Monday, May 30, 2016

Last Week in Nottingham

Monday night we went to Catherine's for family home evening. It started pouring on our way there and we didn't have our coats because the weather had been so nice so we got soaked through! We watched the restoration video with their family and talked about moving their baptism so that they can come to church and stay for the whole three hours. 

Tuesday was an amazing day! We visited a less active member in the morning. Then the STLs came over and we had a nice lunch together at our house and then heart attacked some members together. After that we went to do service for the ward members we helped paint last week. We were working in the back garden to cut down and remove this massive vine that had covered the green house. It was really hard work but we made it fun! On our way to dinner with bishop we had two mini miracles! The first one was that a less active member named Natalie that Sister Pascua used to work with here contacted us! She had been walking in Long Eaton and saw a house with a Book of Mormon and other pictures in the window (that's our house!), and then she went to American Nails to get her eyebrows done and she saw our restoration pamphlets there and she couldn't stop feeling like she needed to call us and talk about coming back to church. She was so surprised to hear Sister Pascua was here! Then when Sister Pascua was on the phone with her our friend Blaise walked around the corner! We haven't seen him all transfer because of exams and his phone being broken so I was so excited to see him and to have the chance to talk to him for a little bit! We had a really good dinner with Bishop and his wife, they are so funny! 

Wednesday we had our last district meeting of the transfer! I'll miss my best friends so much! Then we went to Chilwell to visit some members but they weren't in, so we just heart attacked them. We had a nice dinner with a part member family and then we had a really good English lesson. We love our Vietnamese friends so much! 

Thursday morning we went to Beeston to visit Stacey and get some hot chocolate with her and talk about coming back to church. She's just finished up her exams so she'll be able to meet a lot more now. Then Natalie picked us up and we had a really lovely visit with her. She's going through a really rough time in her life right now and was really sad. Even though it was my first time meeting her it was really heartbreaking to see so much anguish. She is really amazing and it was great to get back in contact with her. In the evening we had English lessons and then we took Catherine flowers and had a short visit with their family. 

Another Friday of service! This morning we had ward coordination at the Thomas house. Then we all stayed and helped them in their garden. It was a nice sunny day and we helped them trim all the hedges in their back garden. We didn't have a huge turnout for volleyball this weekend but it was still really fun! 

Saturday morning we visited with Flora and tried to avoid as many of her sweets as possible. Then we stopped by Catherine to see how they were doing and we walked back into town with them. In the afternoon, we saw Sarah and Jim and had a really nice lesson with them. They are hilarious and had us in tears from laughing so hard. Then we were going to have a picnic with Catherine and Natalie's families. Catherine wasn't able to come so it was just Natalie and her 4 year old Alicia. It was a beautiful day and we had a lovely picnic at the park in Long Eaton. We visited Catherine again at night to arrange for church. Isabel gave me a gift! We now have best friend Frozen key chains; mine has Elsa and hers has Anna! She's the cutest little best friend I've ever had! 

We had an amazing Sunday! Catherine came to church with all the kids! Isabel and Isaac both wanted to hold my hand the whole walk to church and it just melted my heart! They're adorable! The kids all loved primary! The missionaries all got to help with the sharing time and we played some really fun games! Sunday night we got transfer calls! I'm going to somewhere called Stanford! It is in the Leicester area (pronounced Lester). I will be with a Sister Spangler. And... We're WHITE-WASHING! Andddddd in two weeks Sister Wadsworth will join us and we will become a trio! MY LIFE IS CRAZY. I'M WHITE-WASHING AGAIN! I am seriously in so much shock right now. I'm really sad to leave this area but I'm excited for this new adventure. 5 weeks was not long enough with Sister Pascua! She is amazing and we have had such a good time together. Sister Pascua Duzon and Elder Vaitoa are staying here in Notts 4th Ward and Elder Wallace is going to Blackwood in Wales. Also I think I'm going to a car area and since my U.S. License is valid for a year, I may be driving. So pray for me because I've never driven on the other side of the road!
Have a good week everyone! 
Sister Aubri Cebollero 

1. Matching Filipino shirts from Mama Pascua Duzon

2. Isabel gave me a Best Friend charm

3. Picking flowers for Sister Thomas

4. Natalie and Alicia at our picnic
5. #notts4rhinos

6. Sarah and Jim Ross

7. Our 5 weeks was not long enough!

8. Lunch with the STLs

Monday, May 23, 2016

Serving with a Smile

Monday night after P-day we went on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders, Sister Marsden and Sister Scherf. Sister Marsden was also trained by Sister Butler so it was really fun to get to know her better! Sister Marsden and I heart-attacked some families in their ward and did some tracting together. Monday night I started to feel a bit sick. Tuesday it was apparent that I caught the flu bug Catherine's family had. I had to stay in for the day and so Sister Scherf stayed with me so that I could rest and get better. 

Wednesday we went and saw Flora again. We brought a returned missionary in the ward with us. It was a really good idea because every time she brought out more food or tried to force feed us we just told her we were full but Adam would love more. It was a really good plan! Wednesday night we taught English lessons again and they went really well. We are still teaching them the restoration after English lessons which has been a really great experience. Then we saw Catherine and Tyler with Sam, our ward mission leader, for a lesson.

Thursday we had district meeting and interviews with President and Sister Leppard. I know I say this every time we see them... But they are just amazing! I love them so much! It was so good to be able to see them and talk to them. We travelled home after our district lunch together. We visited some members and did some heart-attacking when we got back. Then we taught English lessons again which is always really fun. 

Friday we helped some ward members paint their new house. They bought a huge project house. A hoarder used to own it so we've been helping them clear it out and we helped them start painting the upstairs. It was a really fun service project! The Hulse's came over for our house check and then we had our missionary stew with them. Then we went to volleyball. There were SO many people there this week so we had three teams. It was really good and I actually played alright this week. 

Saturday morning we did some weekly planning. Then for lunch we went to a stake picnic at our stake centre. The weather was a bit windy and cold and then halfway through the picnic it started pouring rain so we went inside! It was a really good! We stopped by Catherine when we got back and helped her with the groceries. She was having a really hard weekend so we just comforted her a lot and tried to help.

We had a really productive Sunday! It was a really sunny day as well, which is always a treat in England! Sister Pascua Duzon gave a talk on family history and temples which was really good. Then we went to Beeston and visited formers, a few member families and heart-attacked some other member families in the area. We walked all over Beeston! Then we had dinner with the American family that is temporarily in the ward. They made some really good shrimp curry! Then we went to visit Catherine because she was having a really bad day. She hadn't been able to come to church again due to her husband and the kids. She had the most horrible weekend and she just cried and cried. It was so hard to see her like that because she is an AMAZING mother and she is so strong. So I just cried with her and we tried our best to help comfort her and the kids. It was absolutely heart breaking to see our family like that. 

We had a good Pday today! We went into Nottingham and went to the castle museum!   My first castle in England! 
Hope you all have a fantastic week! Love you!
Sister Aubri Cebollero

1. Sister Cebollero's tag picture at Nottingham Castle

2. Beautiful Nottinghamshire

3. Interview day!

4. Companions in beautiful Nottingham

5. District Meeting with Elder Williams visiting from Derby

6. Best friends! 

7. Nottingham 4 team

8. Nottingham Castle (Robin Hood's)
Finally got to go on a tour inside!!

9. Peasants having a little snack!

10. Beautiful Walkway

11. We were both trained by the amazing Sister Butler so we made her a video
(Sister Marsden and Sister Ceb)

12. Another tag pic!

13. We love teaching English to our Vietnamese friends
14. Exploring the castle grounds

Monday, May 16, 2016

Another Wet British Week

On Monday night we got to teach our three Vietnamese nail experts English lessons again. They are so sweet and our lessons are hilarious! Then our next lesson cancelled so we ran (literally) from long Eaton to FHE in the next village, Toton. We got there just for the last bit but it was really fun!

Tuesday was "adios" to the beautiful warm Spanish weather and hello to the stereotypical British weather. So basically it rained allllll day! We couldn't let the hard rain stop us from working hard though! We started the morning with some district finding in Beeston. We all worked together in the town centre and stopped people in the rain. Fun fact- Even less people than usual will stop and talk when it's raining….it helped to have all 6 of us working together to stay motivated! We had a district lunch after finding. Then we got a break from the rain to teach one of sister Pascua's former investigators Jovanio from Anglola. He is studying at the university and just like all the other people I've met from Africa, he knows the bible SO well so we had a great discussion. Tuesday night we got to teach Miriam and Tim again. We brought Sister Ford with us because she was previously a Methodist. We had another great lesson with them focusing on the questions. They have such a sincere desire to find out the truth and they are so amazing! I've also learned so much in preparation for their lessons each week! Then we saw Catherine and Tyler and had a lesson about baptism and church. We decided to move their baptism back two weeks so they can come to church a few more times. 

A very wet Wednesday this week! We had zone meeting at the stake centre. It was a really good meeting but it really went over by a lot of time. We received the two new missionary pamphlets- families and temples and learning and serving in the church. They're really nice and will be so helpful in teaching those lessons. By the time we got back to long Eaton we had to rush to our dinner appointment. We had dinner with bishop and sister Carrington and it was really good to spend that time with them. We did some tracting by their house for the rest of the night. 

Thursday morning, we had ward coordination. Then we all had lunch together at the church. We went and visited Jane and of course her parrot Solo pooped on me...again. Supposedly that's good luck and so I think I've received enough good luck from solo over the last few months to last me a lifetime! Then we did some tracting and unfortunately had no good luck. After dinner we taught English lessons. We received Vietnamese supplies yesterday so we were able to have them read the restoration leaflet in English and compare in Vietnamese to practice their reading skills. They were so excited and they loved what we read in the pamphlet! Then we taught Catherine and her family again.

Friday morning we went to Beeston to teach a former investigator of Sister Pascua. He wasn't home so we decided to visit a less active member named Neil the sisters used to visit that lived nearby. He wasn't home either so we started walking back into town when we ran into Neil! We were in the right place at the right time to still able to have a lesson with him even though he hadn't been in. We went to Stapleford and visited a lot of different members. Then we had dinner with Gabriella, a member from Hungary. She made us some really good Hungarian food! We decided to catch a bus from there to get to the church faster for volleyball. But someone on the bus passed out so we stopped to wait for an ambulance so we ended up getting off and walking for a while to the church. Volleyball was really fun! We haven't had it for a few weeks due to different activities so we had a really good turnout.

Saturday morning we saw Flora. It's always an interesting visit when we go to see Flora. We stopped by some other members and then had lunch. We did our weekly planning and then went to teach Catherine and Tyler. They weren't in so we visited some members that live close by and then we tried again. We miraculously ran into them walking to their friend’s house so we walked with them for a bit and had a short lesson. 

Sunday morning we found out that Catherine had caught the flu bug and was throwing up so she wasn't able to come to church again. There has seriously been SO much opposition with her coming to church each Sunday! We were feeling pretty discouraged the rest of the day that they weren't able to come. After church we had lunch with Katrina, an American in the ward studying at the university. We visited some members in the afternoon and tried to see Catherine when we got back to Long Eaton but they were resting.  

All in all it was a pretty good week here in Nottingham! Love you all and hope you have a lovely week!
Sister Cebollero 

1.  Because the ice cream trucks in England have soft serve ice cream and sometimes missionaries just deserve ice cream!!
2. Sister Cebollero and Sister Pascua

3. Sports day today!  We played American football, rugby, and football (soccer)!
This group is our district, with the STLs (sister training leaders) and their district leader.
In picture above: Top: Elder Jarvis (Arizona), Back Row: Elder Stokes (Orem, UT), Elder Wagnar (Washington), Me, Sister Marsden (Idaho), Sister Scherf (Holland), Elder Vaitoa (Samoa)
Front: Elder Wallace (Utah), Elder Ferran (Utah), Sister Pascua Duzon (Spain)

4. Enjoying a rare sunny p-day! 

5. Notts 4 squad!

6/7. Nottingham Zone

Monday, May 9, 2016

A Sunny Service week in England

It was a beautiful week in England! We walked all over but we had some beautiful warm weather blowing up from Spain. Shout-out to Sister Pascua's home for the warm weather! It was so nice to shed the big coats for a bit! Britain doesn't usually get too hot during the summer so we'll enjoy all the warm weather we can get! 

Tuesday we did a lot of finding. We visited some members and had a really good dinner appointment. Then we had a great lesson with Miriam and Tim! They ask so many deep questions and we couldn't have gotten through the lesson without relying on the Spirit. It's amazing how when you listen to the questions and pray for the Spirit to answer them, help comes just in the moment you need it! Then we had a great lesson with Catherine and her family. We had a little family scripture study with them and it was so lovely! The kids are so hilarious, we always leave laughing so hard. They're so adorable and they really love the Book of Mormon and taking turns reading and praying for the lessons. 

On Wednesday we had are really good district meeting! We did some finding in the afternoon. Then after our dinner we went to ward council. 

Thursday was the most beautiful day! Because of all the contrast of freezing cold to nice weather and all the bugs going around we were feeling really poorly. We had to take some time to rest and get better so that we could go out and work hard later. In the afternoon, we taught Lindsey from the ward. Then we heart-attacked some ward members before our dinner appointment. After dinner we taught English lessons. Then we taught Catherine and Tyler about the plan of salvation. Tyler wasn't there when the Elders taught Catherine this lesson and so he really loved it. He is counting down the days to their baptism and we just love them so much!

Friday was another day of beautiful weather, SO much walking and lots of service. We spent the morning setting up for a self-reliance workshop with the self-reliance senior missionaries. It was quite the project! Sister Pascua made us all some really good chili con carne for lunch. Then after we finished setting up we had stew for dinner with the Hulse's. We visited some members. And then the Notts 4 Ninjas (Elder Wallace & Vaitoa and Sister Pascua Duzon and Cebollero) heart attacked Catherine and some other people in the ward. We had such a fun time spreading our love! 

Saturday we helped out at the self-reliance workshop for a lot of the day. The heavens opened and we got the craziest downpour of rain when we were taking everything down after the activity. I've never seen it rain so hard! It was a nice warm rain due to the hot weather so of course we ran out and danced in it for a bit! 

Sunday after church we had lunch with the Thomas family. Then we were able to Skype our families for Mother's Day! It was so lovely to see my family and grandparents! I loved being able to talk to them for a bit :) 
Sister Aubri Cebollero

1. The Nottingham 4th Ward Missionaries

2. "Don't ask why Elder Vaitoa is wearing a Christmas jumper in May...we have no idea (this was before the heat kicked in and it was still wet and cold)!"

Monday, May 2, 2016

A New Chapter in Nottingham

Monday night we taught English to our Vietnamese friends. They own a nail salon so they did our nails for free while we taught them English. Then we taught Catherine for Sister Butler's last time. Little Isabel was so sad to say goodbye. She was just crying and crying when we left. Then we visited with the Hulse's. 

Tuesday morning we got up early to finish packing and we travelled to Nottingham. We met the other missionaries leaving at the train station and waited for their coach. Sister Butler's group had about 11 sister missionaries leaving and there aren't as many coming into the mission lately so two of the sister areas in our zone got shut down. It was really sad for all of them to be leaving their areas and our zone. It was so hard to say goodbye to Sister Butler!  I was on exchange in Nottingham city all day with Sister Scherf and Sister Price while we waited for our new companions. I was starting to get really nervous about being with a new companion, but ever since Sister Pascua Duzon (She’s from the Philippines but was raised in Spain since the age of 2) got off the coach and ran to give me a big hug, I've been fine. We got back to Long Eaton (our area) to drop off her luggage and then we headed to the church for young women's. Everyone was so excited and surprised to see Sister Pascua again (she served in Nottingham earlier in her mission). The ward's reactions to having her back were quite hilarious. 

The weather this week was SO crazy cold! Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we had lots of rain, hail and even a little snow. Wednesday we had coordination at the chapel and then had lunch with the elders. We visited a lot of ward members and since our dinner appointment had cancelled one of the sisters we stopped by gave us some food to take home and cook so we would still have a nice dinner. It was such a tender mercy because I had no idea what we were going to go home and make.

Thursday we had district meeting. We lost Elder Kmetzsch in our district and now our new zone leader is Elder Jarvis from Arizona. We have a really fun district and it's going to be a great transfer together! We had a really good district meeting and lunch. Then we visited Jane. She was absolutely ecstatic to see Sister Pascua! She was sad to lose Sister Butler so she couldn't believe Heavenly Father had sent back a sister to help her that she already knew and so she was just beaming.  We visited Flora and got our usual overload of hot chocolate and sweets. Then we had a big dinner with a new sister in the ward who offered to give Catherine and her family a lift to church every Sunday!

Friday we did our weekly planning. Then we had our stew dinner with the Hulse's. We had our first lesson together with Catherine and it went really well! 

Saturday we went to Beeston which is where the sisters used to live when Sister Pascua Duzon was here before. We spent the day trying to contact some of her former investigators but none of them were in. We had lunch with Stacey who was baptized when Sister Pascua was here. She is in university and has been busy with that but we are excited to work with her to help her come back to church. We had dinner with a Canadian family in our ward and it was really good. We stopped some really cool people that speak Spanish and they were interested in meeting with us! So we'll get to teach them together in Spanish which will be so cool! 

The boiler at the church was broken on Sunday so it was so cold! I promise boiler problems are not this common in England... I think. Maybe it's just me! Church was really good though and we had a great testimony meeting. After church we visited Catherine since she had a family problem and couldn't come to church at the last minute. Then we visited Sarah and Jim Ross. We did some tracting as well, in the rain, before call ins. 

It was a good first week with Sister Pascua Duzon! I love her so much already! It's going to be a really good transfer together:) 
Have a great week! I can't wait to see you and Skype on Sunday! 
Sister Aubri Cebollero

1. Catherine and her family saying good-bye to Sister Butler

2. Saying good-bye to Sister Butler

3. We've become the best of friends! 

4. Hello to my new companion: Sister Pascua-Duzon from Spain

5. Enjoying our back garden and a break from the rain

6. The new district! Back: Elder Vaitoa (Samoa), Elder Wagnar (Washington)
Front: Me, Elder Jarvis (Arizona), Sister Pascua-Duzon (Spain), Elder Wallace (Utah)