Monday, August 22, 2016

Seven Months in the Earth's Best Mission!

This week we set a goal to do a random act of kindness for a member each day. So Monday night we took a nice note to a single mom in the ward. Then we tracted by her house and met some really lovely people. Summer is definitely coming to a close as it is starting to get dark really early again.

Tuesday morning we had our Book of Mormon study with Adam and Linda. He's really starting to progress more and is even sharing the gospel with a coworker of his. He still has a lot of fear of commitment and church but he is making lots of good progress!  We stopped by the Cole family to see how they were doing. They've had lots of crazy family emergencies so we hadn't been able to see them. They were just waiting for an ambulance for their son who is paralyzed when we arrived so we set up an appointment for the next week. During lunch I made some cookies and we took those around to some members for our act of kindness. We gave them to Margaret and the Stantons for giving us rides to the activity last week and had nice visits with each of them. We went back to the area we tracted Monday to follow up with some people and finish tracting the same road. 

Wednesday morning we went to visit our friend Peter but he wasn't in. Our backup plans weren't home either so we went to the next backup plan which was finding. Part of the zone's new plan to get 4 potentials a day is to try and figure out what times work well and don't work well for finding in our areas. Let's just say we came across a time that did not work very well and with people at work & the summer Holidays, hardly anyone was in. After lunch we visited Lorraine Bowen and helped her tidy up again. Then we went and followed up with some potentials and did more finding. We keep meeting super solid families who don't want us to try back until September after school starts, but at least they still really want us to come back! Wednesday night we went to Sister Fielding's for our weekly dinner. She had another friend pass away and she was too upset to cook for us so she had us stop at the chippie on our way there. Then we came back and had 12 week study, hooray! 

Thursday morning we had a great district meeting about faith. Up until Thursday this week was mega hot and we were dying all day! The buses were extremely hot as we travelled to and from district meeting. We took cookies to Bishop and Sister Watton who were actually really happy, must have been the good weather and free cookies! We had a really great visit with them. Then we literally had to run across town to get to Margaret's house for dinner. With the humidity and heat, we were dying when we got there, but we made it on time so that's what counts! Also air conditioning pretty much doesn't exist here, so the heat + running + a very hot roast dinner = a bit of a struggle!  Sister Wooldridge is the spunkiest, liveliest 83 year old you'd ever meet and she is an amazing convert to the gospel. I would listen to her stories for hours if we could! 

Friday morning we met with Kevin and had a really good lesson on the importance of the Book of Mormon. Then we had lunch and did our weekly planning. We were going to paint for Sister Hallmann but the heat of the week ended with a very rainy weekend so we were unable to. She still had us over for a nice dinner though! Then we went tracting. The weather was nice when we started but soon we were going about in absolute downpour! It was really coming down and my new lightweight summer waterproof I had picked up on Monday ended up not being so waterproof. Yay for knocking on doors looking like a wet dog! We came home and bundled up for 12 week study. Crazy how it went from sweating to death to soaked and freezing, but that's England for you!

Saturday morning we went to Dudley town centre for district finding. Sister Gjevik and I ran into one of her friends who gave me an awesome referral…miracles! Then this Pentecostal man really wanted to bash with us which we really try to stay away from...but he got quite worked up and we couldn't leave it. He was quite rude but we held our ground and stood by our testimonies. It was an exciting, aggravating and a bit exhausting to be honest! Then we ran into this LDS couple from Provo that just got transferred to the hospital here as a medical student. They are new in Woodsetton ward but they hadn't met anyone yet. We had a really lovely chat with them and then they joined us for lunch at a really nice buffet. We travelled back and had a nice visit with Ann Taylor. Then we followed up with some potentials and did more finding. We met a really awesome lady whose best friend growing up was LDS. She saw the Book of Mormon musical in London and was telling us how because of her friend she knew it was way incorrect. She is really interested in coming to church and we're excited to go follow up with her more! 

Sunday morning we forgot we weren't having coordination so we got to the church super early so we made sure it was all tidy. Relief society was on eternal marriage and the sisters had us in stitches laughing so hard! We're a small enough group to all share and be involved which is so nice. They all shared how they met their husbands, how they proposed and how they dealt with their husbands imperfections. It was quite sweet and very funny! After church we made a lot of calls to potentials and we called the referral we got yesterday. She was so nice and she is so excited for us to come over! Then we did lots of tracting. After that we had a lovely roast dinner with Sister Hallmann, then had our call-ins and 12 week study. 

It's been a great 7 months here in the EBM! Hope you all have a great week back to school! 
Sister Cebollero 
1.  District Lunch with the new couple in Woodsetton Ward
2. "Tracting in the rain isn't my cup of tea, but the view made it a little sweeter!"

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