Monday, April 4, 2016

Conference Weekend with Catherine!

Monday night we had family home evening with the Brother and Sister Hulse because it was a bank holiday so the ward one was cancelled. Brother Hulse gave a really good lesson about the sacrament. Then we tried to play a British trivia game but none of us did very well. It was quite funny and we had a really nice time with them. 

Tuesday morning our boiler stopped working again...surprise! It was quite a rainy and cold day. We visited a member named Jane and her seven parrots to cheer her up. Then we went and visited the family in the ward from Indiana because we really needed some America friendliness after a long day of street contacting. It was just what we needed and we had a great discussion about conference. Then we had dinner with a returning member and taught her the restoration. 

Wednesday we visited with Jane again in the morning. Then we had ward coordination. We visited a less active member. She hadn't heard that there were sisters in the area again so she was so shocked and excited when we knocked on her door. We had a really good dinner with a part member family. Then we went to teach Catherine about tithing. As a single mother it will be very hard for her, and she was very troubled about it. But she was willing to pray about it. 

Thursday was a very busy day. Overall we visited 12 less active or part member families throughout the day. We biked all over our area and it was really productive day! We had so many great visits. The members that made us diner made a homemade lemon meringue pie and it was heavenly! 

Friday morning we had district meeting and lunch. Then we went to the Ross home to do service for them. They took us to the Hulse's for our missionary stew. We took some members cookies because their son has been in hospital. Then we went to volleyball at the church. We had a really good turn out! 

Saturday morning we visited with a referral from another ward. Her name is Beverley and her husband recently passed away. She has never been religious so she wasn't sure if it is her time yet, but she was very touched by the message we shared with her. We had been struggling all week to find Catherine and her three kids a ride to the stake centre for conference and we finally found someone who was willing. Then we had lunch with the Khwaja family. Sister Khwaja used to be a chef so everything she cooks for us is amazing. We had vegetarian lasagna and homemade garlic bread. She invited a family friend that just moved into the ward and has been less active for the last few years so it was really great to get to know her. Then we headed to the Nottingham chapel for general conference! From 5-7 pm we watched the Saturday morning session live. It was so good! We got a text from Catherine that she was still very troubled about tithing because ten percent of her income is what she puts toward her housing each month. She said that she didn't think she would be able to meet with us again. We were walking down a footpath with the elders to a tram when we got her text so we all knelt down and prayed. We asked her to still come to conference and continue to pray about it and she agreed! We love her so much and we were so thankful that our prayers for her were answered. 

Sunday we biked around gathering booster seats for Catherine's kids to be able to ride to conference. Then we bused to the stake centre. From 1-3 pm we watched the Saturday afternoon session that had been recorded because it had been on too late for us to stay up. Catherine and her three kids came to that session and they really enjoyed it! Then we all had lunch at the church. From 5-7 we watched the Sunday morning session live.  It was such an amazing conference! We weren't able to watch the Sunday afternoon session so I'm really excited to read all the talks we missed. A member gave us a ride home and we did our weekly call ins. Catherine sent us a message that she was so glad she came to conference, and so were we! It was truly an answer to our prayers that we were able to put together a ride for her family. 

We really focused on getting to know a lot more of the members and less active members and so it was a really great week. We still don't have heating, but the hot water works long enough for us to shower, so we're happy with that. Someone will come tomorrow to look at the boiler again so hopefully we can get it fixed permanently. 

Sister Cebollero 

1. Sister Cebollero holding one of Jane's parrots. 

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  1. Sounds like a great week Sister. Love the parrot.
    - Bro Heiner