Monday, June 27, 2016

We will keep trying because WE LOVE JESUS!

Monday night we were trying to do some member and less active visits but we were having the hardest time! We tried about 6 different families and nothing was working. So instead we did a lot of tracting! And we found some really nice people that I'm really excited to go follow up with. 

Tuesday we had a really lovely visit with a ward member named Sarah that just got baptized a few years ago. She was so kind and supportive and really brightened my day! We did a lot of tracting on Tuesday again. I have never done so much finding, especially tracting! Yay for whitewashing and having no investigators to teach! Tuesday night we went to a ward activity they called "football rounders." Football is just soccer here. Rounders is the closest thing to baseball but it is a lot harder to score, because basically you have to get a home run to score a point. It was a mixture of the two and all us American missionaries laughed when we realized it was pretty much just a game of kickball! Well with the rounders way of scoring…but we thought it was pretty funny the members thought they made it up! 

Wednesday we went to teach a friend the sisters used to teach from the Czech Republic named Jana. The lesson fell through so we did some…Yep…Tracting! Then we had lunch with the Hallman family. After lunch we tried contacting some former friends and less active members. Then we went to Sister Fielding's house for dinner. She is a widow and has recently lost a few children as well so she loves visits with the sisters to cheer her up. She gave us big bowls of delicious homemade soup and a whole small loaf of French bread each and it was very filling. Then she went back into the kitchen and brought out a heaping plate for each of us with mashed potatoes, three hamburger patties each and three Yorkshire puddings. And oh man, I was already so stuffed! But she was so sweet and she had worked all day preparing it and so I just prayed to be able to eat so I wouldn't hurt her feelings! Then she brought out a whole pie for our pudding and expressed that we needed to finish it! I thought I would explode but I just couldn't say no, bless her! Besides the fact that I never need to eat again, it was a really nice visit and she is just the sweetest little old lady ever! 

Thursday we had a district meeting that was really good! It started really late though so we couldn't stay for much of our district lunch. Then we travelled to visit a recent convert and her less active husband. And oh man, they were great! They had us close our eyes and pick out a colored bead from a goblet to sort us into the Harry Potter houses and had us sign their posters so pretty much, it made my day! I came out to be a Ravenclaw, then we had dinner with another widow in the ward. She told us about this big spider in her tub and how she had been too scared to shower for two weeks but she couldn't kill it. So I offered to capture it and take it outside. I went up to the bathroom and saw this little skinny spider with long legs and thought “oh wow this will be easy!”  I went to step into the tub to capture it...That's when I almost stepped on the real culprit! A very big fast fuzzy brown spider that scared the daylight out of me when I almost stepped on it! You should all be very proud of me because I still captured the big scary creature and saved the day for this sweet widow!! Thursday, England voted about whether or not to leave the EU so basically that's all we've heard about the last few weeks and especially on Thursday! We had people approaching us first on the street to influence our vote...which is weird as a missionary. They weren't too excited when they realized we couldn't vote, or when we offered to trade pamphlets. Historic times here in England! 

Friday morning we did weekly planning and had our first flat inspection in Stourbridge. We tried to visit lots of members and former investigators but didn't have much luck with either. So more tracking! 

Saturday we tried to have another lesson with Jana but it didn't work out again. We had lunch with Sister Hallman and her granddaughter. We were able to contact a less active member with unbaptized children, the sisters were teaching. The oldest son turns 9 this week and wants to be baptized so hopefully we will be able to help reactivate her and teach him! Then we did some more tracting. A member referred us to try her neighbor who is a Christian and we were really excited to talk to her. Let's just say she wasn't very Christlike towards us and really tried to tear us apart. After a week-long of doors shut in my face it was quite upsetting. But we still had an hour left to tract so we just kept going to another long street of all no's and more slammed doors. It was a really hard night. I know there is a reason they brought sisters back to this area after closing it! I have so much faith that there is someone in this area who has been prepared to be taught. We just have to have patience and keep trying our best and we will find that reason eventually. 

We had a lovely Sunday! There were more members at church this Sunday which was a relief! We had a lovely Sunday roast dinner after church with some members. English Sunday roast dinners are pretty much the best thing in the world. Man…So good! Then we spent the rest of our proselyting time doing more finding. We will find someone to teach if it kills me! Then we had our weekly call-ins with our district leader and dinner. We also had our 12 week study! These last few weeks I have really been treasuring up every moment of study time. I love it and it's so nice to be training because we get an extra hour of study time each day! It's so great and helps me de-stress to just plunge into the scriptures. 

It was definitely a week where I can say I tried everything I could and knew how to do, even if we didn't see any success. 

But we will KEEP TRYING because we LOVE Jesus and we know He is on our side and He is with us every step of the way! 
Have a great week everyone! 
Love, Sister Cebollero
1.Sister Knudsen and Sister Cebollero

2. Hanging with Sister Hallman and her cute granddaughter Scarlet-Rose

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