Saturday, April 2, 2016

The BEST "Good Friday"

This week started out a little rocky but overall we had a really good week! 

As a missionary your entire day to day life seems to revolve around the agency of other people. Tuesday was one of those days where everything seemed to be going wrong and it was all out of our control. In the morning we went and volunteered at the horse stables again. It's really hard work and like I mentioned last week, really smelly. We were completely exhausted when we finished and it was only noon. Then we finally got to teach Daniel again. We taught him the plan of salvation and it went pretty well! That was the good part of our day! Then we needed to get to a member’s house for dinner. We were on a bus there because they were going to give us a lift to the church for a meeting. They let us know they couldn't and they live about an hour walk from the church. So we headed back to get our bikes and rushed there as fast as we could. We thought we were just a few minutes late but there had been a miscommunication about what time we were coming and so they thought we were very late. Then we got a call from a member who had also made us dinner. We had told her we could only do Wednesday but she got confused and thought Tuesday so she was disappointed as well. Then because we had to bike we completely missed the church meeting. Sometimes people seem to forget that while missionaries represent the most perfect person to ever walk the earth, we ourselves are not perfect. Whitewashing into an area really makes you realize this because we have no source of passed down knowledge of the area to help us. We don't know the shortcuts from village to village and sometimes we are late. We were being really hard on ourselves Tuesday night due to everything that went wrong so the Elders gave us a blessing when we made it to the church and it really helped. Then we got some Ben & Jerrys and cried it out and that helped as well.

Wednesday was a bright new day! We were going to teach Blaise but he didn't show up and we were unable to get ahold of him. We went to visit our friend Sam, who has been coming to volleyball each week, at his work. We wanted to try an English chocolate bar that we hadn't had yet. So we all picked one out and we gave him a piece to try. As he was chewing, he was like… oh this better not have nuts, I'm allergic! And it did, so we felt soooo bad! We basically almost killed him but I think he is fine. Then we taught our friend Lacey for the first time. She's from AMERICA! She was born in Alabama but moved to England when she was 10. And she's just so friendly and she has a young son! We shared an Easter message with her and she really liked it. We visited Flora who of course overloaded us on hot cocoa and sponge cakes. And always ice cream or we aren't allowed to leave. She was offended by a member nine years ago and is still holding on to it. We're trying to help her forgive and recognize the importance of coming to church. Then the STLs picked us up to stay over and use their showers. 

Thursday we had district meeting and it was really good! We traveled back to our area ad decided to do a power hour of talking to people in town. As we turned the corner out of our street I stopped a man and we started talking. He said "wow, as soon as you girls turned the corner I could tell you had something I don't have- you are just so happy!" His name is Rob and we had a great conversation and he was really interested! Then we taught Catherine about the word of wisdom. She is just progressing so great! She came up with the idea to buy a brand of tea she doesn't like so when her friends come over and want some she won't be tempted!  After that we went to visit Sarah and Jim Ross again who has cancer. We made them homemade macaroni for dinner. 

We had such a GOOD Friday! (Haha see what I did there?) but really, Good Friday was like the best. In the morning we met with a returning member and we brought her flowers because we felt bad about not making it for dinner Tuesday. She had felt bad as well and bought us chocolate Easter eggs. Then we went to Beeston for a town Easter service and parade with all different faiths and met the Elders there. We needed to get lunch but we didn't know what to do. We started walking towards Subway and as we passed a chip shop, Elder Wallace was trying to decide if that's what he wanted to do instead. This English man came out of nowhere and was like yeah, you definitely want a chippie! And ya know what I'll pay! I'll pay for all of you, come get whatever you'd like! And we were like why?? And he just said "well don't you spend all day doing good?" And we said yes. And he just said well there ya go, it's my turn to do something nice. And he just paid and before we could even talk more he left! It was so cool because we hadn't planned for lunch and had forgotten to pack some. And on the bus Sister Butler said the Lord will provide and we'll figure something out, and we did! And it was also the most beautiful sunny day all day! And then we got a call that our heating and hot water was all sorted out! So many miracles! After volleyball the STLs picked us up for exchanges. 

Saturday we had exchanges all day. We cleaned their church in the morning for some service. Then I went with Sister Mousely for a lesson but they didn't come. So we tracted a road called Alma road! Then I went with Sister Scherf to help a recent convert who is a single mother clean her house. We walked back to their house in the biggest downpour of rain I've ever experienced! We were soaked through! Then we made dinner and did 12 weeks study. Then since she is from Holland she had to do language study so we watched part of Meet the Mormons. Then they took us back to our warm house and we moved our mattresses up to our rooms again!

Easter Sunday was so great! One of the hymns we sang at church was I Know That My Redeemer Lives and the spirit was so strong! It truly brought the real meaning of Easter in. Catherine came to church and she really loved it! Sister Butler gave a talk on the resurrection and it was really good. Then we taught sharing time in primary about Easter. After church we visited the Ross family again and they made us lunch. Then we did our weekly planning and had dinner at home. 

I am SO EXCITED for conference this weekend! I've been studying the talks from last conference and I can't wait to receive more inspired guidance from the Prophet and apostles! We don't get to watch every session due to the time change, so enjoy every minute for me! Have a great week! 

Sister Cebollero 

1.An Easter treat from a ward member

2. Tracting with Sister Mousely on Alma Road

3/4. Having Chippies with the Elders after a nice man offered to buy us all lunch for helping others!

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  1. Hi there!! I so enjoyed reading your blog ! My boy is also serving in the Birminham England mission (E LoganBowen) it's nice to get a glimpse of your week. Thanks so much! :)) praying for your health and safety !
    Sister Marilyn Bowen
    Panama City Florida