Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Preaching to the Baptists with the Leppards!

Once upon a time in the third week of my mission I taught a church full of Baptists with my Mission President and his wife. I still can't believe that actually happened, it was truly an amazing experience! We had been praying and fasting about what to teach and what to say when we found out that President and Sister Leppard's schedules for the night had cleared and they were joining us. And that was truly an answer to our prayers! When we got there and were introducing ourselves the pastor said that they had been invaded by Mormons for the night! Sister Butler and I taught all about the restoration, President Leppard answered all the really hard questions with the perfect scriptures and Sister Leppard backed it all up with the sweetest analogies to help everyone understand. We did our best to get our message across clearly and to answer all of their questions. I also got to teach the part where we recite Joseph Smith's description of the First Vision and I felt the spirit so strong as I quoted it. Even though we didn't all agree on everything it was a really cool experience and we were able to give out a lot of Books of Mormon and even made some return appointments to teach people more about our church! President and Sister Leppard are such powerful teaching partners and we were so thankful for their support! It was an experience I'll never forget! 

Tuesday we woke at four in the morning to travel to the mission office for follow-up trainers meeting. When we got there, President took us into his office and we all talked about how Monday night went. They told us they were really impressed with our teaching and could see all the seeds we had planted. He said that while we were teaching he felt like it was a great example of the "a bible a bible" prophecy in 2 Nephi 29 coming to pass. We've been able to see President and Sister Leppard a lot the last few weeks and it has been so great! For the meeting I got to see my MTC family again! It was so fun to see Sister Sharp and everyone else and hear about their areas and what they've been up to! It was exactly what Sister Butler and I needed after a rough week last week! We had some great training and all got to have lunch together too! Then we trained back to our house. When we got back we spent the night visiting with a part member family in our ward and talking to people in the street. 

Wednesday morning we had ward coordination. We were supposed to teach Catherine but she cancelled. So we went into the town centre to do street contacting. Then we biked to our dinner appointment and tracted some streets by their house. We had dinner with the stake president and his family and it was really great! It was really cold all day Wednesday, especially when we were biking home at night. 

Thursday we both woke up sick! But we still tried to work and we overdid it a little bit. We went to district meeting and everyone except our district leader was feeling sick so it was quite the struggle. For district lunch, I had my first chippie (fish and chips) and it was so good! It was really greasy and the portion size was pretty much American, it was huge! And they just wrap the food with a bunch of paper and give it to you like that! I was so stuffed when we finished it! Then we biked really far for an early dinner. They brought out steaks that were as big as the plates and I was already so full I didn't know what to do! I tried my best to finish it and when we were done I thought I'd never have to eat again.  We biked home in the frozen cold again and did some of my twelve week training. We really weren't feeling well so some ward members gave us a blessing and brought us medicine. It was a really beautiful blessing and it really brought us a lot of comfort. 

Friday we woke up and we were even sicker. So we talked to Sister Leppard and she said we had to stay inside out of the cold all day. We were really upset because we had some great lessons set up. We had to cancel the morning one and get some rest. But we were really determined to still teach Catherine at night because we had planned to teach her about temples. We rested all day and then we prayed about whether we should go and we felt like we should. And we were so glad we did! Her kids were supposed to go to their dad’s house for the weekend but he backed out so she was really upset and the kids were disappointed. So we brought them cookies and were able to cheer them up, and she really appreciated it. 

Saturday we had to get up early to travel to Nottingham city centre so that I could get some blood tests done at the doctor. We were both still feeling quite poorly and were trying not to push ourselves too hard the rest of the day. The sister training leaders came over and we made lunch and then did some mini exchanges. I went to our town centre with Sister Banchini and we spent a few hours in the freezing cold talking to everyone that would listen. We came home and some members brought us some soup for dinner that was really good! Catherine was having a rough time with the kids and wasn't sure if she wanted to bring them to church anymore. So we stopped by to talk about it and cheer her up again and she agreed to come. Then on the way home we met this awesome Nigerian named Blaze and taught him the restoration and set up a time to teach him again! 

Sunday was ward conference and Catherine came to church with us and brought her three kids! President Gray talked all about Lehi's dream and that's what we taught Catherine earlier this week so it was so cool! She really enjoyed it and so did her kids! We did some weekly planning after church and then traveled to the Uni for our dinner appointment. We had dinner with an American family from Indiana that are living in the England for a few months while the husband is taking a sabbatical from teaching at Purdue. They were so American and it was a little piece of home in England! We had so much fun getting to know their cute family! 

Even though we spent Tuesday out of our area and most of the weekend sick, we were still able to work our hardest this week and get a lot done! It was a really great week! :) 

Love you all! 
Sister Cebollero :)
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