Monday, April 25, 2016

Last week with my Mum!

My final week with Sister Butler has come to an end! What an amazing two transfers together!

Tuesday we visited Jane in the morning. Then we did a lot of street contacting. We had a really good dinner with the Johnson family. Then we had an amazing lesson with Miriam and Tim about the Plan of Salvation. Then we started teaching an English class for some Vietnamese people that live by us. They are so nice! Sister Butler and I had no idea where to start or how to teach them English but it went really good!

Wednesday was my three month mark in England, I can't believe how fast it has gone! We watched a conference talk with Jane in the morning. Then for lunch we got some burgers and ice cream in town to celebrate. We street contacted and then had a district meeting. Our district is like a little family. We've grown so close and I love them all so much. Then we taught English to the Hungarians in our ward. We were invited to have dinner with our new friend Irum. She is from Pakistan and it was the best food I've ever had! She made different kinds of curry and Asian food and it was all heavenly! She is so prepared to receive the gospel and it was truly a miracle that we met her last week during challenge week. We also met her sister and brother in law and found out that they not only used to meet with the elders but they live on our street! We're so excited to meet more with both families!

Thursday was the Queen's birthday so there were lots of celebrations going on. We visited Jane in the morning. Then we had ward coordination at the church. We had a good visit with a member who has been poorly. Then after our dinner appointment we went to see our good friend Lindsey from the ward for her birthday. We took her brownies and she gave us some flowers to plant in our garden.

Friday, Sister Butler and the other sisters in our zone going home had to go to Birmingham for their departing interviews. So I was in a trio exchange with Sister Scherf and Sister Dignos. It was a really fun day and we had a good time together in the STLs area. Then Sister Butler and I rushed back to our area for our dinner appointment. We went to volleyball and celebrated a young women's birthday after the game night. 

Saturday we biked all over back and forth all day long! It was so exhausting! We helped the ward move a member into his new house, taught a few lessons and then went back to help move again. We tried to take some shortcuts from the different towns but kept getting lost. We had more lessons in the afternoon and a dinner appointment. Then we visited Alicia and did some service for her. We had a lesson with Catherine as well that was so great! She said we've become a part of their little family. The kids are really sad that Sister Butler has to go home. We've seen so much growth in them the last few months and they are doing so good! 

Sunday we did weekly planning while Sister Butler packed for most of the day. We had a great dinner with the Thomas family. Then I found out who my next companion will be! Sister Pascua-Duzon from EspaƱa (Spain) will be my next companion! She was Sister Butler's last companion and previously served in this ward for 6 months when the sisters had a flat in Beeston.  Everyone will be so excited to have her back because we hear about how much they love her all the time. It was so crazy because at dinner with the Thomas's they had actually all joked about her coming back here and being my companion so we couldn't believe it was actually happening. Elder Vaitoa and Elder Wallace are also both staying in the ward so our little family is mostly staying the same!

It will be sad to see Sister Butler go but I'm excited for the change and all that awaits this next transfer! Love you all, have a lovely week!
Sister Aubri Cebollero 

1. Happy Birthday to the Queen from Nottingham 
2. Celebrating 3 months in England

3. Giant Sister Exchange for departing interviews (Back: Me, Sister Scherf from Holland, Sister Walker from England, Sister Mousely from Utah, Sister Melville from Scotland, Sister Gillette from Arizona, Sister Butler from South Carolina, and Sister Dignos from Phillipines

4. The Thomas Family in Nottingham

5. Our ward volleyball group

6. I "mustache" you a question? Are you my new companion? Meet Sister Pascua-Duzon From Espana (Spain)! She will be my new companion this week when Sister Butler leaves and we just happened to pose together for this picture a few weeks ago! 

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