Monday, September 26, 2016

Little Miracles Matter

Monday we met with some other missionaries to play basketball and volleyball for our P-day. Then when P-day was over we took a quick train to Cardiff and then switched over to a pretty long train ride to Merthyr Tydfil for exchanges with our sister training leaders. It was really late when we got there so they made us dinner and then when we were done planning we had a pamper night. We did facials and had a relaxing evening together that was a lot of fun. 

Tuesday I was with Sister Grant from New Zealand for the day. We started off the day by going into the town centre and talking to everyone that would listen. Unfortunately, the only person that would talk to us was a very staunch Catholic who didn't want to listen or even let us speak at all, but rather wanted to tear us down in a quite horribly rude manner. But oh well, we tried! Then we went back for lunch at their flat and they had flat inspections so we met a nice senior missionary couple in their zone. Then we went and taught one of their investigators about the Holy Ghost and had a great lesson with her. We dropped by some members in their ward to take them birthday cards. And then we did some tracting together and rushed back to the train station to meet the other sisters and catch our train back. It was a long cold train ride and our train from Cardiff was delayed a bit so we were running late. We had planned it so that we could catch the last bus from the train station in Ystrad Mnach and only have to walk 20 minutes home from the bus stop rather than an hour and a half from Ystrad Mnach. We were watching the clock and praying so hard that we wouldn't miss that last bus as it was getting late and it was very dark. The train pulled up 10 minutes past the time the bus should have been and gone, but we ran to the spot and it was still there! We were able to make it in just in time for 9…miracles!

Wednesday morning, we went to the relief society enrichment activity. There was a lesson comparing the three little pigs to the church and commandments and then we decorated cupcakes like little pigs. Then we went and visited Marcia. After that we walked to Julia’s and helped her clean. We had coordination with Brother Pritchard who was really funny this week and played some funny jokes on us. 

Thursday morning, we were preparing for the day and praying to help the Davise family progress towards baptism when they cancelled the appointment. We traveled to Newbridge and did some tracting in the morning before lunch. Then we met up with Sister Manning and taught Eric again. We got him a big print copy of the Book of Mormon and so we introduced that to him. He was really excited to study it this week and props to him for being open. Most old people we meet feel like it's too late for them to change, but he's 90 and loving all we share. We walked home and had dinner and then since we couldn't see Amy, we stopped by to visit Madalaine. We had a really good lesson about the Book of Mormon with her as well. When we were leaving her flat we were stopped on the street by a former and we set up an appointment to go and teach him again. Then we went and taught Jon.

Friday morning, we had our district meeting and our zone leaders joined us. We had some good training and some funny role plays. After district lunch we tried to stop by some less active members that live nearby the church. We had an appointment with one sister but it fell through. We came back and had dinner and did our weekly planning to wrap up the day. 

Saturday morning, we went tracting and met a lot of really nice people. We went to our appointment with the former we met on Thursday but he wasn't there. So then we stopped by our friends Kellie and Garreth and taught Garreth a smashing restoration lesson. Note that they both have degrees in theology from Oxford and Garreth is the local Methodist minister so no pressure. He was very open and respectful and we really felt the Spirit as we shared the message of the restoration with him and especially as we talked about modern day prophets and preparing for general conference. We rushed home for a quick dinner so that we could make it to start with David and Madalaine the stop smoking program, but they cancelled as well. So after dinner we visited some recent converts that live near us named Megan and Emily. They are 16 year old twins and they are so hilarious. We had a really nice visit getting to know them and talking about their conversion as it has almost been one year since their baptism. 

Sunday the Mannings gave us a ride to church. We had a former investigator named Garreth just show up at church today! He has been living in the Philippines for the last few months and has been out of contact but just returned and came to church all on his own! There were some complications with sacrament meeting speakers so Bishop called on Sister Tartaglia and Elder Dodds to give short talks about their mission so far. It was the Elders turn to teach gospel principles and we pulled together a class. It's so hard to keep people on topic but it went pretty well! We were asked to teach young women's and combine two lessons about tithing and fasting. I love helping out in young womens so it was a lot of fun for us. We had lunch with Brother and Sister Manning and then went to visit Megan again. Then we went and taught some friends and gave them the commitment to stop smoking for the next 7 days with a 15 step program. Our  friend really wants to quit and we really know it will help her with her depression and health to do so. We stopped by some part member families and talked to them for a bit. The we stopped by a former named Sarah and caught her just as she was walking out to go to the store so we walked with her and talked with her. We set an appointment with her…On P-day because we'll literally take anything we can get. Then we had call-ins to wrap up the week here in Blackwood. 

This morning we left our flat super excited to teach a lesson, even if it had to be during P-day! And we walked to Sarah's house... And she wasn't home. But that's alright we will keep trying! 

We have combined district meetings with President Leppard this week and general conference so there is a lot to learn and a lot to look forward to! Hope you all enjoy general conference! 
Sister Aubri Cebollero
1. Making Little Piggy cupcakes at RS activity

2.  Facials with the Sister Trainer Leaders. Sister Vousden from England and Sister Grant from New Zealand 
4. Our district, plus the Cardiff zone leaders

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