Monday, July 11, 2016

The Birmingham Life Continues...

Where is my life going?!? Time is flying out here!

Monday we had a fabulous Fourth of July here in the UK! A member threw a great BBQ for us and it was so fun! We had hamburgers, hotdogs, Reese’s, root beer and even some Snickers ice cream bars! So much America in one English back garden! Some of her neighbors came that aren't members and they used to be taught by missionaries so we were able to visit with them and answer some questions. 

Tuesday we had exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders. I was with Sister Lowder from Arizona. She is also one of Sister Butler's companions so it was fun to get to know her better! Sister Knudsen went with Sister Berrett in their car so we walked and bused for the day. We tried stopping every single person that crossed our path and it was so great! After a certain point the buses stop running and we had to get across town for a lesson. So we walked uphill for a few miles to get there and then they weren't even in. Thankfully the sisters gave us a ride back because we were exhausted!

Wednesday we had our first zone meeting in the Birmingham zone! Sister Knudsen gave our missionary purpose and I was such a proud little momma! She did so well!  I was also able to do a musical number and sing with one of the other sisters in the zone so that was really fun to participate in that! We travelled back and tried visiting lots of members and less actives. We didn't have much luck and when we showed up for our dinner appointment the member wasn't there so bummer! Yay for more tracting! #tractingforever

Thursday was a fantastic day! An older member took us out to eat with Mildred Sorra and her daughter CJ that we are teaching. We went to a super posh world buffet! It was the nicest place I've been into my entire mission, we were so lucky! I had some absolutely delicious lamb curry and some other really good Asian food! We were all in heaven and it was such a nice time with them! Then we visited with a few other members in the afternoon to get to know them. Our dinner appointment cancelled again because they were poorly so we dropped them off a get well soon card. We contacted some former friends and followed up with some of our potentials. We were able to set up a lesson with one for Monday night so we were really excited! 

Friday was a busy day! We had an appointment with our friend Kevin that the sisters had been teaching. He is a pretty old man and just the sweetest thing ever! I've decided he's my adopted mission grandpa and he's already invited me back to come stay with my family and tour England! He bought us hot chocolate and we had a “how to begin” teaching lesson with him to get to know him. He is an ex-Jehovah witness and had a lot of really great questions. Our next lesson cancelled so we came home for our weekly planning. Then we went and visited with a house bound member to get to know her. We had a great dinner appointment with Sister Taylor and did some service for her. Then we went and met with a former investigator named Seroj who grew up Hindu and she agreed to have the lessons again! 

Saturday we met with Seroj again to have a lesson and do service for her. We had a lesson on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and then went to her allotment and picked all sorts of berries I've never seen in America. Saturday we got to visit and spend time with our favorite widows, Sister Wooldridge and then we visited Sister Fielding. And man, they could talk for all of Britain! They just tell the best stories and take such good care of us. When we told Sister Fielding we had to get going because it had been an hour, she looked heartbroken! I love my adopted grandmas! 

Sunday morning we had our missionary coordination. Our Bishop's wife was stressing out because she had to give a talk in sacrament meeting, give sharing time and none of her primary teachers showed up so we offered to help her. We only had one primary child show up but we had a great lesson on temples and it was really fun to join them! After church we tried to visit some less active members and potentials. We did some tracting then had dinner with Sister Hallman. 

Today we went into Birmingham city centre! Birmingham is the second biggest city after London and it was so fun to see! We did some shopping and had lunch with the sisters in our district! I finally got kebab-tized during lunch! (A kebab is really popular at all the chippie shops. It is a big thing of meat; usually chicken, beef or lamb, turning on a stick and they carve some off for you and serve it with salad or chips.) It was so good! 

Love you all, hope you have a fabulous week!

Sister Aubri Cebollero 

1. The Bull Ring in Birmingham City Centre (Go Aggies!)

2. Birmingham Zone July 2016

 3. Selfies!
4. The walk to church is always so pretty!

5. Yay to my mom and sister for two new dresses and good weather!!

6. Our posh buffet lunch with Avis, CJ, and Mildred

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