Monday, July 25, 2016

A Sweltering Week in Black Country England

Well everybody, we've now lived through the wettest June in 70 years and now the hottest week of the year here in the UK. And yes, contrary to popular belief it is possible to get a sunburn in England! That's how much my body is not used to the sun now!  It was quite the sweltering week and I'm ready for England to go back to the overcast clouds and rain...maybe. I can't decide! The bad part about the weather is that almost all of our appointments fell through. People were either out enjoying the weather or inside trying to function with no air conditioning and couldn't be bothered to meet with us.

Monday we spent the first half of our Pday helping with a funeral. Then we met our district for lunch and some sports to enjoy the lovely weather. When Pday was over we went to a return appointment with a former investigator, but they weren't in. 

Tuesday our appointments in the morning fell through so we visited with Sister Wooldridge. Then we came home for lunch and our 12 week training study. After lunch we tried to visit some less actives and potentials but everyone was out enjoying the good weather. After dinner we went to help with young women's since we only have one young woman and one leader and they wanted more company for the activity. We went to the park and had a really nice lesson. Then we got a really sad call from a very upset Sister Fielding cancelling our dinner for Wednesday as she had been robbed of her purse on the bus. She felt so horrible for cancelling, but she was just so upset she didn't feel like entertaining company. She also kept saying she just didn't feel like talking... As the phone call reached closer and closer to an hour, bless her! 

Wednesday was a really good day! Our appointment in the morning was cancelled so we did our 12 week study then. We had lunch with The Hallman's who then insisted we come back for dinner since Sister Fielding had to cancel. After lunch we went to read the Book of Mormon with Linda and teach Stacey. Stacey has been coming to church with her for a few months now and she just loves the Book of Mormon. She's been poorly so it was only our second time meeting with her. She was just glowing as we talked about the chapter we read and what she understood. And the chapter went perfectly into the invitation to be baptized! She agreed to a baptismal date without hesitation and was just SO happy! The spirit was so strong and it was an amazing moment! Miracles!!! Then we visited some potentials and set a few return appointments. We went back and had dinner with the Hallman’s and convinced them to let us serve them this week in return for taking such good care of us. 

Thursday we had district meeting in Woodsetton. Elder Nicotra from Italy is our new district leader...until he goes home in 2 weeks. His new companion is from Columbia! Sister Gjevik is training but she won't receive her new companion until this coming Wednesday so she was with Sister Nkomo from South Africa this week. She was so funny! We had a good district meeting and travelled back. On the way back I was listening to two men on the bus debate about some religious topics as we reached our stop. They were getting off at the same stop and as we got off I turned to talk to them and they saw our name badges. They then asked if we were nuns...(honestly people I can't even tell you how many times I get asked if I'm a nun... Do I look like a nun?!?) and we explained who we were and had a really good lesson on the spot and talked to them for a while. Then we had a lesson with our friend Rosalind. She is a sweet old lady who had the missionary lessons in the past and we are reading the Book of Mormon with her. Then we went to teach our new friends Louise and Kevin. We introduced the restoration and they invited us back for dinner this week!

Friday was a long day of traveling for follow-up trainers meeting at the mission office! We had a few hours there with President, Sister Leppard, the other trainers, and greenies (new missionaries). It was amazing and we were lucky enough to sit next to the Leppard's at lunch which was a treat! They told us all about their story/the process of being called as our mission president. It was so nice to see all the other trainers and hear about their experiences! Then we travelled back on a very hot bus. By the time we got back we had an hour to work until we needed to start weekly planning. We went to an appointment with a less active member which was really great! Then we came back and had our weekly planning session. 

Saturday morning we did some district finding in Dudley town centre. We went to a nice little bakery for our district lunch. Then we traveled back to have a lesson with Kevin. We talked a lot more about faith and the restoration. Then we went and painted the Hallmann's shed and had dinner with them. Yay for service projects! 

Sunday was back to the typical English weather! Back to cloudy skies and rain throughout the day and goodbye to the scorching humidity! We were able to teach primary and only had one primary child here this week so it was a fun one on one lesson with her! We taught about the Armor of God and Alma 43-44 and used a really fun object lesson with her that she really enjoyed. After church we went to follow up with some potentials and did some tracting. Then we had our Sunday dinner with Sister Hallmann and came back for call-ins and 12 week training. 

We are living in the "Black Country" region of England so today we went to the Black Country Living Museum with a member and her grandson. They took prominent buildings from around the villages, took them apart and numbered each brick then rebuilt it like a new village! It was so cool to walk through the little town and see the factories, houses, canals and mines! 

Hope you all have a fantastic week! Thanks for all your love and support these last 6 months! See you in a year!
Sister Aubri Cebollero 

1. An old school missionary cart

 2. Thanks to the wonderful Hallmann family for this  fabulous picture!
3. Brick by brick they rebuilt this little town for an awesome museum experience

4. Sister Ceb Selfie

5. Sister K and Sister C visiting the Hallmann's

6.  District finding on Saturday

7. I LOVE English canals!!

8. About to go down into the mines!

9. Happy 6 months to me! New dress from my mom and sis!

10. Hey Dad...look behind me! A diabetes ad from your company Novo Nordisk!

11. Painting the Hallmann's shed...yay for service!

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