Monday, August 8, 2016

Stourbridge is on Fire!

The missionaries in Stourbridge are on fire...and yesterday Stourbridge was literally on fire when we walked out of church. Living in the Black Country region just got real!! #blackcountrylife (It’s black from the smoot from the industries)

Last Monday, during grocery shopping, the first thing I saw was the new Harry Potter book and I literally shed a tear. So I bought a Harry Potter shirt at Primark because that's the closest I'll get for the next year! After our hike for P-day and emailing, we spent a lot of time going through our area book and organizing it as we will soon be moving to phase 2 of the iPad usage and receiving an area book app!

Tuesday morning we went and taught Adam with his fiancĂ©e Sister Taylor again. He has been sharing the gospel at work with a coworker so we gave him a Book of Mormon and talked about that! He loves the Book of Mormon but is still a little nervous about coming to church. It was a great lesson though and he wants to work on coming to church! Then we travelled to Harborne for the most interesting exchange of my life with Sister Berrett! We had a few interesting and awkward visits, then we had the most amazing experience ever! We got to go see a member Sister Berrett is really close to receive her patriarchal blessing!! It was such a spiritual experience and really strengthened my testimony on revelation and priesthood power! The stake patriarch is in our ward here in Stourbridge and is the sweetest old man ever. His wife is in a care home and we can't visit him alone so it was nice to spend that time with him as well! 

Wednesday morning we got up super early to do sports with their district for exercise. Then after studies, Sister Berrett and I visited some of their friends. Then Sister Knudsen and I travelled back to good ol' Stourbridge! We had two hours before our dinner with Sister Fielding so we went to follow up with some potentials and did lots of tracting! We saw many miracles and met so many people who were interested and that we were able to talk to! Then we had a nice dinner with Sister Fielding who is pretty depressed about all that's happened in her life recently which was sad! She always cries when we leave which is really hard, but she is the sweetest old lady I've ever met!

Thursday we had district meeting in Woodsetton and it was Elder Nicotra's last district meeting before he returns home to Italy this week. It was really great and we all spent some time to share what we have learned as missionaries which was really powerful. Then we went to contact some potentials and visit some members. After dinner we went and taught a less active sister we've been trying for visit for a few weeks. Then we took a thank you note to Sister Taylor for taking us out the last two p-days. Then we did some 12 week study when we got home. 

Friday morning we had a lesson with Kevin on the sacrament that was really good. We were also able to get an LDS edition of the King James Bible for him to use with his studies so he was excited about that. We had a quick lunch then headed out to contact a former investigator who wasn't in. Then we went to the Hallmann's to paint their fence gates in the front garden, yay service! 

Saturday morning we met up in the Woodsetton Sisters’ area for our weekly district finding activity. It was a fun and miraculous time, as always! We all got Kebabs after for lunch which was delicious. Then we travelled back and did our weekly planning. We had been asked to teach the youth Sunday school class and then primary so we prepared for those lessons as well. When that was over we went to visit a cool potential who decided not to be cool anymore. And then on our walk back we ran into a former and had a great conversation with him! 

Sunday morning we went to the church early for our coordination meeting. Church was great and we were so happy Sister Hallmann came! We had a great fast and testimony meeting. No youth showed up so we were just asked to help in primary the last two hours since the only leader there was the president. We helped her with sharing time and then taught our little group of kids their lesson on the stripling warriors. After church we went with Sister Hallmann and helped her prepare dinner. We had a great roast dinner with her. Then we pretty much had to travel back home due to all the food people gave us at church. We visited a potential then worked more from our area book while we waited for call-ins. Since Elder Nicotra is leaving this week we are getting a new district leader transferred here, and he's from Peru! 

Today we are going to the Dudley zoo and castle with our district so it should be a good time! Hope you all have a fantastic week! 
Sister Cebollero

1. What you get from church every Sunday when all your best friends are older ladies! So blessed!!

2. Goodbye district meeting for Elder Nicotra!

3. Elder Longhurst and Elder Stephenson and Sister Cebollero and Sister Knudsen, with ward mission leader Brother Stanton

4. Sister Hallmann came to church with us! 

5/6. "WoodBridge" district 

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