Monday, April 18, 2016

"Challenge Week" = Miracle Week

CHALLENGE WEEEEEEK! Aka miracle week for the EBM! This week we had a mission wide challenge week for the first time ever! Each morning we got three challenges from the APs and one from President Leppard. It made for a really busy and exhausting week, but also a week of miracles. Each day we would get voicemails and hear all about the miracles happening all over the mission as missionaries completed these challenges. Sister Butler and I made a goal to get 100% on all of the challenges and with the help of the Lord we were able to meet our goal! 

One of the challenges on Monday was to have a member pray about a street for us to tract, tract the street and report back to them. We asked a sister to do this for us and she gave us six streets to tract near our house. We found a few families to teach when we tracted Monday night on those streets and it was definitely where Heavenly Father wanted us to be that night! 

Tuesday we had to take a selfie with 7 random people, write and take a thank you note to the bishop, find and teach 2 new investigators and find 4 potential investigators. We did more tracting in the morning. Then we had lunch with the Ross family and did service for them. We had a nice dinner with the Ford family. Then we taught Miriam and Tim for the first time. They have been married for one year and are so fun to teach so it went really well! We took the thank you note to bishop and joined the young women for youth night at the park. 

Wednesday was a very busy day! The challenges were to visit two part member families we had never contacted before, have a member come to a lesson, and have a dance off in the street with a stranger and video it. We had coordination in the morning. Then we rushed to a lunch with the Khwaja family. We had high tea finger foods so it was a very British meal. Then we taught Catherine with Sister Ford which was amazing! It turned out that Sister Ford was in the exact position as a single mother when she joined the church and was also afraid of water, just like Catherine! The spirit was so strong with Sister Ford there to testify! We had dinner with President Gray and his family and they were able to give us two less active part member families in their area to go visit. We were having the hardest time finding someone that would agree to have a dance off! But we finally found a lady who agreed and I had a dance off with her. 

Thursday we were to invite 6 people to church who had never been before, take a member finding for 30 minutes, give out 3 Books of Mormon and have a stranger draw a portrait of you on a pass-along card. We had district meeting in the morning. Then we took a returned missionary finding with us and it was really good! We had a crazy busy day but were still able to accomplish all of the challenges.

Friday was the wettest day I've ever experienced in my life! It was extremely rainy all day! One of our challenges was to pet 10 cats! We usually see so many cats but because of the downpour it was SO HARD! We had 3 members write their testimonies in Books of Mormon and gave those out throughout the day. We also committed Catherine and Tyler to a baptismal date in May! But we were having the hardest time with the cat challenge. After volleyball it was still pouring, we had to be in soon and we still needed four cats! We remembered a member near us had three so we biked in the pouring rain and rushed there. Then we saw that her neighbor had a cat in the window so we knocked on their door and asked to pet it. We were completely wet when we got home!

Saturday we were to teach six lessons, find five potentials by showing them our family history fan chart, and teach the restoration in a member’s home we'd never been in before. We had a lot of lessons already set up so that one was really easy. We had a good visit with a family to talk about the restoration in their home. The family history finding was really cool because every conversation we started with that the people always turned it to religion without us even bringing it up!

Sunday I gave a talk in church on the sacrament. The Italian bus driver Tito that loves us came to the last part of church! Our challenges were to get 5 dinner appointments for the week, stop by two members, get two referrals and contact them and find two new families to teach. We accomplished the first three really easily but we were having the hardest time finding two new families and we were quickly running out of time. We prayed and told Heavenly Father that even if we found two families we would keep tracting and not go home because we'd finished the challenges. We found two amazing families! And the next door we knocked on we tracted into a less active member we'd been introduced to and had been trying to get ahold of for a few weeks! It was such a miracle! 

We found out Sunday night that we tied at 100% with a few other companionships so this morning we got a call that the first to find a potential and call in would be the winners. We're still waiting to find out if we won, but we're feeling really accomplished for getting all of the challenges done. It was so hard but we did it! 

Have a great week! 
Sister Cebollero
1. Wollaton Hall where Batman was filmed

2. #the district

3. L to R: Sister Butler/South Carolina, Sister Cebollero/Utah, Elder Vaitoa/Samoa, Elder Wallace/Utah, Elder Kmetzsch/Utah, Elder Wagner/Washington
4. Wollaton Hall was beautiful inside and out! Inside, there were a bunch of taxidermy animals, like a giraffe, gorilla, lion, etc.

5. Such a beautiful home! 

6. Sister Butler and Sister Cebollero in front of Wollaton Hall, where they toured today on P-Day. Sister Butler finishes her mission next week.

7. Panorama of Wollaston Hall

8. Deer Park at Wollaton Hall (Aubri's grandma emailed the Deer Park and asked what kind of deer were in the picture because Grandpa really wanted to know.  They replied they were Fallow Deer, not native to England but were introduced as early as 1st century AD from SW Asia.)

9. The deer at Wollaton Hall

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