Monday, March 21, 2016

"Ay up me ducks!"

Ay up me ducks! That's what you would hear if you said hello to someone in Nottingham!

Monday night we visited with some ward members. Then we went back to the STLs flat and helped Sister Banchini start packing. It's so sad to have her leave, but she will love Wales! And she gets to be with Sister Sharp, so lucky!

Tuesday we woke up really really early to help her finish packing and say goodbye. Then from eight to noon we volunteered at horse stables by our house! It was a very messy and stinky few hours of mucking stalls for service. Not exactly my idea of a fun service project, but Sister Butler has horses at home so she loved it. We were supposed to have a couple of lessons in the afternoon but they all fell through. And our phone was having issues so we couldn't call our friends to reschedule. We didn't think Blaise would come to our lesson because we hadn't been able to call and remind him. But we had a miracle and he showed up! We were able to teach him more of the plan of salvation and it was such a great lesson! Then we had dinner with our bishop and his wife! We went back to the STLs flat and got to meet the new STL! Her name is Sister Scherf and she is from Holland. She has already served with Sister Mousely so they were really excited!

Wednesday morning we had ward coordination. We tried to visit some less active members and other friends we met when tracting but none of them were home. We did set up a lesson with one of the people we met when tracting, so that was great! We've been sharing the Easter video for this year #HALLELUJAH a lot and it's so great! Go and watch it! I love it more and more each time! Then we walked an hour to our dinner with the stake president and his family. We took a public footpath
hiking up a big hill and we could see the whole village. It was beautiful and the perfect shortcut! Then we helped with a Faith in God activity for the primary! It was football (soccer) and it was fun to
play with the primary kids and bishop joined too! A member gave us a ride back to the STLs flat which was really kind!

Thursday we had our first district meeting of the new transfer. Our new zone leader is Elder Wagner and he is from Washington. It was a great meeting! We travelled really far to visit a less active member but she wasn't home. Sister Butler really had to use the toilet so we started stopping people and asking if we could use their toilets. And this young mom let us come to her house! She was so kind and really interested in what we teach! And she works as a conversationalist in the nature reserves so we are going to volunteer and help clean them sometime!  Then we traveled to our dinner with some members and it was really great! Our heating had been fixed so we got to go home! It was so warm and we were so thankful!

Friday morning when we woke up the boiler had broken again. So it was really cold and we had no hot water. So I took a freezing cold shower. And we studied and did our weekly planning huddled up by the fireplace. We taught our friend David and his member wife Alicia about temples and it was great! Then we had dinner with the Hulse's and the missionary stew was chicken this week, it was a nice twist! Then we played volleyball for the ward game night. We had lots of friends come
and it was so great! We figured it wouldn't be worth it to go to the STLs flat again because we had to be up early Saturday. So we pulled our mattresses downstairs and slept next to the fire. We even tried roasting marshmallows! It was really gross though! The mallows are much better in America! But we were nice and warm all night, even if we were a buy worried about the beds catching on fire.

Saturday we helped with the Primary Easter activity in the morning. It was lots of fun! The missionaries all taught about why we celebrate Easter and the story of Christ's resurrection! We helped play games and keep the kids under control. It was exhausting! We biked to lunch and had a beautiful English trifle for pudding (dessert)! I keep forgetting that pudding means dessert! Each time a more says they will go grab the pudding and then come back with cookies or something else I get really confused for a bit! Then we visited a less active member whose husband is going through radio therapy for cancer. She's been having a rough go so she just cried and we comforted her.

Sunday we biked to church. I still need to find a good bike! Sacrament meeting was on families and it was really great! We helped teach a primary class about missionary work and answer their questions. After church we visited Catherine. She's had some sad news in the family and was unable to come to the primary activity or church. Then we had dinner at our house. And the STLs picked us up so we could have a warm nights rest and hot showers. Even though we've had lots of complications with our housing, it's been fun to be able to spend so much time with the STLs! They are so great!

Thanks for all the letters and support! Hope you all have a lovely week!

Sister Aubri Cebollero

1. Exploring Nottingham castle

2. These cats like to visit us 

 3. Our boiler went out again so we slept by the fire and roasted mallows.
4. Sister Cebollero and Sister Butler at the castle

5. Nottingham City Centre

6. Robin Hood's castle

 7/8. Robin Hood Statue outside of the castle 

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