Monday, March 14, 2016

Broken boiler, strep throat, and pink eye...Oh my!!

The not so average life of a sister missionary continues...This week featuring the third week of a horrible cold, strep throat, pink eye and a broken boiler in our house! Wahoooo!

Monday night we tried to make it to FHE but we got stuck on a tram for a few hours due to a car accident so we weren't able to make it. But we met this really awesome girl who lives in Long Eaton by us so it ended up being a good thing! She is going to uni and we were able to talk to her for a long time about The Book of Mormon and our church. 

Tuesday I woke up and I was really sick. We were both going on the third week of a really bad cold and coughs and now my throat was beginning to hurt more and more each day. We prayed about what to do and we both felt that we needed to do what everyone had been counselling us to do and just stay inside in the warm all day so that we could get better and not push our health more. We spent a lot of time going through the area book and I spent a lot of the day reading Our Search for Happiness by Elder Ballard. 

Wednesday I was still really poorly but we travelled into Nottingham city for our zone meeting. It was a really great meeting though! Then we travelled back to our area and had ward coordination. We headed to our dinner appointment and on top of my cold and sore throat my eyes started to get swollen. And that's when we realized I had a really bad case of pink eye.

Thursday we went to Nottingham really early to see a doctor and I got lots of antibiotics so that I could get better. When we got back we realized our boiler had broken and we had no heat or hot water in our house. Then we visited with Flora again who is obsessed with missionaries. She set up a whole table of cakes and cookies and ice cream and pretty much told us if we didn't finish it she would be so sad. So we tried our best, but ended up taking a lot of it home because there was no way we could have eaten all of it. Then we went to Catherine's and made her lunch! We made her homemade macaroni and cheese and it was her first time having it! Then we helped out with a relief society activity. It was a spa night and it was really fun! 

Friday we woke up and our house was absolutely freezing and I was still really sick. Our landlord came to fix the boiler but they didn't have the right part so we just sat by the fireplace and did our weekly planning. Then we went out and did some tracting. Our dinner appointment was in the next town over and so we decided to take a public footpath shortcut to get there. These paths have been around for hundreds of years and they are really cool! We walked through an old church cemetery and then some fields. The last field was really wet and muddy and we had to jump over a little stream to get to the bridge that went across the canal. It was quite the adventure. Then we went to our ward game night for volleyball and I just had to sit and watch. 

Saturday morning they tried to fix the boiler for a few hours but they ran out of ideas and told us that it couldn't be fixed until Monday. The freezing house was making our colds even worse and we had been unable to shower since it has broken. So we talked to Sister Leppard about what we should do since we were still sick and she told us we needed to go stay with the sister training leaders again in Nottingham until the boiler is fixed and to rest more so we can get better. So we're back in the other sisters flat for a few days...again.  We also got calls about transfers and Sister Butler and I are both staying in Nottingham! It was fun to be with the other sisters when we got calls and hear about all the changes everywhere! 

Sunday we made the long travel from the city to our church building. We met this Italian bus driver that gave us a free ride because we were Americans and he wanted to talk about what we were doing in England. Church was really great this week! After church we had lunch with our favorite old woman in the ward. Then we did a lot of tracting because the weather was really nice! Then we traveled back to their flat for dinner and finished our weekly planning. 

I'm finally starting to feel a little better today! It's really frustrating being sick because we both just really want to work with all our heart, might, mind and strength but we know we can't do that unless we take the time to rest and get better. This morning we found out that they fixed the boiler but the real problem is in the pipes so they need a few more days to dig out and fix those and then our house will be back to normal! So we'll be staying with the other sisters for a few more days! Here's to a fresh new week and a new transfer as well! 

Love you!
Sister Cebollero 
 1. Public muddy footpath on the canal English!
 2. Today (P-day) we saw the Trent Bridge in Nottingham that Elder Ballard talks about in "Our Search for Happiness" book. I've been reading that book this past week.
3. Nottingham 4 District won challenge week. The bonus challenge was to buy something for under 2 pounds at a charity shop and wear it to zone meeting. I got the skirt I'm wearing.  Bargain and cute!

 4. Nottingham Zone March 2016

5. The Trent Bridge with the Sister Training Leaders who we are living with while they fix our boiler.


  1. This is a lovely blog. I have respect for the work you're doing. I'm sorry about the issues you’re having with your boiler. Fortunately, you bumped into the Italian bus driver and had what sounds like an uplifting church service. The pictures you posted look lovely; the Midlands really are a great part of the country. Best of luck with everything!

  2. You had a lot of challenges in a short time. Sometimes that happens. I feel though that the boiler may have been the worst, since it directly affects the temperature of your environment. Since you are travelling a lot and meeting lots of new people, it may be a good idea to take zinc and other supplements that boost your immune system.