Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Miracles on miracles this last week!

Let's just call last Monday "Miracle Monday" because man it was amazing! We set out after preparation day to visit a less active member from Africa who is our age. We were able to meet her twice last week and the timing was never right to have a lesson with her so we had set up a time to go on Monday. When we had ward council the last Sunday and mentioned that we had been in contact with her, the member of the bishopric who acts as our ward mission leader just started crying. He told us she was so special to him and had been baptized all alone at age 11 when he was Bishop and they had been trying for so long to find her and thought she'd moved. The spirit was so strong as he shared that with us and I really felt like we could help her. I was so excited to go by again and meet with her but then she wasn't home. We decided to tract the next street over and it was definitely a case of being in the right place at the right time. We started tracting and further down the road we could see a big family all outside working on some cars and enjoying the nice weather. They watched us come down the street and I wasn't sure how to approach them since it was a fairly big group and they were all already outside. So I walked up and just started talking and explaining what we were sharing with people and one of the older sons walked away from the car and started to listen. We talked to him about the restoration, and the more we talked the more interested the mom got. The rest of the family was just visiting and she lives there with her 18 year old daughter and husband. We were able to talk to them for a long time and we were also able to set up a time to go back, miracles! Then we kept tracting and I only had one restoration leaflet left, but I felt like I should have a plan of salvation leaflet ready so I grabbed that out of my bag. A lady answered the door and as we explained who we were she became so shocked. She told us her husband had recently died and she had spent the day visiting a cathedral to pray and now here we were on her doorstep and it couldn't be a coincidence. So we started showing her the pamphlet and talking about the plan of salvation. She told us she'd met Mormon Elders before and they'd offered to help her husband garden and it had touched her so much. We had a great conversation with her and she was so excited for us to come back and share more with her. 

Tuesday morning we visited with a widow named Margaret. Then we visited some less active members and did a lot of tracting. We met this really cool YSA aged boy named Daniel who wanted to come to church Sunday and even started referring to himself as Brother Johnson when we were talking, that never happens! It was raining so so hard and he was very impressed we were over here from America, going door to door in the rain. Then we visited one of the ward's more recent converts of the last few years. She used to be a spiritualist and she had a lot of great stories about her conversion and the missionaries that taught her. 

Wednesday was another very rainy day! We had a lesson with a less active couple that we'd never met before and it was really nice. We spent so much time trying to visit other members and do finding but we didn't have much luck. After dinner we visited with another widow, Sister Taylor. She didn't have any spiders for me to capture this week so that was good!

Thursday morning we had district meeting at our chapel. Sister Knudsen and I gave some training and it went really well! Then we visited our friend Sister Hallman. We had a lesson with a part member family, the Sorra's from the Philippines! They are so great and it was so nice to get to know them!

Friday was going to be a super packed day with lessons and member present lessons and I was so excited! A little stressed about how we would make it all work, but excited! Then one by one they all cancelled and had to rearrange and it was so sad! Then we went to teach a recent convert of 2 years and her nonmember daughter in law was supposed to be there for a lesson as well but she didn't come. We had dinner with Sister Hallman and her granddaughter. Then we had another lesson and met the rest of the Sorra family. I just love them so much already! Sister Sorra is going to go with us to Birmingham on a Pday in a few weeks and I'm so excited! 

Saturday morning we did our weekly planning. We had a huge list of members and less actives we wanted to visit but most of them weren't able to meet. We had a nice visit with our relief society president. Then we visited Sister Fielding, a widow that takes such good care of us missionaries! She has been feeling poorly the last few weeks so we took her some flowers to cheer her up. She scolded us for spending money on her and like always tried to send us home with all of her groceries and her entire kitchen, bless her! 

We had a great fast Sunday! We started our morning with missionary coordination. Brother Stanton on our bishopric acts as our ward mission leader and he is so funny! We had a really good testimony meeting and all the missionaries were able to bear our testimonies. This ward is truly suffering and it is so heart breaking. They are so small that they are literally like a family, and there has been some big family drama lately in the ward. We had a good relief society lesson about tolerance and love which was much needed for everyone! After church we had a roast dinner for lunch at Sister Hallman’s. Then we went to teach the family we met Monday…But they sadly had forgotten or something and weren't in. We did some tracting and tried to visit some nearby less active members. Daniel, that we met tracting, wasn't able to come to church, but he did text us and ask when we are free this week to teach him about the restoration pamphlet we gave him, yay miracles! 

Hope you all have a fantastic 4th of July celebrating independence from my beautiful temporary home of England!
Love you all!
Sister Aubri Cebollero 

1. Our district: Back: Me, Sister Knudsen, Sister Marshall (Lancaster, England), Sister Gjevik (Norway), Front: Elder Peterson (Logan, Utah...going home this month), Elder Nicotra (Italy...going home this month), Elder Qesada (Spain), Elder Stephenson (Colorado)

2. Rain, Rain, and more Rain!! We are in for a rainy summer!

3. Stourbridge city center

4. My home in Stourbridge

5. Ice Cream Trucks!! The DQ of England! They are unreal and Sister K had to experience it!

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