Monday, May 23, 2016

Serving with a Smile

Monday night after P-day we went on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders, Sister Marsden and Sister Scherf. Sister Marsden was also trained by Sister Butler so it was really fun to get to know her better! Sister Marsden and I heart-attacked some families in their ward and did some tracting together. Monday night I started to feel a bit sick. Tuesday it was apparent that I caught the flu bug Catherine's family had. I had to stay in for the day and so Sister Scherf stayed with me so that I could rest and get better. 

Wednesday we went and saw Flora again. We brought a returned missionary in the ward with us. It was a really good idea because every time she brought out more food or tried to force feed us we just told her we were full but Adam would love more. It was a really good plan! Wednesday night we taught English lessons again and they went really well. We are still teaching them the restoration after English lessons which has been a really great experience. Then we saw Catherine and Tyler with Sam, our ward mission leader, for a lesson.

Thursday we had district meeting and interviews with President and Sister Leppard. I know I say this every time we see them... But they are just amazing! I love them so much! It was so good to be able to see them and talk to them. We travelled home after our district lunch together. We visited some members and did some heart-attacking when we got back. Then we taught English lessons again which is always really fun. 

Friday we helped some ward members paint their new house. They bought a huge project house. A hoarder used to own it so we've been helping them clear it out and we helped them start painting the upstairs. It was a really fun service project! The Hulse's came over for our house check and then we had our missionary stew with them. Then we went to volleyball. There were SO many people there this week so we had three teams. It was really good and I actually played alright this week. 

Saturday morning we did some weekly planning. Then for lunch we went to a stake picnic at our stake centre. The weather was a bit windy and cold and then halfway through the picnic it started pouring rain so we went inside! It was a really good! We stopped by Catherine when we got back and helped her with the groceries. She was having a really hard weekend so we just comforted her a lot and tried to help.

We had a really productive Sunday! It was a really sunny day as well, which is always a treat in England! Sister Pascua Duzon gave a talk on family history and temples which was really good. Then we went to Beeston and visited formers, a few member families and heart-attacked some other member families in the area. We walked all over Beeston! Then we had dinner with the American family that is temporarily in the ward. They made some really good shrimp curry! Then we went to visit Catherine because she was having a really bad day. She hadn't been able to come to church again due to her husband and the kids. She had the most horrible weekend and she just cried and cried. It was so hard to see her like that because she is an AMAZING mother and she is so strong. So I just cried with her and we tried our best to help comfort her and the kids. It was absolutely heart breaking to see our family like that. 

We had a good Pday today! We went into Nottingham and went to the castle museum!   My first castle in England! 
Hope you all have a fantastic week! Love you!
Sister Aubri Cebollero

1. Sister Cebollero's tag picture at Nottingham Castle

2. Beautiful Nottinghamshire

3. Interview day!

4. Companions in beautiful Nottingham

5. District Meeting with Elder Williams visiting from Derby

6. Best friends! 

7. Nottingham 4 team

8. Nottingham Castle (Robin Hood's)
Finally got to go on a tour inside!!

9. Peasants having a little snack!

10. Beautiful Walkway

11. We were both trained by the amazing Sister Butler so we made her a video
(Sister Marsden and Sister Ceb)

12. Another tag pic!

13. We love teaching English to our Vietnamese friends
14. Exploring the castle grounds

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