Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Last week in Stourbridge!

Another week in Stourbridge has absolutely flown by!
Monday we had a missionary miracle here in Stourbridge! We were at the church emailing with the Elders and we were talking about how Bishop has been promising to feed us for months. The Elders decided to text him and see when he would have us over because of transfers coming up. Then he just called up right then and told us to come over now! It put us all into a bit of a shock! So we went over and had dinner with Bishop and Sister Watton! Then we went and saw a less active couple we have been working with, the Checketts. We had challenged them to read the entire Book of Mormon together and that is going really well for them!

Tuesday was Sister Knudsen's birthday, wahooooo! I sang to her in my beautiful morning voice when the alarms went off and then I made her some birthday crepes for breakfast! We went and taught a lesson to Adam and Linda. Then we went to lunch with Kevin and Sister Ann Taylor. We did some tracting in the hot hot sun! And then Sister Hallmann has us over for a birthday roast dinner! We finished it all off with some good old 12 week study and stayed away from the bags and bags of chocolate we acquired. So much chocolate!!

Wednesday morning we went to have our first lesson with Anu! She is a referral from an investigator named Dee, that the Woodsetton sisters are teaching. She just moved to our area and while they waited for the house to be ready they lived with Dee and met Sister Gjevik! Anu and her husband Akilah are from Sri Lanka and they were raised Buddist. They also have the most adorable one year old baby who has the most hair I've ever seen on a child. They are such a miracle and we were so excited to teach them about Jesus Christ since they don't have that Christian background. They also fed us a really delicious lunch and it was the first time we even met them so pretty much they're our new best friends! We went and saw Margaret Wooldridge and then we did our daily dose of finding! We met some really solid people! We had another birthday dinner with Irene Charters-Bowen and her granddaughter. Then Irene took us to ward council which was a lot longer than the last one we had…But we finally got a ward activity planned, hallelujah! 

Thursday morning we went to visit with a member named Natsha. She's a pretty recent convert and is working to go through the temple with her husband. We contacted a referral the Sorra family gave us, another miracle referral! They were cooking so we couldn't teach them then, but they invited us to come back again. We did some tracting in the afternoon. We tracted into some formers and they let us in for a drink and we had a really nice talk with them about the church. We had a delicious enchilada dinner with Ann Taylor and then came home for our 12 week study. 

Friday was a busy day! We started off with our last district meeting of the transfer and more birthday celebrations! Then we came home and did our weekly planning. Our lesson with the Sorra family fell through so we did some finding and stopped by Sister Hallmann’s. This random number called us asking when our church was open so they could come talk to our priest…So I gave them the information for Sunday! We helped this lady by the bus stop carry in her groceries and she was so nice. 

Saturday was another busy day! We went to an activity in the Kidderminster branch again. Our ward and their branch are so small that when we do activities they are always combined. The senior couple there; Elder and Sister Spore, do an American pancake breakfast there each month! The food was amazing and we had an okay turnout to the event. We got home and did some tracting. Then we went to feed some cats for a member. We had an appointment with a less active/part member family we had never met before. They are Filipino so they are way laid back and they kept moving the appointment back. They fed us the most delicious meal, Filipino food is amazing! We hit it off really well with them and they want to have us over for a meal and a lesson every other Saturday! They have a daughter who just became old enough to be baptized so they want to work on coming back to church and having Elle baptized! 

Sunday morning we had ward coordination with Brother Stanton, always a good laugh! We had an amazing testimony meeting. Some of the oldest members got up and bore their testimonies and the spirit was very strong! Bless cute Sister fielding, she wanted to hold my hand allllll through relief society (and I mean the WHOLE hour), just in case I was leaving. After church we bused across the area to feed some cats. Then we bused back and up to see the Cole family. They were just heading out but we had a good chat and were able to set an appointment for next week. We had dinner with Sister Hallmann and then headed home for call-ins. After that the waiting game began for transfer calls! They finally came in just a little before 10:30! And... I'm going to Blackwood, WALES! My new companion is Sister Tartaglia, she is from Italy!! Sister Knudsen is getting an amazing follow up trainer; Sister Jones, who also just finished training. 
Love you all, hope you have a good week! 
Love Sister Cebollero xx  

1. We had fun celebrating Sister K's 20th birthday!!

2. Sweet Sister Fielding! I will miss her!

3.  Straight outta Compton!
4. Thanks Mom for the new dress!!

 5/6. Hiking with our district for the last time before transfers!!

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