Monday, May 30, 2016

Last Week in Nottingham

Monday night we went to Catherine's for family home evening. It started pouring on our way there and we didn't have our coats because the weather had been so nice so we got soaked through! We watched the restoration video with their family and talked about moving their baptism so that they can come to church and stay for the whole three hours. 

Tuesday was an amazing day! We visited a less active member in the morning. Then the STLs came over and we had a nice lunch together at our house and then heart attacked some members together. After that we went to do service for the ward members we helped paint last week. We were working in the back garden to cut down and remove this massive vine that had covered the green house. It was really hard work but we made it fun! On our way to dinner with bishop we had two mini miracles! The first one was that a less active member named Natalie that Sister Pascua used to work with here contacted us! She had been walking in Long Eaton and saw a house with a Book of Mormon and other pictures in the window (that's our house!), and then she went to American Nails to get her eyebrows done and she saw our restoration pamphlets there and she couldn't stop feeling like she needed to call us and talk about coming back to church. She was so surprised to hear Sister Pascua was here! Then when Sister Pascua was on the phone with her our friend Blaise walked around the corner! We haven't seen him all transfer because of exams and his phone being broken so I was so excited to see him and to have the chance to talk to him for a little bit! We had a really good dinner with Bishop and his wife, they are so funny! 

Wednesday we had our last district meeting of the transfer! I'll miss my best friends so much! Then we went to Chilwell to visit some members but they weren't in, so we just heart attacked them. We had a nice dinner with a part member family and then we had a really good English lesson. We love our Vietnamese friends so much! 

Thursday morning we went to Beeston to visit Stacey and get some hot chocolate with her and talk about coming back to church. She's just finished up her exams so she'll be able to meet a lot more now. Then Natalie picked us up and we had a really lovely visit with her. She's going through a really rough time in her life right now and was really sad. Even though it was my first time meeting her it was really heartbreaking to see so much anguish. She is really amazing and it was great to get back in contact with her. In the evening we had English lessons and then we took Catherine flowers and had a short visit with their family. 

Another Friday of service! This morning we had ward coordination at the Thomas house. Then we all stayed and helped them in their garden. It was a nice sunny day and we helped them trim all the hedges in their back garden. We didn't have a huge turnout for volleyball this weekend but it was still really fun! 

Saturday morning we visited with Flora and tried to avoid as many of her sweets as possible. Then we stopped by Catherine to see how they were doing and we walked back into town with them. In the afternoon, we saw Sarah and Jim and had a really nice lesson with them. They are hilarious and had us in tears from laughing so hard. Then we were going to have a picnic with Catherine and Natalie's families. Catherine wasn't able to come so it was just Natalie and her 4 year old Alicia. It was a beautiful day and we had a lovely picnic at the park in Long Eaton. We visited Catherine again at night to arrange for church. Isabel gave me a gift! We now have best friend Frozen key chains; mine has Elsa and hers has Anna! She's the cutest little best friend I've ever had! 

We had an amazing Sunday! Catherine came to church with all the kids! Isabel and Isaac both wanted to hold my hand the whole walk to church and it just melted my heart! They're adorable! The kids all loved primary! The missionaries all got to help with the sharing time and we played some really fun games! Sunday night we got transfer calls! I'm going to somewhere called Stanford! It is in the Leicester area (pronounced Lester). I will be with a Sister Spangler. And... We're WHITE-WASHING! Andddddd in two weeks Sister Wadsworth will join us and we will become a trio! MY LIFE IS CRAZY. I'M WHITE-WASHING AGAIN! I am seriously in so much shock right now. I'm really sad to leave this area but I'm excited for this new adventure. 5 weeks was not long enough with Sister Pascua! She is amazing and we have had such a good time together. Sister Pascua Duzon and Elder Vaitoa are staying here in Notts 4th Ward and Elder Wallace is going to Blackwood in Wales. Also I think I'm going to a car area and since my U.S. License is valid for a year, I may be driving. So pray for me because I've never driven on the other side of the road!
Have a good week everyone! 
Sister Aubri Cebollero 

1. Matching Filipino shirts from Mama Pascua Duzon

2. Isabel gave me a Best Friend charm

3. Picking flowers for Sister Thomas

4. Natalie and Alicia at our picnic
5. #notts4rhinos

6. Sarah and Jim Ross

7. Our 5 weeks was not long enough!

8. Lunch with the STLs

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