Monday, August 1, 2016

A district full of Greenie power!

Monday we had a great night! We visited a less active member and then a member who is house bound. Even though she is unable to come to church right now, she loves the gospel. She's going through a lot of pain and suffering right now and she really appreciated us coming to visit with her. 

Tuesday was an amazing day! In the morning we went to study the Book of Mormon with Linda. Stacey was too poorly to come for a lesson, but Linda's fiancĂ©e Adam joined us for the lesson. He's had the lessons in the past and is really interested in learning again. Then we went to continue our painting service for the Hallmann’s! We did a second coat on the shed and started on the fence panels. After that we went to a dinner appointment with the Cole family whom we met tracting a few weeks ago and recently started teaching! They forgot they had invited us for dinner until we showed up...awkward! But they let us in and we had an amazing lesson with them on the restoration! They have six kids, and their youngest; Stephanie is 18 and the only one still at home. The parents and Stef are so interested and it was amazing! Then they even ordered us Chinese food so we got to talk more about the church and our life as missionaries and share a great meal together! They gave us a lift back and the shortcut they took went right next to the chapel so we were able to point it out to them! 

Wednesday we did our extra 12 week study in the morning. Then we went to paint at the Hallman’s and had lunch with Louise. Our other appointments fell through so we went and saw Sister Wooldridge and had a nice visit with her. She gave us a lift to Sister Fielding's house for dinner. We were there pretty early so we tracted in her neighborhood for a bit and met some really nice people! We had a lovely dinner with Sister Fielding. She is still pretty shaken up from being robbed last week and she still cries when we have to say goodbye. Bless her sweet soul!

Thursday morning we had our first district meeting with our full district! Our mission got quite a few new missionaries this week and two are in our district! Elder Stephenson is training Elder Longhurst from Bountiful and Sister Gjevik is training Sister Maneafaiga from Australia! Besides our district leader and his companion, the rest of our district is all trainers and trainees and it's amazing! We had a really good district meeting getting to know each other. Thursday night we had a really good ward coordination! We were able to discuss some things that needed work with the ward council so that we can better help the less active members in this area. 

Friday we did our weekly planning and had a flat inspection. We cleaned our flat so well, it looked brand new and we passed with flying colors! After lunch we met Kevin for a lesson. We were able to teach him the full plan of salvation and he loved it! It was a really good lesson with him. Then we went to a nice relief society activity that was really well attended. There were different craft and service tables so we sewed some things for a hospital and visited with the ward sisters. 

Saturday morning we did district finding in the Stourbridge Elder's area. Greenie power is real and we saw many miracles! First I went tracting with Sister Maneafaiga and she is just a natural! One man even invited us in! This like never happens!!! Unfortunately he was a widower so we couldn't go in, but we taught him on his doorstep and had a great lesson and he can't wait to have the Elders come back! After an hour we switched and I went with Sister Gjevik! Watching our greenies walk off alone together was weird for both of us, but they did amazing and got through their hour together great! It was a nice opportunity for Sister Gjevik and I to just talk. She's been a great help and a great friend here for me and I'm so thankful for her! We had a really nice district lunch as well after tracting. Then we went and finished painting the second coat on the back garden fence for the Hallman’s and had a good 12 week study when we got home. 

Sunday morning we had the most hilarious coordination meeting! Our ward mission leader was writing his talk for sacrament during our meeting based on what we were saying and it was pretty much the most random thing I've ever heard! He just had all these thoughts about the ward and missionary work and communication and tried to string them all together. It was a really good sacrament meeting and he focused on the "missing congregation" in this ward. It's a very small ward, this week we only had 26 members come out and he talked about working with the less actives and the missionaries so it was much needed! We went out to follow up with potentials and visit less active members after church with no luck. We had our weekly Sunday roast dinner with Louise and then headed back for call-ins and 12 week training. 

Today we went to a village called Kinver with Sister Ann Taylor and Kevin. We went on a beautiful hike up the hills and there was a beautiful view at the top! 
Hope everyone has an amazing week! Love you!

Sister Cebollero 
1.Our beautiful P-Day Hike!!

2. Hike Selfie, wearing a sweater in AUGUST?

3. The beautiful view of our area! 

4. Sister Ceb, Kevin, Sister Taylor, Sister Knudsen, and Sister Taylor's grandson
5/6.  Such a beautiful view!!

7. My new district! So many new missionaries, so much faith! 

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