Monday, May 9, 2016

A Sunny Service week in England

It was a beautiful week in England! We walked all over but we had some beautiful warm weather blowing up from Spain. Shout-out to Sister Pascua's home for the warm weather! It was so nice to shed the big coats for a bit! Britain doesn't usually get too hot during the summer so we'll enjoy all the warm weather we can get! 

Tuesday we did a lot of finding. We visited some members and had a really good dinner appointment. Then we had a great lesson with Miriam and Tim! They ask so many deep questions and we couldn't have gotten through the lesson without relying on the Spirit. It's amazing how when you listen to the questions and pray for the Spirit to answer them, help comes just in the moment you need it! Then we had a great lesson with Catherine and her family. We had a little family scripture study with them and it was so lovely! The kids are so hilarious, we always leave laughing so hard. They're so adorable and they really love the Book of Mormon and taking turns reading and praying for the lessons. 

On Wednesday we had are really good district meeting! We did some finding in the afternoon. Then after our dinner we went to ward council. 

Thursday was the most beautiful day! Because of all the contrast of freezing cold to nice weather and all the bugs going around we were feeling really poorly. We had to take some time to rest and get better so that we could go out and work hard later. In the afternoon, we taught Lindsey from the ward. Then we heart-attacked some ward members before our dinner appointment. After dinner we taught English lessons. Then we taught Catherine and Tyler about the plan of salvation. Tyler wasn't there when the Elders taught Catherine this lesson and so he really loved it. He is counting down the days to their baptism and we just love them so much!

Friday was another day of beautiful weather, SO much walking and lots of service. We spent the morning setting up for a self-reliance workshop with the self-reliance senior missionaries. It was quite the project! Sister Pascua made us all some really good chili con carne for lunch. Then after we finished setting up we had stew for dinner with the Hulse's. We visited some members. And then the Notts 4 Ninjas (Elder Wallace & Vaitoa and Sister Pascua Duzon and Cebollero) heart attacked Catherine and some other people in the ward. We had such a fun time spreading our love! 

Saturday we helped out at the self-reliance workshop for a lot of the day. The heavens opened and we got the craziest downpour of rain when we were taking everything down after the activity. I've never seen it rain so hard! It was a nice warm rain due to the hot weather so of course we ran out and danced in it for a bit! 

Sunday after church we had lunch with the Thomas family. Then we were able to Skype our families for Mother's Day! It was so lovely to see my family and grandparents! I loved being able to talk to them for a bit :) 
Sister Aubri Cebollero

1. The Nottingham 4th Ward Missionaries

2. "Don't ask why Elder Vaitoa is wearing a Christmas jumper in May...we have no idea (this was before the heat kicked in and it was still wet and cold)!"

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