Monday, May 2, 2016

A New Chapter in Nottingham

Monday night we taught English to our Vietnamese friends. They own a nail salon so they did our nails for free while we taught them English. Then we taught Catherine for Sister Butler's last time. Little Isabel was so sad to say goodbye. She was just crying and crying when we left. Then we visited with the Hulse's. 

Tuesday morning we got up early to finish packing and we travelled to Nottingham. We met the other missionaries leaving at the train station and waited for their coach. Sister Butler's group had about 11 sister missionaries leaving and there aren't as many coming into the mission lately so two of the sister areas in our zone got shut down. It was really sad for all of them to be leaving their areas and our zone. It was so hard to say goodbye to Sister Butler!  I was on exchange in Nottingham city all day with Sister Scherf and Sister Price while we waited for our new companions. I was starting to get really nervous about being with a new companion, but ever since Sister Pascua Duzon (She’s from the Philippines but was raised in Spain since the age of 2) got off the coach and ran to give me a big hug, I've been fine. We got back to Long Eaton (our area) to drop off her luggage and then we headed to the church for young women's. Everyone was so excited and surprised to see Sister Pascua again (she served in Nottingham earlier in her mission). The ward's reactions to having her back were quite hilarious. 

The weather this week was SO crazy cold! Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we had lots of rain, hail and even a little snow. Wednesday we had coordination at the chapel and then had lunch with the elders. We visited a lot of ward members and since our dinner appointment had cancelled one of the sisters we stopped by gave us some food to take home and cook so we would still have a nice dinner. It was such a tender mercy because I had no idea what we were going to go home and make.

Thursday we had district meeting. We lost Elder Kmetzsch in our district and now our new zone leader is Elder Jarvis from Arizona. We have a really fun district and it's going to be a great transfer together! We had a really good district meeting and lunch. Then we visited Jane. She was absolutely ecstatic to see Sister Pascua! She was sad to lose Sister Butler so she couldn't believe Heavenly Father had sent back a sister to help her that she already knew and so she was just beaming.  We visited Flora and got our usual overload of hot chocolate and sweets. Then we had a big dinner with a new sister in the ward who offered to give Catherine and her family a lift to church every Sunday!

Friday we did our weekly planning. Then we had our stew dinner with the Hulse's. We had our first lesson together with Catherine and it went really well! 

Saturday we went to Beeston which is where the sisters used to live when Sister Pascua Duzon was here before. We spent the day trying to contact some of her former investigators but none of them were in. We had lunch with Stacey who was baptized when Sister Pascua was here. She is in university and has been busy with that but we are excited to work with her to help her come back to church. We had dinner with a Canadian family in our ward and it was really good. We stopped some really cool people that speak Spanish and they were interested in meeting with us! So we'll get to teach them together in Spanish which will be so cool! 

The boiler at the church was broken on Sunday so it was so cold! I promise boiler problems are not this common in England... I think. Maybe it's just me! Church was really good though and we had a great testimony meeting. After church we visited Catherine since she had a family problem and couldn't come to church at the last minute. Then we visited Sarah and Jim Ross. We did some tracting as well, in the rain, before call ins. 

It was a good first week with Sister Pascua Duzon! I love her so much already! It's going to be a really good transfer together:) 
Have a great week! I can't wait to see you and Skype on Sunday! 
Sister Aubri Cebollero

1. Catherine and her family saying good-bye to Sister Butler

2. Saying good-bye to Sister Butler

3. We've become the best of friends! 

4. Hello to my new companion: Sister Pascua-Duzon from Spain

5. Enjoying our back garden and a break from the rain

6. The new district! Back: Elder Vaitoa (Samoa), Elder Wagnar (Washington)
Front: Me, Elder Jarvis (Arizona), Sister Pascua-Duzon (Spain), Elder Wallace (Utah)

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