Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A trying week in Nottingham

I can't believe it's already the fifth week of this transfer! It's gone by so fast, it seems like I only got here yesterday! 

Monday night we went to our ward family home evening that they have in a Tesco which is like a huge Costco. They rent out a room and all of the older members meet for FHE there each week. Each week they have a really deep lesson and it always seems to end up with them worrying for our futures so we have quite interesting conversations with the whole group. But they feed us good sweets and we teach them American group games and they like that. 

Tuesday morning we were going to go volunteer at a riding school to help with the horses but Sister Butler still wasn't feeling well so we had to stay in for a bit. Then we went to visit Catherine and we taught her about keeping the Sabbath Day holy and talked about what she thought about coming to church last week. Then we went to meet our Nigerian friend Blaze! We started to teach him about the plan of salvation and it was such a great lesson! He's a year younger than me but knows the Bible better than anyone I've met our age! We went to visit some members in another them and they said if we came back in an hour they would feed us dinner. We had planned some other things near our home so we prayed and felt like we needed to stick to those plans and start heading home. When we got to the bus stop there weren't any buses coming for another hour so we were a little confused about why we got that answer. But we still felt that way so we decided to walk even though it would take a long time. We started walking and ran into Blaze on his way to play football (soccer), and he doesn't even live around that area at all! He's pretty much the coolest person ever and we walked with him for a bit and talked more about what we do as missionaries. 

Wednesday we had exchanges with our sister training leaders in Nottingham! When we got there Sister Mousely was feeling rather poorly. So I went out with Sister Banchini tracting and Sister Butler stayed in with her. We tracted this huge road in the pouring rain! One minute it would be nice and sunny and the next it would be absolutely pouring and hailing, it was so back and forth all day! Then a member of their ward took us out to lunch and it was really good. Then I stayed in with Sister Mousely and the others went teaching. Sister Banchini is on a healthy food kick and made some interesting mint and pea soup for dinner. It was pretty good but I couldn't get past the fact that it looked like baby food. 

Thursday was a bit of a rough day. We started off with a district meeting and then we traveled back to our area. Our phone has been having this problem where every week it just stops working for a few days and it has been so frustrating! This time it broke for good and we were told we'd have to go about a week without it and then we would get a new phone and a new number. We were going to bike to a part member family's house for a lesson but we got really lost and had no way to tell them why we hadn't made it. We were really upset because it seems like lately everything in our area than can go wrong keeps going wrong. We basically just sat on a corner and cried because we didn't know what to do. This woman saw we were upset and let us use her phone to let them know we weren't coming. Then we had to bike really far for our dinner with the Hungarian family in our ward. They fed us some Hungarian soup and we were a little scared but it was pretty good! And then we had crepes for dessert. We rushed back to teach Catherine with a member and when we got there she was sick!  She had texted us to let us know not to come but we never got her message. But the member offered for her husband to come give her a blessing and it ended up being just what she needed! 

Friday morning we were supposed to teach Daniel, which keeps getting cancelled each week due to everyone being sick. The member that was supposed to come with us cancelled earlier in the week and we had no way to get ahold of anyone else to come with us. So we just had to go and talk to him from his porch and set up another time to come back. We answered some questions and talked for a bit but we were sad we couldn't have a full lesson. Then we travelled to visit our favorite old woman in the ward and her Jewish son in law that we talked to awhile back. It went really well but it made us late for our flat check and dinner. We had borrowed a phone to let them know we were stranded in the other town and would be late but they never got it. We finally made it though and they fed us their missionary stew. That's soup three nights in a row! We went to ward volleyball but they had forgotten the ball so we ended up talking with a young man in the ward who really needed a friend that night. 

Saturday we traveled to visit a ward member but she wasn't home. Then we were going to go do some service for Catherine but she was still feeling sick. So instead we went to help an older man in the ward with his garden. We weather was really back and forth. We trimmed hedges for a bit and then every time it would rain or hail, we planted potatoes in the garage. Then we had dinner with our favorite family, the Thomas's. It was so great and we had some really good Ben & Jerry's for dessert! 

Sunday was "Mothering Sunday" in the U.K. so the primary kids did a musical number before testimony meeting and then the young men handed out chocolate roses. It was a really great testimony meeting! Then we were asked to bear our testimonies in primary so we went and helped with the lesson. Because Sister Butler goes home before Mother's Day in America she was allowed to Skype her family so we went to the Thomas's after dinner so she could do that. 

It was definitely a trying week so we're looking forward to a fresh new week :) 
Love you!
Sister Cebollero 

1. A cute bridge over a canal
 2. Our district: Elder Tukuafu on the left goes home next week
3. A piggy back from Sister Butler

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