapel in the fridge and we didn't have the keys to get them. But we really felt like someone needed that treat we got so we figured out a way to get into the chapel. When we went to see Ann but she wasn't in so we tried some other less active members. We tried a few people but no one was in so we decided to go see Sam, a recent convert of the Elders. When we got there the Elders were there too and she had just asked them for some chocolate when we arrived with the treat for her! Ha ha…we just knew someone needed it! We had our ward coordination and then went to youth. The young women (or young woman since there was only one) had a craft night so we joined them for that. 

Thursday was already our last district meeting of the transfer due to zone conference this week ahead. We had a great discussion on general conference and then a very spiritual training on faith. Then we had a little testimony meeting to end off the transfer together. For lunch we watched some of the Sunday afternoon session of conference since we had missed it. Then we did some more finding in Blackwood centre. We had a good lesson with Gareth; our Methodist minister friend, and followed up more on the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. I always feel the Spirit so strong as we testify to him about the simple truths of the restoration. We had dinner and then had a lesson with Jon to end the night. 

Friday morning, we did our weekly planning, only interrupted once by one of the ward members knocking on our window (scaring the heck out of me) holding two big trifles (a dessert) for us. After planning and lunch we rushed to Newbridge and had a lesson with Eric and Sister Manning from the ward. He behaved himself more this week and didn't hit on her nearly as much. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and he just knows it is true, but he is just too old and poorly to make it out to church, bless him. Then we received a call from Amy cancelling our dinner and lesson and we were only bummed for a few minutes until we received a voicemail from our zone leaders. They told us that next Monday we won't be having P-day... Because ELDER QUENTIN L. COOK of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will be visiting our mission!!  I literally dropped the phone and we listened to the voicemail like 5 times. Oh man, we are just sooo pumped! Elder Holland and Elder Ballard both came to the mission last year before Sister Tartaglia and I got here, and we've been hoping and talking about how cool it would be to see an apostle all transfer. Then we visited the Mannings and did a lot of tracting in Newbridge. After about two hours of some lovely tracting, then we headed home for dinner and had language study. 

Saturday we went back to Newbridge to follow up with some potentials that told us to come back the next day. They were busy again so we set up times for next week to go by. We had lunch and then took a train to Cross Keys. We visited some former investigators and tried to visit some members but none were in. So we did a few hours of tracting there and then travelled back. Then we came back towards our flat and followed up with some potentials there. We had a call to visit Madalaine so we went and saw her and David again for another lesson. 

Sunday we had a beautiful fast and testimony meeting. The Welsh have this beautiful tradition in the church where when a missionary leaves the area they go to the stand and they all sing to them in Welsh and thank them for their service. Because of the Elder Cook conference we will be having transfers on this Friday, instead of next week, and Elder Wallace will probably leave since he will be done training so they sang to him and it was beautiful and very touching! Sister Tartaglia and I taught the lesson in gospel principles on the word of wisdom, they're such a hard bunch to keep on topic! Somehow they got from the word of wisdom, to kids now days ring antisocial to the commercialization of Christmas.  Never a dull moment! Then we joined young womens for a beautiful lesson on Christ-like attributes. We had a nice lamb dinner with Brother and Sister Manning, Brother Manning came to church today so that was a miracle! We felt that we needed to visit Marcia so they dropped us off there and we had a lovely visit. Someone had tried to break into her house the night before so she was a bit shaken up and she said we really cheered her up!

We've got an exciting and busy week ahead! We have zone conference with President and Sister Leppard and the Royal British Legion, transfers and a visit from an Apostle of the Lord to look forward to! This transfer here in Blackwood has flown by! I swear every transfer in the mission just goes quicker and quicker. We are thinking we will stay together one more transfer here, but you never know! 

Thanks for all your love and support, it means the world to me! 
Lots of love,
Sister Cebollero

1. When your dinner appointment cancels, you go get dinner and Halloween wigs!

2. I love my companion! We have so much fun!

3. Sis. Tartaglia is the selfie Queen! 

4. Lunch break selfie while waiting for the train

5. I told you she loves selfies! 

6/7. Love our district!

8. Visiting Sam!

Monday, October 3, 2016

A rollercoaster week in Wales

Wow I know I say this every month, but I can't believe it's already October!
Monday night, our friends called to cancel our lesson and expressed that they hadn't been able to give up smoking for the day. So we visited Marcia instead and had a great time with her. When we returned to our flat our fridge was making all these weird gurgling noises and there was a big pool of water in the bottom. I'm not sure how old our fridge is, but it's pretty disgusting. We called the elders because we had no idea how to fix it but they weren't much help so we ended up just turning it off to be safe. 

Tuesday morning, we had language study and then we walked to help Julia out. We talked and cleaned and shared a nice lunch all together. Then we visited another member named Lilian who gave me some clothes she didn't want anymore... I really need to stop accumulating new clothes…But who can say no to free clothes?  We had a quick dinner and went to teach our friends. It's really all up to them to stop smoking and there's nothing we can do about it, but we still love them! If they don't have that personal desire they won't be able to change, no matter how much we try to help them. To wrap up the day we went and taught Jon and after the lesson he taught us some cool card tricks

Wednesday was a day full of meetings! We left the flat at 8:30 to catch a bus and some trains to our stake centre where we had double district meeting with President Leppard. The Cardiff districts met before us so we had lunch first. We were combined with the Cwmbran district so I got to see Sister Spangler whom I served with my two weeks in Stamford and Elder Quesada, my first district leader in Stourbridge. President and Sister Leppard gave us some pretty intense training on our emergency procedures, highlighted especially when he received an alert on his phone about 2 dead bodies found in Cardiff city and rushed out to inform the Cardiff districts who were taking their turn eating lunch. President gave a good training on involving the members more in our missionary work. Elder Wallace & Dodds gave training and used President and Sister Leppard for what turned into some hilarious role plays. We travelled back and visited some members and had dinner at the chapel. Then we had coordination meeting and after that we went to help with youth night. The young women were doing some cross stitching and we had a fun night with them. 

Thursday morning started off a bit rough to be honest. We have been trying to contact our friend Annette since I came her and she finally texted us and set up a lesson. We didn't have much time to get there by the time we finished our studies and we knew we were going to be late. As we walked, as quick as we could manage, we were having a deep discussion about some of our friends, their struggles and what more we can do to help them.  We passed a man walking his dog so we smiled and said hello, but had to continue on our way to our lesson. He then called to us to stop and reprimanded us for being in conversation with each other and only saying hello instead of stopping to try and teach him. He told us we were terrible missionaries and said some other very hurtful things.  We do try to stop and talk to everyone we pass, but when we have appointments, it is not always possible. I had a hard time shaking off his words and found myself quite emotional and upset about it. This area has been so hard and we are trying our best to stay positive and work despite all the rejection. All the built up emotions and feeling of failure were intensified with his words and I just lost it. Sometimes you just need a good cry, ya know? We were both quite emotional in the lesson with Annette but I know she really felt the spirit as we testified of the restoration to her and especially of God's love for each of us. We came home and had lunch to refresh ourselves then went out to teach Eric with Sister Manning from the ward. Haha and let's not even talk about how many times 90 year old Eric tried hitting on Sister Manning as we taught him about obedience and prayer. Then we took the train to see Amy and her family. We shared dinner with them and shared a beautiful lesson of the plan of salvation with her. We also invited Amy to be baptized. She has been invited many times before from when they first investigated and still does not feel she is ready. But she said it would be nice for the children to be baptized so we can teach them more and invite them as we keep working to help Amy understand the importance for herself. 

Friday morning, we did our weekly planning and had lunch. Then we walked up to Blackwood and visited a less active member named Ann. We had a really nice visit with her and she asked us to help her stop smoking! Then we made the journey back to our flat where Jenny Morgan picked us up for a delicious roast dinner and many laughs. She showed us all her albums of the missionaries that have served here and she just loves them all- especially elders haha- so so much! Friday night was very cold and we tried to visit some less active members near to our house. They weren't in so we went and visited with our good friend Megan who is so sweet! 

Saturday morning the heavens opened and the rain came down and we had a few hours before general conference to do some finding. Some days we go out and have a "fourth floor, last door experience"... And other days the rain is pouring down, the wind is blowing, your favourite pair of boots, worn out with love, tear open at the toe and you knock 9 rows of houses with no interest whatsoever. But we still keep on knocking with a smile on our faces, because like President Uchtdorf also taught we need to exercise diligence and endure through the trials of our faith. We cannot change the will of God or the desire of others, we can only do our best to invite. We came home freezing, but satisfied that we had done our part. We changed into dry clothes and eagerly prepared for general conference. Sister Spragg picked us up and drove us to their home on   Ysgwyddgwyn street (yes that's literally their street name, gotta love Wales!) and we watched the general women's session with her and enjoyed some delicious pizza. We started it a little late so when we turned on the 5 o'clock live session (Saturday morning for all of you) we had missed President Ucthdorf's talk.. But honestly the rest of the session was so amazing I forgot by the end. It was so special to watch it together in the home of Brother and Sister Spragg. When conference wrapped up at 7, we enjoyed the most beautiful roast dinner together and I just felt enveloped in so much love, peace and joy. We were struggling to find a ride for the sessions on Sunday as we had planned to just take a train and discovered there weren't any to our destination on a Sunday. Brother and Sister Spragg heard us making some calls and then volunteered to join us all day at the stake centre and drive us there, they are angels! I'm so thankful for them for helping us be able to view conference this weekend!

Sunday morning after studies we had lunch and the Spraggs picked us up for the 1 o'clock session (the Saturday afternoon session recorded) which was also so amazing! In Between sessions we gathered as missionaries in the zone for a potluck dinner and played a big game of mafia. Then we watched the 5 o'clock live session (Sunday morning). It was so amazing to hear President Thomas S. Monson speak, we are so blessed to have a prophet of God on the earth today. Unfortunately, the Sunday afternoon session isn't live until 9 here which is when we have to be back in our flats. But I'm excited to read and listen to the talks as they are available and gain more truth and knowledge! We are so blessed, so so blessed to live in these the latter days. 

Life is so good and I'm so very thankful to be a missionary here in the UK! Lots of love and prayers your way!
Sister Cebollero 

1. This cute member in Cardiff found me at General Conference and moved my hair off my nametag and said, "Oh I need to meet you! I promised your mom!"
Pictured: Sister Cebollero, Michelle Webb, and Sister Sharp (MTC Comp)

2/3/4. BLACKWOOD Missionary Selfies!!