Monday, April 11, 2016

Bangers and Mash and a Bike Smash!

Another week in Nottingham has come and gone in the blink of an eye! 
Monday night after P-day we had family home evening with the Priest family. Sister Priest has five kids and her oldest son is getting ready to start his mission forms. We did the lesson on general conference and then they were in charge of the game. We played the pie face game! Sister Butler got creamed in the face the first time she turned it every round and it was really funny. We had a great time with their family. 

Tuesday morning we visited Jane again to keep cheering her up. We're getting less and less terrified of all the parrots! One even sat on my head during the lesson. Then we went to the Ross home and watched President Uchtdorf's conference talk with them. They really loved it and Sarah really recognized that the talk was meant for her. We visited Flora again and we have been re-teaching her the lessons. And of course we can never leave until we've finished off tons of sweets and ice cream. And Tuesday our boiler got fixed (and it's still working so yay!) 

Wednesday we had a double district meeting with another district that President and Sister Leppard came to! The training they gave was really good and it was so great to see them! The whole mission got new phones that are really posh and so that was exciting as well! And I got an Easter package from my family that had Girl Scout cookies in it so it was pretty much like Christmas! 

On Thursday morning we had ward coordination. Then the elders showed us a biking shortcut to a neighboring town because we were running late to meet a less active member for lunch. We rushed there and we were so exhausted from all the biking that day. And when we got there she called and cancelled. So we just biked back home to have a quick lunch there. Then we biked all the way back to that area to visit some referrals we needed to contact. We had a really good dinner appointment with Sister West and ate bangers and mash! Then we had the best lesson ever with Catherine! We followed up on tithing and taught about fast offerings. And we brought Bishop with us because he is a pretty recent convert and has had lots of amazing experiences from paying tithing. Her ten year old son Tyler was really involved and has really been wanting to be baptized since the Elders first went over. It was such an amazing lesson and Catherine and Tyler both agreed to fast on Sunday about what day to be baptized! 

Friday we had a zone conference in Nottingham. There was lots of really good training and Sister Butler gave her departing testimony since she will be going home in two weeks. We visited some members and went to volleyball that night. Then we did the old type of missionary exchanges. Sister Scherf came to our area to stay with me and Sister Butler went to her area, which meant I was leading out for our area for 24 hours. 

It was so weird to not be with Sister Butler at all on Saturday! Sister Scherf and I visited with Jane and the Ross family. It went really well with both of them. We did lots of tracting and street contacting in the rain. Then we got to have dinner with the Thomas family! They are the best! 

We had a really great Sunday! Catherine was unfortunately unable to come to church but her and Tyler still fasted at home which was really cool! The fast and testimony meeting was really powerful and I love this ward more and more each week! We visited with Catherine after church. And I had my first bike crash…I'm a little bruised but okay! The roads are very narrow and cars park on both sides.  A car was coming so I popped onto the sidewalk.  My wheel turned too fast and hit a cement barrier.  It turned and hit a really nice white car and I went head first to the ground. It left a black mark on the car so we knocked on doors to find the owner and washed it off. It didn't scratch the car so that was a relief. The car owner was nice and wasn't worried about the car and was glad I was ok.  I'm a little purple but I was more worried about the car. Later we did weekly planning. We had dinner with the Maxwell family. Their dad is the only member and they have three boys. They're really cheeky and quite a funny family so we had a great time. 

This upcoming week is the first ever mission wide challenge week so it will be a really exciting week! 
Love you all! 
Sister Cebollero 
1. Daffodils are everywhere!!

2. This bus was going to Gotham city and had an advertisement for Batman vs Superman.  So funny!

3. Love to my bro Jackson!

4. Nottingham Zone

5. Jane's parrot likes me!

6. Sister Scherf from Holland and I roasting mallows!

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